Solar Storm: Studying Semitic Shams with Sinead (3-24-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk for a while and then bring on Austin and Frank. Topics include: Purim presents from NZ tranny and ZOG emperor, the porn weapon, Whites being treated as the new subhumans, PsyOps from the one-eye cyclops, Elon Musk conquering Mars while high on meth, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

I believe the average White person knows instinctively that all gov’ts are at best self-serving tax robbers out to control their lives, and most of what comes out of all forms of media is a lie, but then they go on to suspend all reasoning by believing these theatrical productions put on by the militarized police or spy agencies. I think years of state school programming and the emotional distress involved in not going along with the crowd, plays a big part in this cog diss. And of course the added pressure of losing your job and means of supporting your family cannot be overlooked. The jewish supremacists thrive on this fear. My only advice: it is a hard and lonely path, but you will… Read more »


Hi Sinead & Kyle, When y’all find the time can you do an investigation & expose into the American Guard & Soldiers of Odin? I’d greatly appreciate it. They are currently decieving a tremendous amount of our people with this centrist & trump train drivel. AG President Brien James is the former President of Outlaw Hammerskins & Vinlanders. These so called “Heathen” civic cuckservative nationalist are pushing known Zionist shills from the international dark web cabal. The latest is Roseanne lol. In her latest interview with AnOmaly she regurgitates that shes AntiWar, AntiTax, AntiCentralBanks, AntiNeocon but shes Pro Jewish Zionism. Shes blames all the worlds problems on Swiss Templar Vatican Bank and everyone on YT & FB gobble it up. Thank you for all the… Read more »

Sure thing. Carolyn Emerick has been pushing Roseanne as well. They’re all given the same marching orders.


American Guard “Heathens” & Soldiers of Odin USA Cuckservatives have banned me after questioning them for being allied by promoting the intellectual dark web zionist jew cabal. I pointed out with evidence of how tommy robinson is shilling for shekels, along with shapiro, rogan, & juden peterson etc… now pushing roseanne lol. These are dangerous centrist orginizations that are working hard to distract our people away from the root cause to the issues we face by blaming symtoms. Name the jew & they ban you. These 2 false solution Civic “Nationalist” movements who are recruiting Patriots. They have appeared over the past few yrs out of nowhere. An investigation & an exposing of them will go a long way towards shedding light on their nefarious… Read more »


My personal discovery of the last month has been, that if you “have a life” and only go online to get updated here and there, things actually work out. I felt like I was actually doing something, and the repetitive nature of your work (and of anyone who actually tells the truth) doesn’t make me feel like I’m stuck in a rut anymore: but instead I feel engaged and like things are moving ahead… and I just take encouragement from the way you keep hammering away at the same old truths that aren’t about to change (like the fact that they’re using fake shootings – hellooo!!) Anyway, I’m back in Germany now (after my attempt to infiltrate the antroposophical community in Switzerland failed – I’m… Read more »


Was möchtest du besprechen?
In der BRD werden Deutsche verurteilt, weil sie auf fb Renegade Tribune Artikel verlinken, siehe EndederLuege blog.

Hey “Liv”. How do you keep getting back in here after being banned dozens of times? Are you here to shill for Alfred and Mooooooooonika?


I guess I haven’t been keeping track of the commenters here. I myself don’t endorse Alfred or Monika, just to be clear…


Dozens? Aww she must really like you guys. And germans need to know their way around browsers and IPs if they were to ever see anything online outside of what ZOG allows.

Hope youre well Liv! Annoying as you are and all.



Christian Gremlich

Hallo Irmin, ich bin ein Deutscher. Ich habe auch so viele Jahre lang versucht meine Mitmenschen aufzuwecken. Mittlerweile habe ich es aufgegeben. Ich wäre an einem Austausch interessiert. Grüße aus Soest.


Hallo Christian,
ich wäre auch an einem Austausch interessiert; aber nur begrenzt, da ich es noch nicht aufgegeben habe die Menschen aufzuwecken! Zuviel Plaudern kann wertvolle Zeit und Energie rauben.
Meine Email ist [jetzt gelöscht, siehe Benachrichtigung]


Es tut mir leid wenn ich ein wenig unfreundlich war, ich hatte leider eine negative Erfahrung mit einem Renegade Unterstützer aus England, die mir letztendlich nur Zeit geraubt hat. Da ich aber keine Erfahrung mit Deutschen habe (bzw. nicht mit welchen, die zu der ganzen Wahrheit durchgedrungen sind), nehme ich obigen Vorbehalt zurück. Ich wünsche wirklich einen Austausch und eine bessere Anbindung an Deutschland zu gewinnen da ich kaum deutsche Freunde habe (deshalb hatte ich auch diesen kleinen Aufruf “gepostet”). Ich hatte bisher immer einen großen Respekt vor Deutschen, dessen Vertrauen zu gewinnen mir immer viel bedeutet hat. 2016 habe ich aber verstanden dass ich selber Deutscher bin (meine Großmutter lebte nach dem Krieg erst in der Schweiz, und dann in Paderborn, und war urprünglich… Read more »


Anthony said “you will never solve a problem by ignoring it”. And yet every solution creates a new problem as the saying goes. Problem, reaction, solution. That’s the ‘problem’ with false flags.

Anthony Roberts

NZ was not a false flag. Nobody died in this gov’t drill in my opinion. The truth can never be a problem, and the solution: wake up enough White people to the fact that their countries are under the control of jewish supremacists.

Aren’t you the same guy that claimed the pied piper was the first herbalist and he gave children valerian to “calm them down”? I’m shocked you haven’t been banned yet.


I hope you are all ready for Hellstorm 2, this time it shall be America!! There is no avoiding this, prepare, and do not fear laying the enemy to waste!!

I’m a bit concerned when 99% of people are too afraid to name the jew. Why would they all of a sudden be brave enough to fight off an invading army?