Solar Storm: The Dark Side of the Space Force (11-3-19)

In this 1 hour show Kyle discusses a few recent events and then gets into what’s happening in “space” and how it ties into “Nazis” in a big way.

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Here how calm dumbass ol’ Ass-troNOT pilot landing on the moon so called was so calm when he was talking and sitting on a damn 10,000 psi thrust rocket engine but completely quiet. hahhahah No sound on something about 140 plus db or some such. Picture using a fully automatic 12 g as ear muffs plus C. 440 hemi on each ear with open pipes straight out of the exhaust mani. hahahahah Wow. So funny. Couldn’t control it with craft IN an atmosphere tested on earth would should have been 1000000 times easier than on a virtually 0 atmosphere on the moon. My old books say mars and moon have almost exactly the same atmosphere and nitrogen free statistically and by percentage, yet the mars… Read more »


Kyle here’s the latest hoax attack on some jew synagogue, by a guy…with a jewish surname! Imagine that!!!

“Holzer” (Oy vey!!!!!!)

If non-jews and whites won’t attack them, they’ll make shit up and slander us. Fuck them.

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They lost the technology to go to the moon? At the same roughly anyway time the jackass “scientist” Nasshole said this “we” were about to “land” on mars. The milky way goes 500,000,000 mph they tell us and me obviously move with it. Then sun around aclion point they taught at 500,000 and sidereal motion of earth around the sun at 68000 mph through dead space, ya? So how can a s-ship so called keep from being left behind by the moon and all other matter only moving 4000 mph to the “moon”. 3 days, at 4000.. You cannot slow down in space, right. Laws of motion say cannot change direction unless acted upon. No acting upon by rocket thrust due to no thrust or… Read more »


The technology never went got them t the moon, just a hangar with a Kuprik simulation. They stole some of it from Germany, including the second tier scientists, but the real space program continued the Moon and Mars are firmly in German hands. Read Neumann Die Reichsdeutschen

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I worked with vacuums and my professor let me take an old but huge vacuum chamber a bell jar chamber, high pressure valves and the works. Well. As you say, a vacuum cannot exist against anything but a dense sealed vessel. It IS impossible. I’m hands on in sciences and actually enough 5000 levels metallurgy classes. No friction no lift or thrust so elevators, flaps and such do nothing. IN fact I think the Joules Thomson LAW says something like a gas in a vacuum can do no work. No oxygen for burning. Remember the satellites A and B they showed us long ago said that are in space showing the sun were ridiculous. Totally nuts. hahahaha Earth is round but fixed. 5 light beam… Read more »


I think they are fighting the extraterrestrial progenitors of humanity and that the space wars are the Cosmic wars of mans gods and goddesses


There is no doubt in my mind that space is real and that the description of space, including the things in it (such as planets and stars), given to the public is largely correct. That said, I am also convinced that the manned Moon landings were fake. At 15:00, Kyle asked “How does a vacuum exist outside of our atmosphere …?” In a word, gravity. Here is a more detailed explanation. I had to look up the figures I am about to give on Wikipedia, but I have no reason to think that they are incorrect. I regularly consult Wikipedia in my work, and it is usually correct as far as physical constants and things like that. The escape velocity at the surface of the… Read more »


No doubt at all? Without first-hand experience, and given the nature of our programmed “reality,” a little doubt is a prerequisite to sound thinking…at least in my opinion. Even with first-hand experience, I would still have doubts. Some people are convinced that aliens have abducted them based on their “first-hand experience,” only to later discover aspects of government/military/??? involvement. The entire concept of what we view as “reality” is skewed as long as we are not the ones behind the final veil.


My certainty is based on a sense of what can and cannot be faked. The more people that would have to be in on a deception, the less likely it is to have occurred. The Moon landing hoax was made possible by compartmentalized secrecy. Only a relative handful of people needed to be completely in on it. This is not the case with the field of space science as a whole. Many different types of observations have been made and continue to be made. This includes both ground-based and space-based observations. The observations are consistent with each other, by and large. When they are inconsistent, either the theory/model is revised or the accuracy of the observation methods is investigated and the observational results are revised… Read more »


And yet look how many millions of people are totally convinced “with no doubt in their minds” that “climate change” & “global warming” are actually scientifically proven factual things (because “muh computer models”)! LOL!


I’ve been following Renegade for a while now. I’d like to know who the target audience for this website is considering that the so called average person or ‘people’ as a whole won’t be interested or can’t do much with such detailed marginal topics? Also most of these discussions and exposures about the nature and the activity of the ‘elite’ remain on paper or in the virtual world without ever proposing any solutions. So I’d like to know what the purpose of all these are. Are these meant to increase the knowledge and critical thinking abilities of the average listener or are they geared towards specific groups say within the power structure. In the first case history shows that changes never occur from bottom up… Read more »


You follow somebody for a while without understanding what is the point or if it is even intended for you? A little slow learner maybe? I wish I had your time on my hands.


Greetings from Israel!

Please provide me with details about your target audience so we can better steer them into controlled opposition. Our algorithm greatly appreciates your cooperation.



I’ve been following… for a while now…

So you’re a living example of “the so called average person or ‘people’ as a whole” who “won’t be interested or can’t do much with such detailed marginal topics” then. I guess you answered your own question.


If you’re not capable of a simple conversation or don’t want to I don’t understand why you approved my comment in the first place. Keep the cartoonish accusations about white vans and spies to yourself. Only let your fans comment and agree with each other. Keep them busy with nothing while the enemy does its job.


K, bye!


“Also most of these discussions and exposures about the nature and the activity of the ‘elite’ remain on paper or in the virtual world without ever proposing any solutions. So I’d like to know what the purpose of all these are.”

So pretty much “stop speaking truth and exposing things like child trafficking unless you have a proposed solution.” It’s like those shills who say “don’t talk about it, it only gives it more power.” Clearly not the target audience.


And if you do have any “proposed solutions” totally share them here with an anonymous internet commenter asking super weird questions. It’s not like anyone is monitoring this website.


Questioning what is taken for granted to be true by the majority of ‘disgenic’ gullible population on such ‘marginal’ topics like vacuum of outer-space, gravitation force, space rocket science, moon-landings and globe-shape of Earth is a valuable conversational tool to try open the mind-controlled hypnotic transfix beliefs of those sufficiently intelligent and curious to want to know the truths of this world. Where I sense that I would get no traction from potentially intelligent ones who may one day wake up to even more important topics such as jewish-power world domination, racial intelligence awakening and the fraud of the jewish world monetary system, then these other strictly scientific and logical could serve as a starting point to break free of the matrix of lies which… Read more »


@Katerina, The target audience are fringe groups. No, they have no proposed solutions other than proposing a carbon copy of National Socialism from Germany in the 1930s and applied to the White race as a whole instead of only Germans (they were not allowed to copulate with, nor marry members of other European ethnic groups). They currently have no proposal for how to implement it in the United States or any other country, no matter the race (National Socialism retooled for protecting the race and ethnic group of the nation governed by the ideology). P.S. Like Salazar, Franco also suppressed the Falange (Spanish Fascism). This fact is contrary to popular belief. The guy in the video is against Trump, but acknowledges how Trump was… Read more »