Solar Storm: Talking About the jewish Media (10-26-22)

Kyle talks about some current events and then gets into the recent developments regarding Ye’s “anti-semitism”.


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29 days ago

That guy talking to Kanye reminds me of a slimy mafia guy.

Heard Enough?
24 days ago

VAERS was CO-FOUNDED, is CO-SPONSORED and CO-MANAGED by the Centre For Disease Control, the FDA,…that’s right, the Food And Drug Administration and The US Department for Health and Human Services. W-O-W!! eh. I WONDER,…..if ”someone” might be trying to control BOTH sides……playing all sides against the middle,…….AGAIN?? COME ON NOW, let’s here EVERY excuse people can think of to ONCE AGAIN, let the ”in your face” shit, just slide. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW,…..”This” IS the ”special” exception,….right? Cuz, cuz, cuz, cuz it’s about vaccines,……right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. First of all, WHY would ”they” WANT to KILL and maim ALL the people MORE THAN WILLING to go along with the nightmare?? <–The question Makes TOO MUCH SENSE. It’s a LOT more ”fun” to INSIST on Nano-Bot… Read more »

Last edited 24 days ago by Heard Enough?
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