Solar Storm: The Cannibal Conspiracy (8-26-18)

Kyle is joined by Sinead for a discussion of the various types of cannibalism, how it is being normalized and promoted throughout the jewish media, raw meat proponents, the Biblical connections, why this could be heading us toward a Noahide World Order, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

The very fact you have to do shows on this sick subject says it all. This goes way past the lower Chakras, and proves jews aren’t human beings. This is a 70yr (((Tavistock))) pys-op made real, in my view. Promoted via their academia, media, hollywood and music to entice our young. That Beatles album cover (Yesterday And Today – June ’66), was very telling and it was just before Paul was sacrificed and replaced. SETH: Society for Ethical Treatment of Humans. Each one of the jew’s 2800 slaves, designated for spirit cooking parties, ritual feasts, live organ donation and baby-goy twirling, must be held in humane-size cages and given enough water & gmo corn. This will be our children’s future. PS Daft-me Rimmel or shabbos… Read more »

What a disguting diet – and remember the idiotic Atkins diet – just meat! Stupid jews – they consume so much meat, it’s disgusting, good reply

For more info on cana-jew-lism, click here:

I did watch the video, “Cannijewlism”, how much more disgusting does all of this have to get, before we all get on board and protest these jewish crimes? Anyhow, this is all jewish behavior which they brought to dumb non-whites, and got them doing these despicable crimes! Many, many years ago, I remember a news story of Cambodians who were stranded on the seas, and resorted to cannibalizing a 22 year old woman, and an 11 year old boy! I felt extremely sick about that – our Aryan cultures are so far removed from these darker cultures! Does anybody else remember that story? Great show, Kyle and Sinead


Great show, glad to hear you again Sinead. Have you guys considered doing an in-depth show on the benefits of a “starchivore” diet?

Konrad Rhodes

Dear Kyle, Sinead et al. I don’t want to write much other than very interesting show that needed to be done because of what is happening currently! Thank you so much for quoting the Rig Veda and providing Aryan wisdom on how to deal with these people. There’s too much you could read about Cannibalism. You could actually do ten shows and still have more that you didn’t get into. But yes just going over what is happening today is enough to sicken you and pray that this would be destroyed immediately. Ragnarok Now! and yes I was listening to Renegade when there was a show called that! Sinead, I just wanted to say thank you for the short vid you put on Renegade Vids… Read more »


Excellent yet disturbing. The fact that society normalizes this barbarity and depravity tells you everything you need to know about the Jews and their frame of mind. These beasts aren’t human.

My thinking, exactly

That’s weird – our comments about the Amish are gone

The Tar Tars ate people.

Strange how their armor in this art looks scaley like a Scyhtian. I seen an article trying to suggest the Mongols could of been Scyhtian I had suspected that with Atli Atilla in Volsunga Saga since they are said to be great at using a bow from a moving horse. Tar Tars descent people seem to be near the Volga though an I heard people around there have Scythia type DNA.

The say the red haired giants in the Americas ate people as well.

They call raw cow and tuna “tuna tartar” and “beef tartar”.

Yes – you are right – ewww

I recently bought some vegan patties – but when you said that some of them contain human DNA (mystery meat?) I got really worried – do you have a good, simple recipe for making my own vegan patties? This is all so horrifying – thank you for bringing this to light


Lotti – I make beet burgers, and every time I do, they are a hit! I don’t ever actually measure anything, but I’ll guestimate it here for you… Grate one big beet or several smaller beets. In a mini blender (I use the bullet one), blend about a half cup of oats, a hand full of herbs and 2-3 bulbs of garlic. (Now that even organic oats are most likely glyphosphate poisoned, chia seeds will work, though not as nicely as the oats. Flax seeds might be ok, or a combination of chia and flax. I still throw some oats in the recipe since I have so much, but won’t be buying anymore once I’m done. The oats (chia or flax) act as a binder… Read more »

That’s quite interesting, Brandon – I knew that the Tar Tars lived in the land of the Rus – that would make sense that they are of mongol blood – I can only imagine that many Russians have mongol DNA since the damn bloody Bolshevik revolution? Thanks for sharing that

Ghost Man O; War

Ben Freedman did say they were Turko-Mongol race. Of course, phallic worshippers. Sick from the cradle. Explains the non stop porn they push and that sick Baphomet shid. The 1905 J encyclopedia states they are some such 90% Khazars. After all, the King, Bulan was called, the KAGAN. No cohencidence I’m sure.

