Solar Storm: State-Sponsored Child Trafficking Tragedies in the 70s and 80s (12-9-18)

Kyle covers topics he is working on for a new documentary film: Dean Corrl, John D. Norman, John Wayne Gacy, Dr. Philpott and his Boys for Sale documentary, McMartin Preschool, Presidio military abuse, Michael Aquino, the Franklin Scandal, and COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson.

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Artemisia Imperatrix

You have forgotten, for this period, Denmark’s legalization of child pornography : “Denmark became the world’s leading producer of child pornography when, in 1969, it removed all restrictions on the production and sale of any type of pornographic material. “The result,” notes Tim Tate, “was a short-lived explosion in adult pornography, and the birth of commercial child pornography. In his work, Tate links the global spread of child pornography to two men: Willy Strauss, founder of Bambina Sex, the world’s first child-pornography magazine, founded in 1971; and Peter Theander, founder of Colour Climax Corporation and the producer of a short, professionally made pornographic film series entitled Lolita. Lolita depicts the sexual abuse of prepubescent boys and girls. Although Danish law at the time rendered the… Read more »


You might look into the Smiley Face murders, also targeting young white males (college students) – William Ramsey is researching it and was on Tim Kelly’s show and there’s a documentary about it (which I haven’t seen). Scary topic, great presentation.


Ok Renegaders, here are some pictures I shot “out in the field” when Pizzagate was still unfolding. At the time I posted them on, and was too naive to see through the very unfriendly welcome I received there: Basically my thread was immediately shadow-banned and someone started dissuading me from reading too much into my discovery.
Since I’m still unsure whether this actually was a “find” or not, I’ll let others judge.

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Comment on the show:
I really needed to be pulled back into this topic in the right way, ever since Pizzagate caused an overloaded and threw me off the right trail.

There are ALOT of ABnormals out there , keep the ones you care about close to you when in public , don’t separate too far . Case in point :At night, I was in down town Tampa a while ago and a group of us men separated from our wives and walked ahead (Accept for me) I hung back and stayed within 50 yards of them because I knew there were a lot of ABnormals walking around . I noticed them right away because I have delt with those” people?” before, Anyway , Sure enough 2 young guys with hoodies on started walking across the street towards our wives in a dark area between me and them so I stopped turned and headed towards them… Read more »


Sorry to be off topic, but here German guy explains how Yellow Vests might be another Color Revolution… English subtitles provided.

He may be completely right but this guy is the premier controlled op for the German movement.


Hey Sinead,
I’ve been puzzling over that German guy (Volkslehrer) for a long time, and would really like to know what information you have about him.
I’ve always found him suspicious, but was never able to prove anything no matter how hard I tried. Just a link would be a great help!

He did come on to Millennial Woes’ live show just the other day though, one of the biggest red flags so far!!

PS: The above video happens to be the same one I commented on, under your show a few days ago (the video didn’t have subtitles yet at the time)

He’s been on Fed Ice as well. He also pals along with Alfred Schafer.


I noticed that as well (it was even a video being promoted on youtube in the case of fed ice). You have a point with Alfred Shaefer, and I’m not about to start defending the Volkslehrer. But I guess I will only be able to put the matter to rest, when something about the guy’s personal blemishes finally comes to the surface (since he already hinted that he used to party a lot, and definitely seems like he was in the military). The thing is if this guy is really an agent deceiving the German people, he is one of the worst traitors imaginable. The reason I am suspicious of him for a long time now, was that he came to the Dresden commemoration earlier… Read more »

Are you able to translate this?


First half, he says he’s skeptical, goes into Color Revs in general, points out one leader Jacline Monaud (sp?) who has a background as a performer and media personality – could mean something, maybe not, he says. He reads from Wllm Endahl’s book “Secret files NGOs” (Geheimakte NGOs) which links the French student uprising in 1968 to cia and Endahl has a line, ‘movement was not all kosher.’ Volkslehrer says or maybe it was extreme kosher, I’ll let you decide for yourself.


Then he talks about CFR (notes full of tribe and intel) and Otpor! which follows theories of Gene Sharp (head of Albert Einstein Institute for Non-Vio), and so does Identitäre Bewegung he says. The mission of Otpor! to create spectacles via media with branding (color revolutions), financed by Nat’l Endowment for Dem (he notes full of tribe), National Dem Institute (full of tribe / Madeline Albright).


Then he talks about other Otpor! funders Soros’ Open Society and Freedom House with M. Chertoff as chairman of Board of Trustees (yikes), link to 9/11 with him. He asks, how can this happen, how do they get away with it? He talks about plausible deniability and something starting out positive and seemingly for the little man and people join in, then it’s used for their purpose under guise of ‘democracy.’ He concludes by saying a natural movement would develop slowly, so be cautious, be critical, etc. I’ve always found him challenging to understand, because he’s a fast-talker, speaking to native Germans, but I believe that’s the gist (from this German major).


I see that’s not what you were talking about, but maybe that’s interesting info. Otpor! – Gene Sharp – Identitäre Bewegung – CFR – Freedom House -Michael Chertoff and other usual suspects.


I noticed that you got the “wrong” video (though I didn’t get notified about your comments since they weren’t directed at me), but I would agree with what you say here: it’s interesting/important info!
I also saw the video a few days ago btw, so can confirm.

It seems like they’re accusing him of supporting Dugin:

Also, look into Nikoalia (since when is this a german name) and his relations to Reconquista Germanica. It appears they have direct ties to Putin and the Kremlin Gremlins.


Thank you Sinead!
I saw your first response about him being supportive of Duginism right before my computer died and I had to take a break and do other stuff.
I will take some time and look into it now: the screenshot on the link to twitter seems to show a new connection that I didn’t know of yet (Reconquista Germanica), so it looks like these are some very good leads.
I will see if I can translate something (I still need to check out the link). If it’s more elaborate it might have to wait until after the weekend, but I’m glad to contribute! If it’s really important I’ll of course do it immediately!

Reconquista Germanic is lead my another “Nikolai” lol These are not German names.


To get back to you on the youtube link you asked me to translate: This channel “Staatenlos” is well known in Germany as being complete mind screw, so I can tell you right now that the little bit of truth the guy might have on the Volkslehrer is mixed with truckloads of bullshit and I’m not willing to watch more than 5 minutes of it. About the name Nikolai: it’s a Greek name and means “Victor of the Volk”. In itself it’s a typical German name these days, but it’s definitely weird that these 3 people all carry it. I still need to look into Nikoalia, I hadn’t hear of that character before.. The russian connection seems pretty solid so far, this is the original… Read more »


Yes he equates Stalin’s USSR to Hitler’s 3rd Reich, this is one red flag.


But he’s reading from William Endahl’s book on color revolutoins when those two are mentioned, if you’re talking about the video.


These humans traffickers and their clients should be sentenced to a very long stay at Guantanamo Bay.

You mention Gacy his stepson I met in my hometown his mom was a snitch that got ran out in the 90’s. Her son said Gacy had a pickle jar full of dicks an he would tie the boys upside down an rape them with tire tools even. The guy knew all the details since his mom married Gacy. I think she got his paintings as well.


Former director of the Los Angeles FBI Ted Gunderson, who is now deceased long ago was trying to open up our eyes about this problem. Research his videos on youtube.