Solar Storm: The Hebraic Harvest (11-14-21)

Special video broadcast! Kyle and Sinead do a video broadcast, covering topics such as the anti-White agenda, COVID tyranny, jewish supremacism, and women issues. Please excuse any technical issues, as we will be improving quality/ settings in the future.

Bitchute Link (click here to be able to fullscreen)

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6 months ago

It sounds like you either have a compressor or a noise gate on your audio, which is why the beginnings and ends of some of your sentences are being cut off. I would suggest shortening the attack time and lengthening the release time, or bypassing it altogether. Awesome to see you guys on video though! Great show as always. I look forward to listening every week, and I intend on placing an order at Heathen Herbs soon. Thank you both for all you do.

Reply to  renegade
6 months ago

i listen with headphones and the clip audio is full stereo but you and sineade come through mono in one headphone and lower volume

Franny Foo Foo
6 months ago

hey awesome to see you good folk !!

6 months ago

The ads for genocide are certainly something else. I cannot shop anywhere now and not see black models everywhere (fake black families that don’t exist), nonwhite models, BW interracial couples, fat women in the ads for regular size clothes (not in the normal plus size listing), and the most disgusting was a Hanes ad using a nonwhite model with vitiligo. Completely disgusting.

I am a bit disturbed that you both seem to be making light of this shit. As a white person I am freaked beyond belief and surrounded by whites who hate whites. This is not lighthearted. Maybe you should adjust your tone. It’s irritating.

Reply to  Fiona
6 months ago

Where’s your videos?

Reply to  Fiona
6 months ago

Hey “Fiona” turn your webcam off!!!

6 months ago

I enjoyed this show!

6 months ago

You guys that was great! Let me know if Sinead has a sister!! Keep up the good work.

6 months ago

Numerous times I’ve been wanting to be able to see a clip and now I can! Also, I wonder how many people appreciate the courage you have putting yourselves out there for the cause as you do. I also appreciate the humour (as you are able) and that you are very real and down to earth. I wonder if it would be less appealing if it was too slick or too serious? Tone is important to making what for many newcomers might be a difficult topic and I think you strike a good balance.

Reply to  thoran
5 months ago

I always found the shill podcasts to be weird where they are all in suits to do a show.

6 months ago

Love the video format, but bitchute is a lost cause. You guys do make all those subverts expose themselves though. lol jon must be slippin though, looks like he couldn’t get more than a handful of his pedo kike crew to show up to troll. hopfull it’s a sign people are waking up to his little honeypot.

5 months ago

Cool format to utilize, but prefer the mp3 which is more easily used, esp for those of us who try to work and listen to it. The buffer rate is better then the video format. Just an FYI.

Reply to  Sonny Thomas
5 months ago

Be proactive & do what I do –

  1. Download the video using an online Bitchute downloader.
  2. Demux the .aac audio file from the mp4 using MyMP4Box or similar.
  3. Convert the .aac file to .mp3 using dBpoweramp or similar.
  4. Now listen to your mp3 on an mp3 player while at work!
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