Solar Storm: They Can’t Stop the Rise of the Renegades (5-5-19)

Kyle talks about how the totalitarian tiptoe has turned into the semitic sprint, in order to get us “anti-semites” shut up, shut down and locked up. They also want us shot up with vaccines (or bullets), indoctrinated with the genocidal tranny plan, and completely sick in every way, so that there is not a real reich that rises.

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A drag story time event was cancelled in a Dublin library last month. Of course “the media” spun the cancellation as being due to degrading online comments the drag group received. When in fact the library said “Following a review in terms of age appropriateness, this event will not now go ahead at this time.”

Google image glitter hole (the supposed person behind the event) Dublin. To see the people who want to “perform” at these events for young children.


I meant to add that the library would have allowed this event to go ahead. If not for the opposition they received from the concerned public. Hence why the library reviewed it. But they did not say that in their public statement. So the library/council are also a bunch of bastards just like the media. No matter how they lie and spin it. This was a small victory for the morally sane.


Just now saw the chat about them shutting down your square account for HH. Those assholes must have heard you mention it here today. I fucking hate these vermin. OBVIOUSLY you and Renegade are FAR more effective than we can even imagine! Their comeuppance is rapidly approaching.


An excellent show Kyle. I could listen to you for hours when the subject is the Jew Clown World, accent included, lol.

Anthony Roberts

How long can White people keep taking custard pies to the face, from these clown supremacists? Talking of freaks, the Urinezionism “song” contest starts next week from 14th May. This just happens to be their 71st illegal-creation day, and the shoah is coming from, guess where? Greater Europe – Israel! Of course the result wasn’t a fix, last year. Lights, camera, and….anti-semitism! Perhaps the Gaza invasion is a early birthday pressie to itself.

PS Cheers Kyle. Keep shining the light of truth on these mass deceivers.

Alan Madden

Sinister words re Greenblatt – link please?


I cannot seem to contribute in chatango. Is that available only during shows? Or is it open 24/7


The aunti sezmaizm has been perking up a lot in English politix with Jeremy Corbyn. Not that I trust them at all, but someone I know well noticed that there was a surge in the mention of jeaouze scummery being mentioned more and more and they are getting worried, hahah. Could be something. There are many groidlovers among us but there may be a critical mass impending. Not holding my breath but do not , not watch this space.