Solar Storm: Unmasking the Alien Agenda (12-3-18)

“Bluebeam me up, alien Jesus!” This show Kyle goes over some of the history of ufology, recent “disclosures” by high level officials and what could be emerging in the near future.

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Gilly Thorsson

Interesting show, Kyle. This is a topic, like AI, that I enjoy very much yet haven’t had the time to thoroughly research lately. It’s a common misconception that UFO instantly means aliens but that’s what Hollywood has done for us. They attempt to intertwine reality with falsehoods and expect us to buy it. If aliens did exist, the Jews would probably try to pull us into a war with them on the grounds that it’s in Israel’s best interest.


So, why do “aliens” have to be from outer space?
Its seems like a method of distraction– to look up while some jew pulls your pants down.
Admiral Bird claims that there are lands beyond the poles.
NASA is a big lie, I think there’s a much stronger possibility that the earth is much bigger than we are told by those who govern over us & there might be “aliens” out there we have never seen because we are not allowed to EXPLORE anymore as our ancestors did.


Great show, Kyle. I think project blue beam is in early deployment now, for sure. I think fake-x is a definite component of this fraud.


Listening to your show today regarding space aliens and UFO’s I was reminded of this:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

– David Rockefeller

A faked/ holographic etc. space invasion could be just the ticket.


I’ve often figured the LA ufo incident to be a fake incident to make the war “more real” or immediate to the fighting-age public. The DC 1952 event? No idea because the ancient aliens crowd trumpets that one far too often for my tastes.


I got a chuckle out of this one:

Rabbi Teaches That Jews Are Aliens From Another Planet Here To Conquer Planet Earth:


Tim Murdock aka Horus the Avenger was talking about this years ago and had some interesting insights and observations although I started to grow a bit wary about him and stopped listening to his podcasts.


This man survivor of the Paradise fires Robert Otey was talking about how the lasers vaporizing people might at some point be blamed on ‘aliens.’ Besides that, he’s been researching free energy inspired by nature (Shauberger, Tesla) and here’s his site with a free book, Free Thinking and Free Energy.
And here’s his interview about barely escaping the fire and puts it into context with what’s happening in Greece, Portugal, Canada, and some other places. He might be a good possible interview person, I was thinking – he knows a lot about all this.


Vety, intereastink.


This is definitely far-out! I’am reminded here of Francis Crick co-discoverer of the double helix chromosome. He said it was so complicated that it WAS planned. I believe there is a ‘race’ out there that created our earth and probably still walking among us. Who created them of course is academic. We shouldn’t just rush into the first thing we think of – oh God.


Viktor Schauberger discovered natural energies that had some sort of “UFO” qulaities like being able to get an incredible amount of energy though implosion drives, and he was shut down. There was one experment they did that had one disc that broke its chains and smashed througnthe hangar roof.


Pertinent to this show, I would for research and investigation purposes have a look at the “game ” Detroit Become Human. It is the usual multikulti evil white man, all white people are assholes pitch, and thanks for the wonderful angelic negroids that are 100% good and amazing. Check out the crafty LoLocaust story ending pitch which had me in fits of facepalm laughter. They had to get that one in, you would not believe it, just have a look. The main pitch is that robots/machines can somehow rise above their machine function and develop a conscience, an empathy and a sense of moral rectitude JUST LIKE THAT. The notion is bullshit, but you have to laugh at the shallow attempt to use robots as… Read more »


Have you seen the “Animatrix” clip on YouTube called the “second renaissance“? Reveals the entire backstory of “the matrix” is the Jews. Machine City 001 is started near isreal after all of humanity genocides them. Also have “operation dark storm” reveling chemtrails scorched/blacked out the sky.


Yes I know Animatrix but never watched it. I have a couple of soundtrack… tracks from it. Thanks for the nod, I will have a look at that one.

Dear Kyle, I Loved the show but the Little Green Men and Hybrid Armies voice clip has gotten to stop being passed around as if it had anything at all to do with Aliens. The Russian fighters in Ukraine and involved in the taking of the Crimea were what he was referring to by a Hybrid Army and Little Green Men. They have on Camos and clearly are an armed force being armed just like an official army but they have no identifying insignia of any kind! No patches Nothing! to let the other force know who they are. Now you could say they are Partisans then! Well NO because they obviously are a little more than that because they act as an auxiliary to… Read more »


Constant theme in mainstream media has long time been “ufo’s do exist – ufo’s don’t exist” narrative, that creates confusion in public minds. Now they pretty much say that UFO’s are completely normal, like jet-line across the States. I don’t know too, what those things are and I’ve studied this topic for a long time.

One thing is certain – there is incredible amount of false info put out there, fakery, false witness claims, etc in order to obscure true nature of this phenomenon, which I do think is very real. To think that we are alone in the Universe is as megalomanic as to claim that Earth is center-point of Cosmos.


For example; there is channel on Youtube, called “thirdphaseofmoon”, that has flooded internet with painfully obvious CGI fakes and clips with “ufo investigators” that look like Hollywood c-grade extras. They are obviously payed to run this channel, that was activated 10 years ago and had churned out hundreds of videos of total garbage.

Problem with UFO material is that today video and photo sources can’t be considered as “evidence” anymore, with all the manipulation techniques available…