Solar Storm: State-Sponsored Child Trafficking Tragedies from 90s to Present (12-23-18)

Kyle covers: jewish ritual murder on Oprah, the fraud of the false memory syndrome foundation, Hollywood’s horrid history, efforts to normalize child rape, the Wonderland Club, the Catholic church, rabbinical child rape, the boys scouts, military abuse, all the government employees implicated at the highest levels, and much more.

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What an absolutely disgusting and horrid world that has been created, where one must hide their children for fear of predators disguised as humans! All of my life, I have only ever wanted to be a mother – but when you know how the world works, and can see what awaits us if things go unchanged, it is hard not to feel the fear in raising children – especially if they will be blond and fair! I love my grandparents so very much, but I hate the world they have stranded me in.. I haven’t read but am planning to print out Dave McGowans last written piece before he was murdered via ”fast acting cancer” entitled Pedophocracy. I believe that is exactly what we are… Read more »


Hey Kyle, just a relatively small thing here but I *really* appreciate the heads up at the beginning of the show about what the show was going to be about. This topic is a really emotionally charged one for a lot of people, and personally I don’t think I could listen to a show on this topic without preparing myself for it first. Given that I was listening to renegade at work, doing delivery driving, it was just nice to be able to have that forewarning so I could postpone listening to this until I was in a better and more appropriate place and mental state to do so. I can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to listening to this broadcast, but I do appreciate… Read more »


Kyle. Oh man, you are really hanging in there with covering this horrible atrocity. You are fast becoming a champion of innocent children who cannot defend themselves. You are keeping this on the front-burner where so many have pushed it entirely off the stove. It’s that 15 minutes thing where so much that needs continual and passionate coverage gets relegated to the bin of “old news” or “white noise.” But to ignore it is like knowing there’s a dangerous cliff ahead and not warning the others. Just about sure death, not just for the kids but for the culture, our culture, that once knew decency and respect. You had to read some deeply disgusting things just to point out how bad it is and how… Read more »


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Von Hahn

Kyle mentions Allison Mack, Nickelodeon’s “Secret World of Alex Mack”, Return of the Mack, etc. Could be meaningful in that the term “Mack,” via urban dictionary and modern hood speak, means PIMP or it can mean to hit on/attempt to seduce someone. Makes me think of the blaxploitation film “The Mack” (1973) about a black nationalist pimp protagonist who rallies a gang of prostitutes and becomes dangerously successful in Oakland despite racist police opposition. Directed by Michael Campus (())? and coproduced by hollywood’s ((Harvey Bernhard)) of The Omen, The Goonies, and The Lost Boys.

Tabitha Wolfram

Here is a link I came across in my research about rabbinic (and cantor) child rape. It in a very inclusive list that could easily be added to flyers and other propaganda.


That list doesn’t include all the crimes against each other settled within the Jewish community. They have a parallel justice system. Any crime stats on Jews is distorted to the low side because of many Jew on Jew crimes that get sorted outside of normal legal channels.


If I may place this info that is not directly related to this program, but the Contact function did not seem to work. However it is relevant in the BIG Picture; it is links to Major Jordan speaking about his Diaries on you tube from 1962 and a link to the pdf of the segment of diaries he published. This is almost never mentioned but is significant. Eustace Mullins thought it should be required high school reading. When I listened to this current Renegade podcast it occurred to me that perhaps the severe reaction of the gov, corrupt FBI DoJ, attention on Gavin McIness or McInnes, in relation to the persecution of the proud boys was due to the 2013 Vice magazine article mentioned, that… Read more »