Solar Storm: The Rainbow Rabbi’s Religious Revolution (12-15-19)

Kyle talks about the freaks at Drag Queen Story Hour and the jews behind it, and then gets into Christianity as controlled opposition to the rainbow push, especially since rabbi Yeshua was likely an unmarried pederastic sodomite, just like the priests of today.

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Anthony Roberts

A black frock that is very slimming and will compliment a diamond-encrusted gold cross, or that colourful Little Bo-Peep frock that instantly lifts grey, hairy, flabby skin from all that (young) meat eating?

Decisions, decisions White man. See, the jewish supremacists offer choice, great value and tailor their dress code weapons to suit every genocidal occasion.

PS Thanks Kyle. Please find me a sacred grove of trees away from all this semitic madness and filth.


This is hilarious! I’ve been seeing so, so many christcucks kvetching about this, apparently they don’t even read their own book. But then again, they think Jesus and his disciples weren’t Jews too.
Speaking of which, have you ever done or are you planning on doing an episode on these Christian Identity nutcases?

Arman Truth

Interesting book to look at is Lucifer’s Court. Which chronicles Otto Rahn’s lifelong search- induced by Himmler- for the “Holy Grail”. Anyway, he eventually ended up calling himself a Cathar. The Cathars might not be what many think from Christian propaganda. They believed the Grail was a piece of Lucifer’s crown and that Lucifer- literally meaning light bearer in Latin- was the bearer of true illumination. Apparently Himmler fired him when he discovered he was a homosexual- make of that what you will, if it is indeed true. It’s an interesting read anyway, just thought I’d mention it. The Nazi’s refused to believe everything in the Bible about Christ. And that the book has seen numerous rewrites to smear his name. Adolf Hitler was NOT… Read more »


“I just fail to see what this venomous, incessant campaign from this broadcaster actually achieves by tearing down Christendom.”
Then why are you here? We’ve been saying the same things for over 10 years. Maybe you’d be a better fit over at Fed Ice where they fence sit on almost every important issue.


This is the same guy who wanted his own radio program on your network a few weeks ago ha.


And people wonder why we’re done bringing on hosts…lol


@Arman Truth, the Cathars were a bunch of self hating masochists who believed that all things in this world are evil. Only after death did they have a slim chance of achieving true happiness. Now that’s a pretty pathetic and defeatist outlook to have as you go through life. This, of course, did not give the greedy Catholic warlords the right to slaughter the entire Cathar population en masse and fatten up on the spoils of war, but that’s just what they did all the same. Funny thing about Catholics, the so called conservative branch of the unholy Church likes to bemoan and bitch about the Second Vatican Council and how this somehow corrupted the wholesome traditionalist conservative message of the Church. It would appear… Read more »


Hey Soya Boy, I’m sure you have a real thing going for trannys don’t you! You push too hard, maybe your in need of release because your still Cuckolding for Sambo?