The Solar Storm: Struggling Against Suffering & Slavery (12-4-16)


For the first thirty minutes Kyle speaks with Ayman Nijim about his experiences working with Palestinian children who have ongoing trauma from Israeli terror. Then Kyle goes over some of Trump’s appointees and connections, and what this could mean for future Amerika. In the last hour Kyle talks to Hugh from about Crowley, his ties to the Alt Right, what magic is all about, and more on the dark labyrinth of PizzaGate.

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Here is the bullshit that we were fed in the 60:
Made into a ((Hollywood)) movie with Paul Newman.
Great sound track, but total lies.
Great Show Kyle!

Thank you to Ayman and Kyle. Looking forward to next interview with the two of you. I think Ayman has a lot to tell us about the Palestinian/jewish history.

Have you seen these jewish quotes about Palestinians:

And these jewish quotes about white people:

Just heard the rest now, so just wanted to say thank you to Hugh also, and tell you both a “pizza” story from Denmark:
I have a nephew who once had a job as a driver for famous bands and musicians who were giving concerts in Denmark. One of my nephews workmates were driving for Elton John when he was here. One of the nights Elton John asked the driver to go out and find a boy for him…. then the driver asked: “How old?” and Elton John answered: “As young as possible.”

Someone should headbutt that faggot into a coma, I can’t stand Elton cumchugger john. I would if I could get away with it.

I oft wonder if their “egde” comes from these child murders. That there is some sort of “magic” they exercise in order to bias things to their advantage by using the energy of these children to fuel their intent… BTW Crowley was CIA, gnosticmedia has done an expose on him. That would explain pretty much everything.

Mi6 you mean, the UK counterpart. he also penetrated the pro-German movement here in the states prior to WWI when he was writing for Viereck’s the Fatherland. He would also do the same with the German far-left

Sorry, yes MI6, thank you. Interesting since these deviants are gov or gov affiliated/connected agencies. I would go so far as to say the WHOLE basis of this government and political system is FOUNDED on the murder-rape of our children. Money is used as a device to pay off people (manipulate) and to keep the masses cog pushing for it. But the core of it is the child murder-rape; that is the engine. I don’t have any definitive proof, but do the maths and I don’t think there is a group of people helping elderly ladies across the street and making cups of tea for the homeless at “the top” and allowing their substrata to just indulge themselves. Because that is the latent assumption being… Read more »

Agreed. child abuse serves as a tool to blackmail politicians; sodomy was prior to it being normalized. hard to say how they’d manipulate people once pedophilia is normalized; I guess once that happens the corruption would be so widespread that it only leaves few options for those of us who resist it.

Once pederasty becomes the norm, then (((they))) wont have to have anyone in order to hide behind to manipulate them. They could probably fuck a child in the street and people would applaud them and pat them on the back. The only reason they require stooges is to deflect public consciousness whilst it is still deviant. Once the public don’t care, then the deviants won’t be seen as evil anymore and stooges won’t be necessary. Take out the middle man, boom. People so degraded there will no longer be any more outrage. Only when electronics shops run out of cheap consumer products on Black Every Day Of The Week, there will be an insurgence but for anything worthy, nope, can;t be doing that. We’d lose… Read more »
Ayman Nijim and Hugh are two wonderful representatives of humanity, who I would not have even known about except for Solar Storm, and I don’t know of anyone who could have interviewed/hosted them better to help us understand and learn, than did you on this show, Kyle. I hope that your and our comrade, Robert Revolt, is all right, because I can’t find any record of his having done a show last night-this morning, in the RBN archives or at Whooli’s. I know how disturbed you both are about the torture and murder of children that is on-going, and could be stopped if our tax money was used for that purpose, instead of for the opposite. So am I.

Of course, I don’t agree with Nijim’s support and activism for sanctuary cities and other issues re the forced taking in of so-called refugee, and am glad that Kyle plans to have him back of talk about white power and how the powers that be, particularly Israel Firsters and most jewish groups, are pushing beige and black power on the USA and Europe.

Damn A++ show. Good going on bringing in Palestine, they have it seriously bad and that is an understatement that isn’t even funny.

An excellent reads on the subject of Palestine is The Holy Land Unveiled, written by someone who traveled there two times to see the reality first hand. It was and is a shocker even as more information becomes available.

One thing Americans should understand is that Palestine is a testing ground for war against a civilian population.

The strip machine used at airports today was first tried out on the people of Gaza. One of the most intensive developments in weaponry in the last few decades is anti-personnel weaponry. Drones, phosphorus bombs, laser guns, acoustic weapons, guns that attack the nervous system, and the list goes on.

Gaza today is the future.

It’s unfortunate that Palestinians try to draw an analogy between American settlers and the Israelis. First of all, Palestine is tiny and the US is and was huge with plenty of room for both groups. Even in the 1930s a white paper produced in Britain saw that there would be no room for the huge Jewish influx into the Palestinian Mandate. The same government, that of Britain, sided with the Cherokee and other Indian tribes against the American settlers while they sided and initiated the influx of Jews into Palestine. Indian tribes in America today have the right of self-rule while being able to vote in American elections. They also have a huge income from the casinos. They control huge swaths of land in the… Read more »

I wonder if this is DARPA’s testing ground.

This is the Protocols of Zion in goddamned action. I want to slap myself that I wasn’t more scathing about trump. I have to confess I never heard the clips that have been played on RB regarding trump. Oh lord, what a mong.

Vet sandy hook researcher

Great show

We contribute monthly to The Olive Kids, a charity for Palestinian children, run by a Palestinian man, who works closely with Sonja Karkar`s website, Australians for Palestine..

You should give donations to white in South Africa instead

Thanks for the show once again. I’m a European living in Russia, that’s absolute prokies about gay rubbish being rubbed in your face here/promoted etc. I’d also be interested where the claim Russian government being the largest human trafficker is from. No sure if you’re aware, that Dugin or whatever his name is, is an absolute none entity in Russia. Making him look like some advisor to the Government is nuts

Get show! More like this!!