The Solar Storm: Blackbird9 – Star Chamber Justice & Synergistic Solutions (1-8-17)

Kyle speaks with Frederick C. Blackburn of Blackbird9’s Trading Posts about how things are doing with his podcast, the introduction of a star chamber justice system, how it has manifested throughout the years and been opposed by the law of the land, and how we can use peer-to-peer organic systems to bring down this talmudic terror.

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I think the star chamber is for the jew’s to keep their compromised elitists fighting with each other, and to weed-out their potential enemies. It’s an opulent cattle pen, but still a pen.

Fantastic show Kyle and Frederick. The wealth of info you two garner is incredible. Thank you for all your hard work and let’s deal a large blow to our talmudic tormentors this year – AIPACALYPSE 2017!

Great show!

Greetings, all!!! Happy Monday! A big ol’ North Cackilacki “Thank You!!” to the Renegade krew for having me on again last night. That was a lot of fun. I hope everyone found a “nugget” or two from my “bucket of rocks” !!! . . lol Someone sent me this today in response to last night’s show and I thought I’d pass it along. He referred to it as, “Jew-spaining The Magna Carta” . . lol “Magna Carta’s three Jewish clauses” Also, here is a link to the “Present Day Star Chamber Justice” (((realpolitik))) example to which I was referring during last night’s show: “Israeli Embassy employee discussed ‘taking down’ MPs & state foreign minister with Tory staffer” I notice that while this story… Read more »
“Cackilacki” LeL, I like the creative wordsmithery. I never knew there was a circumcised foreskin in the Magna carta, now I hear there are three… Thanks for this, I will definitely have to indulge myself in this reading. Great show, and I think it can be stated pretty much in stone that this kikework has been going back since day zero, and there is always a jew thread in every tapestry. It would have to be so if you want to short circuit reality. You must be omnipresent, like nature is, in your artificial Konstrukt. They must be the spawn of satan, some kind of body-snatchers alien hivemind that link nodally through the jewgene. Like a big throbbing amoeba stuck to the back, heaving out… Read more »
I appreciate the efforts involved in creating shows. We have to keep fighting any way we can. Hitler and Goebbels fought a propaganda war from 1919 till 1934. Hopefully, we will not have to do it for such a great length of time. 🙂 I am a big fan of Frederick’s. They removed him from his tech job and think tank in Research Triangle Park He is left to do elder care instead. I don’t want to say reduced to doing elder care. He is the kind of guy that would be good at, as he still has a heart. It’s interesting that the upside to his job is that he is forced to listen to mainstream media on peoples idiot boxes, so he gets… Read more »

Looking forward to Frederick’s show on the Civil War