Solar Storm: The Bad Boys of Beartaria (1-17-21)

Kyle and Sinead talk about current events, Owen Benjamin and his bear cult, James True battling the matriarchy, Cringe Panda copying a copier, and more. Hopefully our listeners are smarter than the average Beartarian.

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Gay-Opt Inspector
1 year ago

The Trumptard is immunized against all criticism. One may call him a christcuck, a conservative, a patriot, or a jingoist. All the insults run off him like water off a raincoat. But, call him a Trumptard and see how he recoils, see how he protests…I’ve been found out.

Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

The Disney ‘Bare Necessities’ of being in Owen Benjamin’s “Berenstein Bear Buggery Cult”:

-Part jewish through the female line
-Raised in, and friend of Hollywood
-Animal abuser
-Grifter and time waster

P. S. Good exposure of this deceptive, degenerate jewish agent, both.

1 year ago

I wonder if these advocates of homesteading and building rural communities (Varg, Owen, Vox Day and Asha Logos to name a few) are part of the great reset? To keep dissidents out of their smart cities and left to fend for themselves. Freedom cities I believe they are to be called. Most of of Varg and Owen’s followers seem to be late teens and early twenties and still very impressionable, which of course their paymasters would know. I saw a clip of the leader of retataria saying that the Irish famine and the Holodomor were the Irish and Ukrainians own fault for not homesteading. What a disgusting jewish wannabe cult leader Owen Benjamin is. As someone who lives rurally (my own preference that have no… Read more »

Reply to  kvasir
1 year ago

Exactly. I am by no means a homesteader but have a nice little garden which requires an insane ammount of work. Just our daily cooking chores and gardening take up a ton of time. We don’t have time to live stream 4+ hours per day and wouldn’t want to either.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sinead
Reply to  Sinead
1 year ago

Only a complete narcissist would want to livestream as much as that. Especially with all the nonsense ‘big bear’ spiels out.
PS: Sorry for mistakes in original comment. I was pretty tired as I started work at 6am and forgot to edit.

1 year ago

[…] Cringe Panda has also been very close with Owen Benjamin (jewish homosexual) and his Bear cult. A young woman who acts like a little girl is of course very popular among the Bear cult. Eventually Owen banned her after getting mad at a question she asked, called her a fed, and then claimed he was trying to protect her since she is a child. Kyle and I just did a show about cult leader Owen Benjamin. […]

Diane Edwards
1 year ago

Owen Lived in Gig Harbor Wa.

1 year ago

Cohen Benjamin’s standup is terrible if you’ve had the misfortune of viewing it. I had no idea about Beartaria or if he still had any supporters. I just sort of assumed he fell off like the rest of the e-celeb grifter types. He appears to be a paid actor sort of similar to Alex Jones. Another shady guy in the kosher conservative scene is Mark Dice. He used to go by the name John Conner and now removes any upload of his old videos of him doing his public demonstrations under that name. E Michael Jones; “BUT LOW-GOSS, THE WHITE RACE DOESN’T NEED IDENTITY IF THEY HAVE LOW-GOSS.” Also, you mentioned Andrew Anglin. Anyone who still thinks a site run by a guy who runs… Read more »

1 year ago

Hey kyle its Dana my email is hit me up brother!!

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