The Solar Storm: Thule & Wolf – Hail to the Gods & Goddesses (7-23-17)

Kyle speaks with Thule and Wolf about the nature of the gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon, their importance to our ancestors, how we can connect with them, Loki’s evil acts and the fracturing of the gods, and how we can win the war.

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Great show and guests. Comparative mythology is absolutely fascinating and there’s so much there to be learned.

One minor difference of opinion I have though is with respect to jesus. If he ever existed, I don’t believe he was anything other than a typical 1st century ad rabbinical hebrew scumbag, along with his merry band of hebrew zealots and cutthroats (literally), who displayed all the character traits of a jewish supremacist and rabble rouser, nicely packaged and sold to unsuspecting gentiles by the “great” st. saul/josephus, the ultimate propagandist/bullshit artist and poisoner of spiritual life, to whom we at present are indebted to.

Titus is spot on. If the little bastard did exist, he was a piece of jew filth with a mutilated wanker.

The jesus character seems to be a recycled compilation of older myths, from what I can gather.

This photo is from an Armenian church.
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Haha! Kyle have you seen the entry for this podcast over at Whooli’s Blog? Here’s the description –
“Paganist Christ Hater, Kyle Hunt and friends talked about the nature of the pagan gods and goddesses.”
LOL! Posts your shows but has to insert his own personal christardation! 😀

To Thule, do the Norns look like the “tall blondes” that many people talk about? mistakenly thinking they’re aliens?

I had a cousin named Norman he was about 6 ft tall & blonde. Unfortunately heroin got hold of him back in the 60’s. He was alienated by the rest of the Family, Few decades later he passed away, Wish I got to know him better.

On the topic of beards. The kikes have also created a meme where beards are for crazy, like a homeless guy with a beard who’s nuts, or the unabomber, or it’s a “beard” as in covering up faggotry.

Nick Spero is doing a new show on YouTube with Brendon O’Connell. Perhaps, they can stream or post to Renegade. Nickerbaucher was a big part of Renegade and is missed.

Can you blame Nick with all the italian bashing no one wants to be a 2nd class citizen, Funny thing is with all the rhetoric of establishing a European ethno- State many Europeans already have done so organically, and they remain for generations, one only need go to any major city & find a little Italy, Polish people , irish neighbords, slovakians, Greeks and at one time beautiful German neighborhoods such as German Town in NYC were commonplace (until Germans were ashamed to be Germans by jew propaganda.) All well kept, safe, family values, european festivals & customs from the old country and everyone looking out for each other. There are a few groups & I won’t mention them don’t seem to have carried their… Read more »

Polish people?

My mother used to always substitute the Pole for scary bedtime monsters, such as the infamous troll under the bridge or bed, to the Pole under the bridge or bed.

Little Red Riding Hood had a hairy Pole and the 3 Little Pigs had a scary Pole huff and puff.

Simply put, Polish people scare the shit out of me to this day!!!

My mother used to describe them as having giant round heads, balding with one eye that always sat slightly higher and farther back than the other. There eyes were often shifty and cross eyed.

I am actually giving myself the willies right now, picturing a Pole under a bridge or a giant Pole living at the top of a beanstalk.

Sounds like your mother was describing Polish jews.

I might add that growing up in one of those ethnic neighborhoods Arthur Ave in the South Bronx although surrounded by the highest crime ridden jungle in the USA we have been among the ranks of one of the 5 safest places to live in the US according to the FBI stats that was during the 69’s 70’s & 1980’s. Reason being no niggers would dare rob or rape in the neighborhood because we didn’t call the police & our justice was true justice thus no stats, When word gets out on the street they think twice about even walking in our neighborhood with or without malicious intent. I can remember a nigger was caught trying to rape a young girl the elders beat him… Read more »
Ymir is described as a roaring giant an the triadic root of consciousness: Odin, Vili an Ve are said to of made midgard, etc from Ymir. What I get from that is Ymir was the primordial chaotic energy an Odin killed his kinsman Ymir to re order it an make midgard as all the worlds potentially an the best place for us to be initiated an develop our being. I have also seen likewise that Marduk slays Tiamat an in the enuma elish some say he arrows of Marduk are actually moons of Marduk as a planet that kept striking Tiamat a planet an then half became the asteroid belt an the other the Earth. There is also mention of humans having the blood of… Read more »

