The Solar Storm: Thule Productions – Countering Jewish Extremism (11-20-16)


Kyle speaks to Thule and Wolf about the new government initiative in “countering violent extremism”, which they recently covered on Thule Productions (see for links & videos). This is a well-funded program that will soon be targeting our activists with underhanded and “extreme” measures, with NGOs working in tandem with government intelligence and law enforcement agencies. We discuss how this indicates just how desperate our enemy is getting and how we must now struggle harder than ever. Calls are taken at the end.

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I had a big youtube channel called “Germanic Channel”, which were banned a couple of weeks ago. It happened after I had controversy with a channel called TRUTH SERUM. At the same time they closed the gmail connected to Germanic Channel and the channel I had on Dailymotion. I do not show my face on these channels, but I do on facebook, and I post public. I think I’m the only danish facebook person, who post public about the jews and national socialism, the way I do. My fb profile is followed by many Danes (and jews). Fx I recently wrote a post about farmed salomon, which were shared 8000 times after 3 days, and that is a lot in Denmark. Also I made a… Read more »

Yeah I only keep FB friends I really know, or have been acquainted with long enough to know they aren’t agents of some kind. So that leaves me with less that 80 FB friends, and I am fine with that. I can post all I want about Jews and ZOG and not have to worry about being banned anymore. But they still remove pictures of art that have nudity, even though it would offend no one. Nudity is only allowed if it’s degenerate and/or coupled with horrific violence. Makes sense huh?

I’m not on facebook because I want to share info with my friends, who already know about the JWO. I’m on facebook because I want to wake up my people – and I do….
Before I wrote about jews and national socialism I was popular for writing and protesting about the ADHD/psychiatry fraud and NWO, so I already had a couple of thousands friends back then.

My friend Heinrich just got blocked 30 days for posting The Greates Story Never Told.

You do know that Facebook is a fully owned and operated Zionist enterprise, right? Zuckerberg just met with Netanyahu of all people!!! What did they discuss? “Anti Israel Facebook users, and what to do about them. I would be extremely careful with them. I see it as a very effective Mossad,ADL and JDL resource if they ever see it to their benefit to come after you. Just saying.

Let me guess Charlotte, he usurped your content whilst passively duping people thinking it was his work? Then says something along the lines of “you should grateful that he’s sharing your work and should not care about credit” ?

Although I personally have ignored any possible controversy with Truth Serum, it appears you’re not the only one whos had conflict with him. I do believe it’s a coincidence that your channel was banned after, however it’s only speculation at this point. Hope to see you come back soon.

This is so messed up. Thankfully, we have at least some advanced knowledge of this and can prepare accordingly and not be taken by surprise. Not that anything should surprise us anymore. We are becoming a Jewish communist state and the masses of drooling goyim don’t even see it, nor do they seem to care. We have to start talking to people face to face. I believe we’re at a point where it’s safer to do that anyway, compared to social media. Not saying that social media should be abandoned, but I think we’re gonna find it harder and harder to remain there. With new flagging procedures and rules on Jewtube, etc. I wonder if they’ll allow larger, more popular twitter accounts to stay active,… Read more »
Another thing we MUST do, is to develop our own economy and network, we could even develop our own form of money/vouchers like casino chips based on Honour system and exchange of skills (as it always was) and place the basis of money not in some fictional abstract bullshit but actual human energy and time (which it always is). People give money value, it has always been this way, but somehow we have allowed the banks to just take advantage of the material aspect of money. Which means that as long as there are people, then there can be money. To say that money is the fundamental value is to get the cart before the horse (and this has been deliberately done) money makes the… Read more »

I am 100% with Thule on the subject that our people ALWAYS have had something to lose, probably even more so of value in the past (actual mortgages, lots of children etc). The problem is that our latter day people are far to comfortable and materialistic. They have less children and ACTUAL wealth, but they have RENTED housing and a shitload of consumer goods, which they are so addicted to they are willing to let the world turn to shit to have it.

times are going to get worse and they are going to be forced to deal with the reality of the situation. Their comforts will only take them so far.

Like Hitler said, “….we will never capitulate”. Never concede them anything. Be a constant thorn in their eye, fight until death, and do not fear these scum. That is what they want, they are pulling the Wizard of Oz booming vice, loud bangs and bright flashes, but this is all mind tricks.

Thanks Kyle, Thule and Wolf for this information. A very interesting show.

Spicolini = little spic.. I cannot understand what sort of parents would show their child the door, on the word of a stranger, unless the spic spoke with some sort of authority.. The young people must unite, form kommunes if necessary. When people are united, they are stronger. I want to say a big thankyou to Kyle for expressing compassion for all those who are victims in this battle. The only people I have a problem with so far are the “white” supremacists, who feel a sense of superiority over “the other”, which makes them no better than the other “supremacists”..

White people don’t need to feel a sense of superiority to be called a supremacist by anti-White people and organizations. It’s a term used to detract any sort of act that may work to protect the interests of White people.

Good show on an important topic and one which could benefit by reference to the past *criminal* investigation into data dipping by ADL ca. 1992 as documented by the late Dr William Pierce. The UK Government for one has been into this databank dipping routine (e.g. NHS health records) for some time and public bodies including said NHS now have a legal obligation to report ‘radicalisation risk’. That said I deprecate the demeanour and presentation of this ‘wolf’ character. Whatever his research merits, I think he should stay in a back room when it comes to presentation. What parent in particular is going to take seriously someone whose every other word is ‘fucking’ or ‘shit’ and who seems to be in training for an Alex… Read more »

we are being targetted for genocide and everything stacked against us. Sorry if Wolf’s “bad words” bother you.

[…] the enemies of the White race have been desiring for quite some time. At the end of 2016 I did a show on Renegade Broadcasting about the White House’s “Countering Violent Extremism&#82…, which seeks to group White dissidents in with Islamic extremists. Check out DHS’s wording in […]