I believe that about 95% of them are Khazars who are Turkic-Mongol with Negro admixture, and more recently have bits of Aryan blood – I too believe that they converted to Talmudic Judaism around 640 AD, in order to achieve more wealth and power, and are also referred to being Ashkenazi (eastern European jews). The other 5% or so, are Sephardic Jews – but whatever the case, they all work together for their JNWO!

Some people think the Khazar Aristocracy converted to Judaism because they where sacral Kings an did not want offer themselves up as sacrifice when things went bad.

I found out the Khazar Nobility where Aryans they even used the dragon flag banner like Sarmatians. Some of the Khazar DNA surnames I discovered include: Porter an Anderson. Porter is considered Scottish an Anderson Norman. But the Khazar DNA tests lists show those names. My grandfather was Porter an my girlfriend is Anderson. Miller was on the lists even. The Khazar Aristocracy was called Ashina means blue like the Scottish picts or Vedic Aryans depictions. They have myths of being raised by wolves like the Rome founders as well.


”The say the red haired giants in the Americas ate people as well.”
I wonder who ”they” are that spread this tale?
Strange how the American red haired giants that supposedly ate people are no longer here, but the jews who still eat people to this day are…. I wonder where the truth lies…


Interesting show. Circa 1961, one of (Nelson) Rockefeller’s sons Michael was killed and eaten by cannibals in New Guinea when he was looking for artifacts on the ‘cannibal coast.’ The family’s story was that he drowned or was eaten by an alligator, but some in the tribe told the real story, that it was revenge for something the Dutch did. I see a Jew wrote about the killing in gruesome detail in a book called Savage Harvest and called it ‘sacred violence.’ The author Carl Hoffman writes about the ritual killing, ‘They were about to take his power, become him, and restore balance to the world.’

Wow – you can’t make this shit up, Callwen – these people must definitely use the primitive part of their brain – how sick


My uncle used to occasionally eat tartar steaks many years back. The only thing he got out of it was tapeworm, which caused him some grief. Needless to say, he never had one since.
In my younger and more impressionable days, I have watched Cannibal holocaust, and I have to say it is hands down the most disgusting and disturbing movie I have seen. I has left me physically sick and I will never be able to un-see the scenes. I highly recommend you stay away from that movie.

[…] the Solar Storm did a show entitled “The Cannibal Conspiracy” where the subject of eating raw animal flesh was discussed. As someone who has studied […]


It has largely gone without mention in modern times that the Bible promotes full veganism. Indeed the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, contains, in its very first chapter, an appraisal of vegetarianism: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.” (Genesis 1:29-30) “The Israelites started wailing and said, ‘If only… Read more »


maybe call in to Charles Guliani TruthHertz Show…

Anthony Roberts

Hey G, no need for the long buy-bull spiel (berg), we’d have taken your word for it.

Check this clown’s link, he’s got an agenda.

Regardless of passages which may or may not advocate the removal of meat from one’s diet in totality, how many Abrahamic-tards are actual committed vegans? Very few. Nor has there been any significant vegetarian/vegan movements within those sects. So, I fail to see how this exactly has any relevance here.

We know the bible has stolen concepts and figures from indigenous European traditions to make the enslavement of Europeans (and other races) more palatable — who’s to say that these sentiments weren’t intended to play upon Europeans natural connection to nature?

I have noticed that the Amish are extremely cruel to their horses and farm animals – I also found out that many Amish claim to be holohoax survivors – they call us English, and say that we’re unclean – what a bunch of frauds and hypocrites


Personally, I think the Amish are probably just Jews without modern technology. Or, maybe they do have it at their disposal and they try to play homestead for the public. Idk. Every Amish I’ve ever met has been a complete tool.

They’re extremely insular, and are very unfriendly, all they care about are shekels – they own all the good land, and just use us for our modern conveniencies – I can’t stand them! Also, if you look up sex offenders in an Amish area, most of them are Ammos! They also love to latch on to stupid “English” who have cars, and totally take advantage of people! They’re also draining our social services, too, I know all about those people – oh, and I saw a video where they go to Jew York city to consult with Rabbi Friedman – those people are NOT our friends


Thanks for the Sunday School session. You lost me at the very first sentence.