Solar Storm: Theuns – No Reconciliation for the Boers (12-16-18)

Kyle speaks to Theuns from Boervolk Radio about the contentious history of the Boers, how their population was decimated in concentration camps and their lands solen, relations with the Afrikaners, the role of Christianity, and the need for a new set of values.

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I wish I could understand what exactly Theuns ad crew are advocating. In one breath he agrees with Kyle that we shouldn’t divide White people but then in another breath he’s unwilling to work with Afrikaners? I really don’t understand. I also didn’t understand why every time Kyle would ask a question about SA, he would turn around and ask about the US and what we’re doing, instead of just answering the question and then asking about what we’re doing here. The “other person” that wrote the script was me. I’m not sure why that wasn’t made clear. Karen Smith had nothing to do with this script after I found out that she wasn’t telling the whole truth. Theuns and his friend did not want… Read more »


“I just don’t know why it would be a good strategy to not work with others who have a common enemy.”

From the way he explained it, it sounds similar to the reason why you can’t convince the average white American republican, to stand up against the enemy— They do not look at the issue of race as being important. They will ignore the problem right up until their slaughter. This dude was pretty bleak about it. & very defensive for some reason.

So every Afrikaner is incapable of seeing that they’re being genocided along side the Boers? Every republican is not racially aware? I’d say most republicans are aware of the racial issue. That’s why they side with the ones they’re led to believe actually care about Whites. They’ve obviously been fooled, but a lot of former Trumptards are now aware of the truth regarding Trump and race.


From my POV most White republicans definitely ARE aware of race however they don’t want to be and seem to be in denial of the urgency. The awareness effects their views but it still seems to be at a subconscious level and they seem frightened to really accept, admit it and face it head on.

Ghost Man O; War

Hey Wildcat. Your vid on S. Africa was superb. Weird how Mandela, (((Nelson))) (((Mandela))) took two almost exclusive J names of old. The Nelson goes English of course too but Mandela is a biggie of the tribe. A Mendel is Putin’s little Minnie me. A Mendel helped shoot the Czar and his bride, his boy and their pets and last but not least, as Mullins would say, “His four exquisite daughters. The part where you showed Mandela and his staged “arrest”, living in a sweet house then shuttled to a dump for photo ops of “persecution”. Oh dear. hahahha The Little Mendelson of Putin’s little hand puppets real name is Abromovich. Big shocker, eh? I forget the full name but it’s, David Abromovich Mendel or… Read more »


I’m 1/2 hour into it and I’m very confused too. He seems to be all over the place and not addressing Kyles questions head on. Definitely frustrating. There is a White SA author on Facebook by the name of Cuan Elgin who wrote a book entitled Bulala. He He seems more cognizant of the racial crisis facing White South Africans and could possibly be a source of more clear information.


I just took a closer look at Cuan Elgin and it seems he’s dog whistling fairly frequently to the SA variant of Christian Identity. Don’t know how closely he holds to that or if it’s just a strategic stance on his part.


The whole white nation , wipe them off the face of the earth …….retarded.
So because America has a fucked up government they should be wiped out and all those bloodlines be destroyed?
Full fucking retard .

Agreed! That sounds pretty jewish to me.

Dear Kyle, Theuns, and all, IDK if Theuns is somewhere he needs to be afraid to call out the Jew but really they were the ones who were always behind the scenes and sometimes on the stage in the South African Communist Party facilitating the destruction of the Boers and all Whites in South Africa. One Jew who keeps coming up and being praised today for criticizing the ANC is Ilana Mercer. I’m sorry but she is a fucking Jew daughter of a Rabbi who was vocally opposed to Apartheid and now this Jew posing a “Libertarian” these latter day Jew Commies always morph into Libertarians and NeoCons, now she wants to sell her book and be a voice of criticism of the ANC govt… Read more »

Mercer is a big jewish name – it seems as though the kikes have co-opted the “stop genociding the Boers movement” – I take it Theuns suffers with anxiety about this whole nightmarish scenario, so I did listen to the full interview. The Aryans are so put upon in this nightmarish jewishtopia!! I enjoyed reading your comment.


Strange interview. I don’t think there was one time that he didn’t cut you off from speaking or asking a question. Literally, not once.

I don’t know why he was so unnecessarily defensive and hostile. It was so bizarre.


Just a correction, the conquistidors didn’t race mix themselves out of existence .

They’re still like 7% of the mexican population and still the ruling class.

Interesting he mentions Boers not be Christian originally. A secret brotherhood going by The Brotherhood of Gar contacted me years ago from South Africa, but I lost contacts with them.


Values? That’s a foreign word to the negro. There are 4.6 million White South Africans. I’am sure many are armed, but don’t fight back. Where are 4.6 million Whites supposed to go? The Whites there don’t seem very concerned about the future, just like us.

How do you know they’re not concerned about the future? Have you actually talked to any of them? I’d say people rotting on top of a trash heap are definitely concerned about their future. You think they just sit there all day and twiddle their thumbs?

Foster XL

“…just like us.”

I get a strong “us white people” or “hey, fellow white people” vibe here. OOOOOYYYYY VEEEEEEEEEY!


It seem that in America there is no chance of uniting all the white people, as they share pretty much same identity, same language, culture. In other parts of the world it seems to be far more difficult as with all the old rivalries, wars, injustices. So in that sense there seems to be future only white Americans and when American white will win, it should imply it’s way of life to other whites in the World as well, because only then there are chance for survival! American model if far superior in sense that it doesn’t care what culture you came from, as long as you speak English, are white and subjugate to Constitution. African whites need to forget their history and unite on… Read more »