The Solar Storm: Stan Hess (11-30-14)


The American Devolution

Kyle speaks to long-time pro-White advocate Stan Hess. Topics include: Stan’s personal story of “enrichment” in multicultural America, the Ferguson race war, amnesty for millions of illegal invaders, machinations of Jewish controlled media, the ritual celebration of black athletes by White idiots, and much more.

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9 years ago

Hello Kyle;

I would love to host a radio show. My new website is The Freekorps. I was formerly The Populist. I’ve been a Truther since 2008.

9 years ago

I much appreciate this show with Stan Hess, I would like to say hello to Stan, I´m glad to hear of him as I was wondering if he does a radio program somewhere, like before Voice Of Reason, and at counter-currents, so that got cleared up. He brought up, as always, just excellent ideas, like boycotting sports, and many other important pieces.
So again, thanks for the show and the interesting insights about Stan´s past and activities. Good luck to you both Stan and Kyle / Renegade-radio.

9 years ago

Feel exactly as Peter.

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