Hey guys I just tuned in for the first time, enjoyed this podcast quite alot. I was wondering if any of you guys could answer this question for me it’s about my heritage. My mother is a 100% Tatar and her father had grey eyes but her mother had black hair and brown eyes. My dad is Russian with grey eyes too but unfortunately I have brown eyes and brown hair. I have been reading and found out that the Volga Tatars, which I am 50% of the other being 50% slavi, are descendants from the old Bulghars and have anywhere up to 99% caucasoid dna. My question is a simple one: do I have any relation to the aryan race if any? Thanks.

Lenin had Tartar ancestry an that’s why he had a big head I believe they where like the Huns I read a book of the Plantagenent Kings an it showed them as cannibals with humans cooking them on fires. I read they invaded all the way up to the French coast an people where afraid to leave Sweden due to them.

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Hey thanks for the reply. Well yeah I’ve been researching it a bit and I read that they are descendants from the Huns which used to be known as the Scythians? The people in this illustration look like Jews or Mongols. I look like a white Bulgars whit little facial hair my sister has blond hair and like I said my grandpa had grey eyes. Tatars supposedly assimilated under Mongol rule and many of them did not intermarry. 2 writers wrote that the aryan Egytpians considered the Tatars brothers. Also after Genghis Khan got defeated, Tatars were invited into Poland and were given land & titles. Some prominent Polish figures have been Tatars. In the same period Tatars had white collar jobs in Russia. I… Read more »

No you are wrong. Scythians were the ancient ancestors of the ukrainians and some russian remnants. The huns are related to the magyars who are the people of hungary today. The hungarians speak a non european dialect that is neither slavic , germanic or romance languages.
The huns have an admixture of mongolian genes, it is hard to determine how much they do. Neverthless it dont matter !!!

Lenin was part kike !!!

Tatars were basically savaging partz of europe. The Kievan Rus. The cossacks zaporizhia had bitchrs battles with tatars and turks. Many ukrainian slavic boys became janissaries and became enemies of europe and pillages the ukrainian kievan lands with the moslem faith. I have no idea if you have aryan blood. Aryan means noble being of white european stock, iy dont matter if you have blue, brown or hazelgreenish eyes !!

Why does “wolf” sound exactly like Jay (I think), the sidekick from downtown white police, hmmm- why does download white police’s photos look so fucking fake?


Why are you such a huge dick on these comments now? Do you seriously just spend all your time trying to uncover “conspiracies” within the “truth movement” now? Looks like you’re just a little bit obsessed there Sean! You mat need to see someone about that before too long or it might get a bit out of hand!

maybe he’s promoting the ”crazy conspiracy theorist” meme… You know the one, the slightly psychotic one who can’t stay calm and runs up to anyone who will give em’ an ear and makes the actual conspiracy’s sound so bizarre the listener is no longer interested for fear of association?
Then the average joe listener thinks he knows why some folks are on meds…. those ”conspiracy nuts”…

These Norse gods are just as lame Christianity

Yeah? I had a vision of a sun goddess long before I knew about any of this stuff. Was the most incredible feeling of love & peace you could ever feel. It’s what we strive towards.

I sun gaze & pray to something, I draw energy ,guidance & strength from the Light, I walk bare footed with my 5 year old red headed grandson in the fields, he is everything warrior he instinctively forms weapons from tree branches & stones, But the notion that “My god is mightier than your god” Is dangerous business. One which the Jew understands the human psychology of all to well. The Jew gave us all our superheroes for a reason, think about it.

There’s something even lamer beginning with “S” & it hangs around these comments with the stench of a rotting corpse spreading its foul odor wherever it goes…

Dear Sean, who do you celebrate / look to ?

Get lost, jew troll!!