Solar Storm: The Walmart Conspiracy (11-19-18)

Kyle talks to Sinead about her upcoming show and then he gets into the history of Sam Walton and Walmart, the connection to the Clintons, Wall Street and drug money financing, partnership with the DHS, RFID tagging, store closures, detention centers, potential tunnels, and so much more.

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Besides Japanese Sammy also interned Germans and Italians mostly on the West Coast most of those Japanese, Germans and Italians owned factories, businesses and farms after the war jew shyster lawyers came in a scooped them up for a few shekels. That was the intention all along, meanwhile poor Germans and Italians from the cities were employed to kill their brothers on the European theater for ZOG.

Anthony Roberts

I wonder if the tunnels are really more of a cutting of the U.S foundations? Kosher fracking? When they “pull it,” they will have penal colonys left in place, after their combined disasters. Was that “leaked navy map” on YT some years ago, a hoax or real?

Also, letting RV folk camp in Walmart carparks has been a way of getting the cattle adjusted to being on site, just like penning animals before calmly loading them onto slaughter trucks. Food, water, toilet and “security.” Mustn’t spook the guests.

PS Musk has just completed a two mile tunnel under LA, a few days ago, from SpaceX cgi headquarters. Somewhere for god’s chosen to shelter, when they get that phone call?


Walmarts across the country are starting to turn campers away. Allowing RV over nighters is up to the individual store manager and local laws… In this country, laws seem to change daily with all these dam ammendments, legislations, taxes and what nots.. We’ll have to pay attention to what’s happening in Chico California with the Paradise ”camp fire” victims who are currently allowed (by FEMA I guess) to live in a tent city on the parking lot while we quicken our pace alerting others.. I very highly doubt that anyone will be allowed to rebuild without boat loads of sheckles. Years ago I looked into the Walmart conspiracy, but it all just seemed too crazy, too unbelievable. I remember being really freaked out, but couldn’t… Read more »


Just in case you haven’t seen :

That’s too bad they are turning campers away. They were once my favorite store, but now I’ll have to consider other options.


Imagine losing everything you own, whether it’s by fire, flood or some other ”natural disaster”, and having to replace it with only plastic Chinese shit from walmart…
The Chinese that are forced to produced such garbage are forced don’t forget, they are slaves under a communist government and live miserable, horrible lives.
Please do find another place to shop, there are many options.
You might have to pay a bit more (or maybe not!), but the quality and the reality that you are not supporting slavery should be worth it if for those reasons alone.


Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price