Solar Storm: The Many Games That We Play (9-1-19)

Kyle talks about current events and then gets into the history of board games, jewish game inventors and companies like Hasbro, computerized chess, and Israeli game theory.

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It’s interesting that Computing Forever who recently went full Logos has as his main sponsor an online game “RAID Shadow Legends.” He’s really pushing his subscribers to get involved.


Am I being baby sat? Tried to listen live last night… the BS started again at “Yahtzee” with a recording of Charles saying “sick of this” … then pc got shut off :O( ..then moved to other pc to download and download was corrupt. Then had to try it again..finally got it.


Yeah Southern every time you listen live and it gets interrupted it always cuts to Charles saying “sick of this”.

Chris Pollard

Yes, The Dark Crystal! I totally recognize the jewish nod with the skeksis! And Chamberlain whimpers just like a jew as well!


thanks for the last two shows Kyle. Well presented, well researched

Ragnar Fan

I’m a scrabble player and don’t worry: jew, kike and spic are still in the scrabble word list.

Check the definitions

The word Jew is listed as offensive 🙂 meaning to haggle.


Strangely coincidental you mentioning vampirism as Carolyn Emericks latest stream on Bitchute is an attempt to rehabilitate vampirism. She talks about ingesting blood amongst other things. She has totally lost the plot now since the Varg debacle.

You mean to say, she knows the plot and is following her orders as dictated right?
That woman is as phony as a three dollar bill. I don’t know when she was first exposed on Renegade, but it was quite a while ago now..


Yes, exactly. I think it was over a year ago now that she was exposed here. I’m catching up on a lot of the episodes on here so not sure when I first heard.


I see you commenting on her channel so it seems you’re still a fan.


ZOG pays close attention and their disinfo agents respond but they are able to manipulate things to make it seem like people who aren’t controlled aren’t reaching as many people as they are. Bitchute is republican jewtube and they censor people under the guise of their website being complete shit. Same with minds and Gab. This is Trump’s kosher free speech internet. I never listened to Carolyn before I heard all the zionist stuff Sinead had on but these people go on for hours about complete nonsense and slip poison in. I’ve seen her promoted on sites that couldn’t have possibly listened to her but just saw some shit about hating Christians and were like ‘thats great’.

Wider den Zeitgeist

Which Varg debacle do you mean?


From what I understand Varg Vikernes finally listened to her and called her a zionist neocon on twitter. Like Laura Loomer or Faith Goldy with a drinking horn.

Wider den Zeitgeist

Thank you for the explanation