The Solar Storm: Trans Fats and Fat Trannies (3-19-17)

Kyle discusses the average American diet, the effects of consuming lots of meat and dairy, how diet effects testosterone and estrogen levels, the terrible nature of trans fats, how diet is leading to early puberty and hormonal issues, the explosion of transgender children, and how this can all be easily fixed.

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At this point, i think all food & drink is manipulated by jews. The best you can do is limit all processed products, try growing your own, or buy less but organic.

It’s worrying to see all these 5’5″ mincing skinny-jean boys, next to 5’10” east German-like shotputter girls. There is a definite gender-swap in progress with our teenagers – very worrying. The parents seem oblivious to it.

PS Thanks for this info Kyle. Stay vigilant and safe in DC (domino’s county) next week. Happy Ostara (spring equinox) to all my White brothers & sisters. This celebration is the ideal time to adjust your diet/lifestyle and become the true Aryan you were meant to be.

I can safely say that anything bought from a shop is dodgy. The food industry is all pervasive and for as long as it has been going on it has degraded in quality in all forms. Again, it is all done gradually. There is no recourse but to physically take it back on ourselves.

Really good show. I recently did a five day juice feast, first three days were rough, but it got a lot better. I think i was detoxing from years of coffee and processed foods. Another good source for information on eating better is the you tube channel by John Rose. He’s wise to the jewish problem, pro Hitler, and even recommended Hellstorm before. He’s not a pro -white guy though, but he’s a great motivator and very wise about disease and healing.

Eat like a Gladiator I Dr. John McDougall.
Dr McDougall recommends a starched based diet but also does not recommend oils.

Renegade desperately needs more Urban Jungle Girl.

Why so desperate?

Kyle, my question is why do they put so much sodium in soft drinks thus requiring more corn syrup to sweeten? Is all the sodium necessary? It’s as they are deliberately trying to cause hypertension and diabetes.

So basically the only things my body need is fruit, vegetables and the sun?

It wouldn’t surprise me. Life is simple. Which is why I find all these skin moisturising products with their “science formula” so hilarious and bombastic. The body actually creates vitamins, it needs minerals, the only think that it cannot create for itself and must get it externally. The brain will create cholesterol if it is lacking. The bullshit regarding cholesterol is another commercial myth. The health sector is being used to sell products to the masses. A few days ago a newspaper admitted that health values of certain products were just made up to make them sell more to people, like marmite contains things that are anti carcinogenic, bacon is good for whatever, a glass of wine a day deoxidises you blood and other such… Read more »

Great stuff Kyle. Thank you. Just what the real truth movements needs.A way to stay healthy in this jew controlle world.

Let’s chip in, so Kyle can afford to stay into a hotel for the weekend. I would like that. thanks.

Speaking of cannibalism, it reminded me of a site Clint Richards once mentioned in a show he did about health, where they grow meat from celebrity tissue samples and grow you their flesh to eat. Here it is (dot ORG as well LOL) Or perhaps don’t visit and give them its, but I had to offer some proof.

By the way chicken is probably the worst meat and the most messed with meat. Definitely avoid it as much as you can.

I just watched you really good videon on juicing.
From my experience as I have rheumatoid arthritis which is more of a gut problem than a joint problem. Green jusices are better because some fruits can trigger an arthritis flair if you have a leaky gut. . I make a simple juice of cucumber and celery. It’s very cleansing and does not cause a flair. But it must be drank within ten minutes of preparing so as to get the enzymes.

Some tip on juice for arthritis sufferers.

For those trying to heal a leaky gut, the choices are narrow. Meat is almost impossible to avoid on such a diet since it doesn’t engender inflammatory reaction from our bodies.

Chicken has a lot of arsenic in it, even organic (I think), just like rice which is also a main staple for leaky gut diets.

I’m trying to limit both for that reason, maybe put more plant proteins into smoothies.

Also, for anyone struggling with sugar and comfort food cravings, I strongly suggest trying glutamine powder supplementation. I’ve been using it for leaky gut problems, but notice it also helps tremendously to even out blood sugar and simply take away sugar cravings. Even with a messed up system I still have some hypoglycemia (which I always had), and notice how much the glutamine helps control blood sugar spikes. It’s not a long term solution, but it can help anyone feeling desperate (I’m desperate to heal my leaky gut) and its effects last beyond the period of supplementation.

