Solar Storm: The Logos Legion and Perverted Pride (6-9-19)

Kyle talks about E. Michael Jones and all the other shills who are now promoting the Vatican with all of their “Logos” babble. He then gets into their false opponent to Catholic universalism, which is “Globohomo,” and how they are currently celebrating their pride month. He also talks to Gilly about a number of current events and other issues in the second hour.

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4 years ago

I know. It’s starting to seem like all of these new anti-Jew Jtubers are Catholic Church Jesuit plants. Why?

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Dr E. Michael “Indiana” Jones is the latest, bow tie-wearing, h’white leader from the minds (and wallets), of the jewish supremacists. He’s there to usher our sleeping/coward sheep back into the christard pen, and their eventual slaughter.

He will unite Whites “of all colours” and sexual persuasions, under the rainbow logay catholic banner, ready for their “last crusade,” (actual ’89 movie title), against the mussies, ruskies and chinks.

PS Kyle & Sinead: you both are the real heroes; seeing through their dialectics and constant probing for weak areas. Last week nazbols, this week nazlics, next week – jew knows?

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Brilliant writing, Anthony. Thank you.

4 years ago

E.Michael Jones: “Everyone who comes here wants to succeed ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE UNITED STATES.” Really?!! Then how come we have nations within nations, with foreign cultures imposing their traditions on us, from Sharia, to Hindu, to Latino, etc. Some won’t even learn to speak English. What E.M. Jones says is false and absurd. Has he been to some areas of the states where Americans are the minority? Try southern Cal, baby, or Minneapolis, or… We’re catching up to Paris, and London, and soon, like Sweden, even with its pockets of resistance, we will be drowning from this slickly orchestrated flood. Some would say we already are. And E.Michael poo-poos race. This, as a supposedly educated man?!! A man who simply will not… Read more »

4 years ago

Pastor Said He Was Sucking Demons Out Of Men He Sexually Assaulted, Victims Claim:

4 years ago

Regardng the Youtube purge, I get the sense that something big could be coming up that they’re not going to want intelligent and aware commentators talking about and being able to have their message spread easily. Perhaps a false flag event that kicks off the Iran war. Just a theory, but time will tell….

4 years ago

Just tried to find the song Alexander’s March played at 57:30 on PooTube. It used to be there. Now it’s gone. I can’t remember the band name to search that but it used to come up with the Scottish flag. Now nothing. I guess they were too White for pootube.

4 years ago

I thought Dan Rayners bio on his articles was a bit much.. how his ”genetic tests prove he is Germanic, 100% European” and because he was raised in nature he ”was never corrupted”.
Sounds pretty Holy if you ask me.. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was next in line to receive the flesh and blood of jewsus from Dr. jones.
I just assumed he was young, and that’s why he was so over the top self indulgent. After him and Matthew ”North”, age is no excuse for a lack of class. That was a pretty explosive email he sent you.. he very clearly laid out his agenda, now it’s just a wait and see I guess.
Good work Sinead. Women’s intuition is right again!

4 years ago

It is completely sickening that these shills are trying to restore allegiance to the Vatican, which has been debunked for decades now. How dumb can people be? There is no excuse for anyone who thinks they have “woke” to return to this Jew fecal matter. In a roundabout way are they working toward acceptance of pedophiles, since the Catholic priesthood is rife with these freaks? How many of these shills will turn their children over to the tender mercies of their local priest? And, are they trying to resurrect the schism between Protestant and Catholic Christards? They (Jews) continue to split non-Jews into various camps. LOGOs (plural) def: a high-level programming language used to teach computer programming to children. Logos (plural) def: a symbol or… Read more »

4 years ago

1. regarding your upcoming discussion of water/hydration, if you have not yet read it I suggest you review Dr F. Batmanghelidj: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (1992, 2000). Last time I looked it was on libgen plus extracts etc elsewhere. He mentions taking salt. Maybe some connection with hydration effect and/or the position asserted here: (Guest remarkably tolerant in the face of interruptions by R.W. to whom the late Paul Hickman said sotto voce in a show ‘fuck off… I know who you are’). 2. The Rainbow LGBT-etc-etc Flag: not all that it is currently portrayed as? 3. Depression – there has been a spate of suicides of students in Bristol UK near (as it happens…) some testing facility for 5G (not… Read more »

Reply to  NomenNescio
4 years ago

I’ve read that book, it’s very good, thanks for bringing it up
I found out about it from a video series called The Healing Praxis years ago, also recommended

4 years ago

What?!! Milo as grand-marshal of straight pride parade?!! Say it isn’t so!! Wow. And I blame the (((promoters))). This turns that event into a full-blown (pun, of course) advancement of GAY pride. How sly and pathetic. Milo, they don’t know what to do with him. Such a shame. Poor guy, needs another planet. Uh, I mean, dangerous bastard needs another planet.

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