Solar Storm: Stopping Infectious Thoughts From Calling the Shots (10-14-18)

Kyle does a solo show related to how the enemy is able to present us with false ideas and choices, which we often think are our own. He discusses the new film on heroin, Kanye West craziness, stupid anti-female comments, impalement of rape proponents, Venom’s promotion of cannibalism, how it relates to the recent film Upgrade, Yahweh’s mad mind control, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Our enemy spend millions on forming these cont-opp grps for our awakening folk. For instance, there was more theatricals in NYC friday with the proud boys/antifa, and patriot prayer/antifa Saturday in Portland. They have a grp for every age and taste: neo skinheads, patriotards, pua’s, new-agers, closet homo’s, basement gamers, mgtow butthurts and those who choose the “normal” political route. Every base covered, and all designed to keep good men & women apart. Here in the UK, unknowing duped do-gooder Whites even stopped the deportation of a 29yr old “refugee status” Somalian, who along with his 3 mates, gang-raped a 16yr old White girl in ’07. The passengers caused a disruption and stopped the plane from taking off. He had only served 4yrs of a… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

To find the truth, all one has to do, is step back and look at how sick and vile our f-ing world is, and find out WHO is behind most of this evil (0f course they always use stupid goyim puppets and traitors) in this world! I found out the truth because I knew my German peoples were NOT responsible for the evils of this world, and I hated the fact that my peoples were always called, “Nazis” – so I looked things up on the internet, and I found Ernst Zundel – and he and Ingrid helped to set me free from all the lies and garbage concerning my German peoples – if I can find the truth, then anyone can! We need most… Read more »

Reply to  Lotti von Hesse
5 years ago

If the European whites have the strength to build and create again, they will not only survive but continue to call all the shots that the Jews don’t con out of them. If not, they will gradually become extinct or rare over the course of a few hundred to a thousand years like many other peoples. it’s as simple as that. What’s the famous quote by that character that cannot even be proven to have ever existed? Once you build the new strength and know enough not to be conned out of that position by parasitical trickery, the “fight” with the old “strengths” will already be won because those older groups won’t have access to your new technologies yet. Between the time you invent the… Read more »

Reply to  Negentropic
5 years ago

So building the new is not just about creating game-changing things, but also rediscovering certain things, and coming across little-known or obscure things?

I wonder, what demographics of people are going off both veganism and vegetarianism and going into eating raw meat, raw internal organs and raw fat?

5 years ago

One possible interpretation of promoting cannibalism is that maybe they are preparing masses for coming food shortages due to overpopulation, pollution and turning vast agricultural areas into infertile deserts because decades of intensive farming. So far “Soylent Green” seems to be the most accurate prophetic sci-fi film, I’ve ever seen in my opinion.

5 years ago

Interesting how the leading actors in both ‘Venom’ and ‘Upgrade’ also look like they could be identical twins.

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