Just eat fruit. Your body is craving (real) sugar for a reason. Your brain runs on glucose. Fruit is delicious! Eat a lot of it. There’s a reason we like the taste of it.

YES Sinead! The thing is the sugar that is in “food” is HFCS high fructose corn syrup, or raw sugar, or more likely aspartame or some other artificial sweetener. Point is that the sugars that occur in artificial foods are so out of whack and over the top with any amount and FORM that would exist in a natural source i.e. a fruit. The blubber that makes beer bellies and wild thighs is not FAT but unburned sugars and starches that have not been burned away. Since everyone is mostly sitting down at the orifice (office) they do not do enough activity to burn off all the stored sugar they are taking in.
They have been hacked alot lately. Put leaky gut in their search bar

Eating meat for a leaky gut is the opposite of what heals a leaky gut. You most likely got the leaky gut from eating those things in the first place.

Leaky gut is often caused by mercury toxicity. My bet is most people with leaky gut also have a mouth full of mercury amalgams.

At the 3:28 mark of this video, Dr. Haley explains how mercury leaks into the brain across the blood/brain barrier. The same phenomenon occurs with the leaky gut syndrome.

Here’s what it’s like to have a mercury amalgam removed. Excellent video on toxic mercury amalgams. You can eat all the healthy foods you want, but you’re still being poisoned as long as you have these toxins in your teeth. Get them out or you will never be completely healthy and sane.

Mine was caused by exposure to mold and genetic susceptibility, digestive mutations. But I do have lots of amalgams so maybe that factored in.

A good show; a good intro to self care. This gentle approach could be the way into the reality denying safe spaces of pudgy wabbits fluffy brains.
There’s more to the fat problem than ignorant and lazy food choices. People eat with their eyes; people are influenced by what they see.
Children go to school and see obese women all day. They go home and see fat adults. Everywhere they look there are grown-up lard-buckets dressed up like toddlers. They see a normal world = it is grotesque.
A California beach scene pic, recently = Whales? Are those stranded whales? Nah! Relax. Bathing beauties.

I went on a modified macrobiotic diet once for 6 months. Ended up healthiest I’ve ever been. I need to work out a new lifestyle soon. Major joint issues.

Also will the sugar in fruit make you fat?(real question).

Probably not unless you ate an colossal amount of it. Fructose is not nearly as concentrated as refined cane sugar, or rather HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) The problem is that the amount and concentration of sugar in our food is so over the top and would not occur naturally, even in cane sugar or honey.

Kyle and Sinead, thank you so much for your effort. I’ve been interested in veganism for a while through my daughter. But two-three years ago this subject got on hold because she became an anorexia patient. This had nothing to do with her interest in veganism tough, it’s a mental disease. (She’s very smart, lacks confidence and has performance anxiety) Now we’re three years later, and she’s recovering. For the moment she’s more or less 1.5kg above her minimum weight. Me and her want to get vegan but the great point is she must not lose weight! That’s very important. So my question to you or the listeners is what you would recommend. If one googles ‘anorexia’ and ‘vegan’ in the same sentence, it’s very… Read more »

Starch based diet! Lots of corn, potatoes, rice, squash, beans, legumes, seeds nuts and lentils. As well as fruits and veggies.

Thanks for the reply, we’ll try!

That’s the most healthy diet ever. Heart attack proof, stroke proof and many other benefits. Enviromentally freindly and harms no other life forms. The way to go !.

Kyle, Sinead, & other intelligence : I am wondering what a consensus might be on eggs..? I’ve felt superior health when living vegan years ago, but recently my partner and I fell prey to Sally Fellon and her phony WP Foundation, and the whole ”Muhheritage” / ”trad” die-it. We have a small farm with tons of happy birds. They roam 10 acres, I supplement feed them only organic seeds (heavy on sunflower), and for all the domesticated animals we have – probably have the best life ever. I’ve seen, and more importantly lived the awful affects of dairy and meat eating again and am totally over it (going through ANOTHER detox now..).. but what about our free range happy bird chicken periods? (Sounds gross enough… Read more »