Solar Storm: The ZOG and Pony Show! (12-1-19)

Kyle talks about Bibi and Trump in trouble, recent anti-Whiteness in academia, jews jewing, how to live salubriously, and a bunch of other things.

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good show. you should try brave browser. it blocks ads so you can read the mainstream sites without disabling the blocker, it also blocks autoplay of videos. it was created by the original firefox ceo who lost his job over his anti gay marriage stance. firefox has been crap since he left


Interesting tidbit on the “French paradox” of a high fat diet yet low rates of heart disease, obesity, etc.: friends of ours visited France about 10 years ago and were amazed at how slim and fit the French people were. In fact they couldn’t recall seeing a single obese or even overweight French person. What they realized was that the French walked EVERYWHERE. most French people walked multiple miles in a day due to how difficult car travel and parking were. Car ownership in Paris was extremely rare. The visitors did a great deal of walking themselves while there and were amazed that despite enjoying rich foods, they actually lost a few pounds themselves. I think this anecdote underscores how important exercise is in maintaining… Read more »


I want to leave a note to the audience here. Mr. Hunt as you know him is on very thin ice. He has been warned and is being carefully and closely monitored.


Wow! We had NO idea we were being monitored. how scary!

The Bull

JewishDefense a good name for((( pest))) repellent spray, now be gone foul beast!


I want to leave a note to the audience here. jews as you know them are constantly on very thin ice. They have been warned, carefully and closely monitored and removed one way or another from the nations they parasite off for thousands of years. It is absolutely inevitable that it will happen again.

deanna b

Apparently China is $40 trillion in debt to the Jewish elite pigs dogs and now having problems with some of it’s banks. Are we looking at a world wide economic collapse/war….? Every country must take control over their Jewish owned Central Banks and install a National Socialist form of government to avoid this economic genocide the genocidal psychopathic satanic Communist paedophilic blood sacrificing circumcised barbaric Middle Eastern tribal cult of the Chosen Assholes have in store for the world.

Arman T

To imply the so-called “racial movement” began with Hitler, Hess and Himmler is yet more nonsense from Renegade. No, it began way before that. The Hitler clan didn’t put a while lot out there that wasn’t already well known in the pro-Germanic Armanist movements led by Von List, Liebenfels and Arthur de Gobineau.
If anything the NSDAP made things worse by physically removing our “special friends”, rather than ostracising them in a more subtle manner. Rounding up any people and forcing them into labour camps, was perhaps the stupidest thing they ever did.
Still, I’ve come to expect nothing less now from a broadcaster that now champions TToE Primate-Darwinism, Nazism, strict Veganism and flat Earth shilling.

deanna b

Your’re the shill you uniformed idiot!



Feed the Monkey

Didn’t your know about the books Germany Must Perish and Kalergi Plan which the Germans knew about and the over 700 German citizens and youth that were murdered by explosives and sniped in their own homes and yards by the communists. Further, the lunatic Chaim Weismann said in a paper all could read, “We are the trojan horse in Germany right now that will….” They never just went wholesale to get all the J’s. Freedman said NOT one HAIR ON THE HEADS of any J was harmed and later talked about Von Rath being assassinated by yet another J with a gun and asked to speak to him as Von Rath kindly let him see him in his office. Same with “youth” J that shot… Read more »

Feed the Monkey

Freedman said about 98% of the communists WERE J’s. They later lit fires at night guiding allied bombers to destroy the great German people. The kindest people on earth. Under fire they invented the jet, the tv, the rocket, perfected the helipcopter and mine avoiding deep water subs. The cracked coal into every type of lubricant and fuel and devised way of making rubber not using rubber plants from Congo. Like the Tall and Muddy book says, “The best of the gentiles must be destroyed.” the wise men of the other nations must be destroyed. Do usury to the nations and….you will rule them all….or utterly wasted..” Notice boxers for example, Frazier, Foreman, Holmes, Tyson, Crawford, Whitaker, WILDERRRRR ex slave families who took masters name.… Read more »