Solar Storm: The Reality of Reincarnation and Immortality (2-17-19)

Kyle talks about how important reincarnation and immortality were to our ancient ancestors, and how it made them into fearless warriors for their people.

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Kyle, these two things you said jumped out at me:

“I do not think that this world, this reality, is inherently evil. I can see such potential in it and I want to make it better…”

“I want to foster a heroic ideal in our people. I want our people to think about the future as something that they are directly connected to.”

Important words, words that go beyond complaining, beyond giving up, beyond apathy. They carry responsibility.

So much that is primal, innate has been beaten out of us. Thanks for the reminder to reclaim it. I know I must start with overcoming my own weaknesses and programming. The work is always right in front of me.



“How do you know if your mission in life is complete? If you’re alive, it’s not.”
~~Richard Bach


Tabitha Wolfram

Interesting show Kyle I always enjoy the esoteric topics. From what I can comprehend, one of the many reasons our enemies push for race mixing is because they know that a mischling soul cannot reincarnate the way a non mixed soul can because it has been fragmented.


I think that they might use the Alt-Right controlled opposition against the white populace, as crazy as that sounds.

Allison MacPherson

The best explanation I’ve ever discovered, which could easily explain & include reincarnation is based on the theory developed by little known philosopher, Thaddeus Golas and released in a book entitled, “Love and Pain”. It is based on what we can observe, which is space, mass, and energy. This information has brought enormous comfort to me, in understanding how the Cosmos might sustain itself, ie exist. Don’t fall for the hype provided by some info regarding Thaddeus Golas, he was very aware of the fakers/fakery of the 1960’s as revealed in his autobiography, Life of the Lazy Man. That is why he was never promoted commercially. Why is our spiritual understanding of so little help to us as human beings? Why do we vainly pursue… Read more »

Allison MacPherson

One point I disagree with regarding reincarnation, is that one must keep returning to the physical realm until one “gets it right”. I think this belief can actually keep a soul returning back to this realm unnecessarily. The emphasis on detachment taught in Buddhism can also be used as an excuse for not being a good citizen & standing up to blatant evil. As Thaddeus Golas wrote, because we are currently in the physical realm, fully letting go at the time of our death is enough for most of us. That means let go of it all…what will happen after we die, what happens to our stuff, etc. For the avg kind person, letting go fully at death is enough to enter Space realm, ie… Read more »


From what I have learned, the ancient understanding of immortality is completely separate from the historical remembrance of a person, (although, I think it can be easily confused as such.) & it is also different from reincarnation. Have you ever read Miguel Serrano’s Nos, Book of the Resurrection? That entire book is more or less about achieving immortality. He also talks a lot about reincarnation & how the ego is different from the “essence” of a person. If you have not read it already, I highly suggest it to you. Reading that book for me, was like remembering something that I had forgotten. I think the practice of achieving immortality is extremely complicated & hidden from us. There are many personal, spiritual, esoteric & alchemical… Read more »


So now the The New Green Deal is a Nazi ideology:
The Nazi is the real reason for NWO, My good what a joke.


Traditional Chinese medicine seems to offer a worldview congruent with reincarnation. The physical body is viewed as a composite of the elements which also correspond to the seasons as well. The cycle of birth, growth and maturation followed by deterioration and death are clearly observable in the seasons. After winter (death)… Comes spring (birth) so the sequential and successive nature of the life cycle is evidenced in nature.


Valhalla is definitely NOT xtian. Nor is it in opposition to reincarnation theory. Valhal is our Folk metaphor for having overcome yourself and no longer need to reincarnate, joining the Gods in their task of sustaining the Universe.


Great show Kyle .
I can’t help but think of that dark Wachowski film Cloud Atlas .
They seem to find our soul mates over and over but does that mean they are not learning anything ?


Absolutely concur. I have long since accepted the evidence for some form of reincarnation. Many surprisingly atheistic materialistic people have stated their opinion that the past life memories of young children deserves serious investigation.


Another comment as I listen to this…Ian Stevenson’s research indicates that cross racial reincarnation does, indeed, occur. Another good reason for race separation.

Can you elaborate a little more on Stevenson there? I had an interest in him and general “past life” research some years ago but don’t remember anything about race in his work. That sounds quite intriguing.


Join the discussion…

This is a very good summation from a Heathen perspective. Go to the link on the left of the page “Reincarnation”.


Checking into a show to see any developments. Was nice to hear your show. Re Hindu/what is sold as Aryan re ‘Indian…They are copies of the original Celtic chakras which are actually the study developed by Druids much older than bronze age who spread their gifts to all and each culture made their version. The leminesc you have on your image above is actually the sun pattern of the dance bees make for the Sun ‘Goddess/God air’ aspects (as observed by the druids of old) and is the symbol of of the third eye which is actually the final seat/not the crown as hindu says. RE karma there is no such thing, it is a abrahamic corruption which is also prevalent in Buddhism which is… Read more »


“A ridiculous time to be alive” – Kyle Hunt. At what point do you cease to exist or even care? You’ve seen this quote here before, and a few of us do feel this way. God bless Savitri Devi.
comment image


I have to extract what good I can from each life, each contribution. And I have to reject what, from the same source, I cannot embrace. Here, it is the words: “rule the world” that I reject. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that because it’s frequently been covered here.


Isn’t this her husband?comment image

Yeah, supposedly to prevent her from being “deported”. I’ve found Devi suspicious to say the least.

I wonder who “her comrades” are? Are they Indians? lol

For being so “conscious”, she appeared to have quite the identity crisis haha

Virtually none of her writings contain any mention of pre-Christian European spirituality. Or if there is, it’s in a very brief and generalized context. Also, her reliance on the example of Akhnaton, which Charles G built quite the case against.


That picture reminds me of Churchill.. I wonder if they were related or made any acquaintances. That prick was in India for awhile.


They can fucking kill me too then. I want to die at this point.


Change your mindset. Be too angry to die, never too angry to live.

lol you think death will save you from these struggles? We aren’t allowed to escape, problems always find their way back to us. Life, in a sense, really is about suffering. Deal with it.


Inhumane suffering is rampant when jews are allowed to be of influence.
I see life, and the strength of the racial soul, to be more so about perseverance.
The will to survive.

There are endless opportunities for joy in the natural world.
Everyone aware of the jewish problem knows that without their yoke or threat of guillotine/Samson option, almost all the nations in the world could be living in a utopia.

If we don’t put an end to international jewish tyranny in our lifetime, we must prepare our descendants.

It is the will to see it through that has to carry on, the morals, values and principles that must be lived to survive.


OBVIOUSLY. I’m saying that if I did die, I’d be more than okay with that. Why the venom? This is bigger than your ego. That’s no way to reach people and if you were so smart, you’d see something as obvious as that.

Hello, actually there was no vitrol in what i said and you’re being dishonest with the intent of your original post. I am just matter of fact and sometimes confrontational. I think it’s in poor taste to come in here with some morose-filled post about death when there is at least one man memorialized on the left sidebar who I’m sure would’ve loved another day in this life if not to fight for truth, then for time spent with the family that was left behind. It’s funny that you bring my “ego” into this when you’re the one entirely self-absorbed.


I’m being dishonest? You were obviously being snippy and I nailed you on it, so you bring up Nick Spero. As if I was trying to disrespect him, when I wasn’t even thinking about that at all. Now you’re trying to shame me with that? You’re a damn liar. You can have the last word. I’m done with you, because you aren’t intellectually honest.