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Anthony Roberts
10 months ago

These theatricals are absurd. From the six million court battles currently taking place, to each of their star puppets con-veniently coming down with the deadly ‘zogDid 911’ or seasonal flu, as it was called back in ma day. Now is OUR moment! Don’t let them permanently poison you or your loved ones. Resist at all costs, even if it means leaving your slave job. Start forming small communities of Aryans, and help each other with food, money, friendship etc. P. S. Thank you both for getting the truth out to our people. Please support Renegade and Heathen Herbs, if you can. Now is the time to buy natural products to heal your body and mind, for the special-alignment Solstice coming up on the 21st….and the… Read more »

Old Goy
10 months ago

Title should read (((They’re))) making a killing. Vaccine industry is a jew outfit.

10 months ago

This is nothing short of torture.

10 months ago

All the ‘A’ listers tested positive in September to the magic virus and all the Hoi polloi came after.

10 months ago

Great show,guys.

10 months ago

German lawyer(speaks English) with 3 others filing a huge lawsuit against WHO and other culprits for Crimes Against Humanity

10 months ago

What is the name of the song at the end of the show?

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