Solar Storm: Staying Sane, Stocked and Safe with Sinead (3-29-20)

Kyle and Sinead try to offer some practical pointers for talking sense to others, staying healthy, having food and getting through this insanity.

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Foster XL

This is what good people are doing with their bandwidth at the moment. Thanks guys.

Meanwhile gutterfilth like Shaun Surplus/O’Neill or whatever are, in the midst of all this madness, still trying to attack you guys for hurting his feelings so along ago now I can’t remember when he left. Brian Ruhe is another very sick puppy spreading his BS right at the same time while appealing for sympathy because of his mental condition(s) & other assorted issues.

My suggestion – just ignore these pathetic distractions & get things in order. We all see what’s going on, we see the people involved & it’s now more obvious then ever what they’re up to. They can be dealt with later if necessary.

Foster XL

LOL! Looks like someone beat me to it in the chat earlier. It doesn’t always display on my browser for some reason.

Foster XL

Haha! It’s still trying to get a response in the Whooli’s chatroom lol! Looks like people are ignoring it for the main part & just being polite to it. This dude has serious mental issues no? 😀

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He’s pretty stupid if he can’t find it, seeing as all my archives are up.


Since we all know Shauny boy is reading these comments…here it is:
Go ahead and do a 4 hour drunken rant on it. #priorities

Foster XL

Ha! Good one. I hope he gives you credit on said drunken rant for supplying him with content at a time when he’s obviously got nothing better to whine on about! 😉


It;s getting pretty fucked in canada. 1 person per supermarket at a time, some provincial police told my wife and I we couldn’t go into the grocery store at the same time today.

Fines for gatherings of more then 5 people, fines for being within 3 meters of someone.

Crazy times, marshal law overnight.

Anthony Roberts

Day nine. Zog rationed type per day. We get three masons, ninety-nine each. Boomer beats system. You both are grea8.



A few years ago, Angelo John Gage had a meetup with some of his tard fans, and they went to a gun range. Isn’t a gun range the last place you’d want to be if you have PTSD?


I have been buying a lot of dried fruits, granola mixes ,nuts and seeds. A few other things such as already made popcorn, dry roasted seaweed, peanut butter, honey and coconut water . These are items you wouldn’t have to cook . Just grab and eat.


Trust me, this (((Hoax))) is going to be bigger than (((Holohoax))), (((Christianity))).
(Note: Download the video, It would be definitely taken down)

Foster XL

Sure he’s posting a lot of things that are right/good BUT I see James True on there & a bunch of flat earth stuff, etc, etc. I just clicked on his latest stream & it sounded like a big long infomercial for supplements by some English guy. Reminded me of all these English-accented snake-oil salesmen you used to see at Easter Shows selling those As-Seen-On-TV products! Maybe I clicked on it at a bad time & jumped to conclusions before I clicked off again but did I really or is my BS detector becoming more fine-tuned? Looks more to me like yet another guy linking “nutty conspiracy” stuff to people who tell the truth. I mean his slightly ott repeated message about it being a… Read more »

Bud K Abbott

What’s killing people from this virus is dealing with it at the hospital. I recovered from it but dealt with it at my house because the hospitals are overflowing here so I agreed with my doctor to only use the hospital if I absolutely needed to. I could not imagine dealing with this at the hospital though, having to ask permission to drink liquids, are you serious? My entire body was tensed up permanently for three days. I couldn’t bend my leg to a 90 degree angle. Permanent tension throughout my chest. Constant hallucinations for three days in addition to permanent muscle tension for that same time period. I just kept drinking coconut water, watermelon juice, vitamin c, forcing myself into the hot shower, limping… Read more »


Wow, I totally believe the media and government now Patrick! Thank you for your service.


I don’t think the government should be shutting down society over this. It’s just a bad flu. It’s normal to hallucinate from fevers. It’s not that bad. People should just avoid hospitals if they test positive for this or if they contract it. Hospitals create too much of a restrictive environment.


You think our listeners want to take advice form some moron who went to “his doctor” and asked to be tested?

Stephen Kennon Lawrence

Are you Patrick Little?


Stop bullshitting Patrick, not a single one of your symptoms that you claimed to have indicate a new illness causing virus as they are nothing more than just normal flu symptoms. Just because the corrupt medical establishment decided to give the flu a new name, does not mean you got infected with a ‘new deadly virus’.

Also, there are many, many reasons why people should avoid the hospitals and the restrictive enviroment is not on the top of the list as to why.


Patrick, tell your handlers that you need some acting lessons because you sounded extremely insincere when you called into Charlie’s show to insist how you had this “novel” Corona virus.