The Solar Storm: Urban Jungle Girl – Lords of the Lost (10-2-16)


Kyle speaks to Urban Jungle Girl about the system that is controlling and harming us from conception to grave, all while making a huge profit from our sickness and suffering. Topics include: eugenics vs dysgenics, ultrasounds, vaccines, circumcision, drugging, indoctrination, school, work enslavement, the cost of dying, how we can take our power back as well as fight back, and more.

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7 years ago

Good comments on the advancement of ecumenism and dangers of Christianity becoming the ultimate tyrannical terror. I have experienced that to a small degree as well. Thinking of one particular incident with Evangelical Christians. I was not the object of their hatred, but they were absolutely seething with malicious, violent hatred towards a person I was in the car with, for no good reason other than that he tore out a bit while driving up their gravel driveway when he accidentally took a wrong turn. Men of God or monsters? Where did all the forgiveness go? It was surreal.

7 years ago

Amazing an infant MGM victim like you Kyle is able to see the matter so clearly. It is SUCH a vile atrocity in every way.

7 years ago

Still listening. I just want to say this is an outstanding broadcast. Every minute is powerful.

Am Not
7 years ago

Long live Tay-Sachs and sickle cell!!! You gotta love it. Urban is the best. Hope to hear more of her on Renegade.

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Fantastic show – thanks Kyle & UGJ. The info you both provide is invaluable. Eat as much natural produce as you can. Remember, anything in plastic, tin or cardboard, has been put there by the jew. The glaring hypocrisy in the UK is sickening. ((( MP’s))) championing the cause of FGM against muslim and African girls. Meanwhile, our white girls end up drug addicted call girls on the streets, or abused sex slaves in ‘care’ homes. Plus, no mention of male mutilation; oh no, that’s acceptable for semitic worship reasons. We can’t upset the male elders. They have destroyed our minds, bodies, family and communities. 95%of whites couldn’t give a damn. As long as MY family are ‘safe’ – i’m alright Jack!!! They are so… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

95% of boomers you mean. The young didn’t have the benefit of knowing what a high trust, high tech, high employment unionised working community was. The boomers did, and partied through the 80s while Thatchers jewish gang stole it. The young have good instincts, they just don’t know what they have lost and don’t know what a real [white] community is.
Where in the UK are you from Anthony?

Artie Fufkin
7 years ago

Love UJG, thanks Kyle.

Excellent topics and information.

… and you’re both dead on regarding religion.

If it weren’t for religion, ESPECIALLY christiinsanity … we would have executed them by now. That’s the #1 reason jews invented it.

I sooooooooo look forward to ripping their limbs off. We can’t start turing jews into fertilizer fast enough for me. Those SOB’s are so rotten, even as fertilizer they’ed probably pollute the ground.

Non-whites out there must get one thing into their skulls …. if us Whites go you, YOU”RE ALL GOING DOWN. That’s exactly why jews #1 target are Whites. They know they have to get rid of us first to have a change in hell at NWO.

Reply to  Artie Fufkin
7 years ago

Jews invented nothing just so you know 90% of the bible is condemnation and punishment of the Jews. When the demanded a king like all the other tribes God said outright you have rejected me and you Kings will tax war and take the best of women and men to no end….. The Jews hate the bible so much so they wrote hundreds of other books and beliefs over and above it… They want to be gods

7 years ago

Thanks for the great ‘medical’ advice. Time for me to get the filters on my reverse osmosis water treatment machine changed, AND time for me to change doctors to one who is not part of the corporate system (who I only see once a year MERELY because I am told I need to get the prescripton for synthroid renewed} since sooner or later while she is talking with me, she drops the question (which by now I know to expect), per the script, ‘and how is your mood?’.

7 years ago

On the fluoride question…

7 years ago

I love Urban Jungle Girl! Great show guys. The animals that you don’t eat thank you!

7 years ago

Re the purpose/intent of male genital mutilation; I recall clif high saying in a pod, how the chemical produced in the foreskin is neuro/psyco-active in enabling the man (woman too?) to feel love, commitment, protectiveness etc towards the woman & likely mother. Clif didn’t name a source; but this chemical presumably has a name and can be researched…. but if true I’d expect “official knowledge” of it to be supressed coz it would torpedo the circumcision racket.

7 years ago

Really enjoyed the show and will add what I tell everyone. That medical mistakes kill/murder 150 to over 300 thousand Americans each and every year…. The system is the real terrorists. Kyle just like every thing else Christianity has been hijacked butchered and manipulated the greatest fighters on earth were in many cases Christan as those without hope give up… It’s why inn WWII the young fit macho type would drawn themselves and the first older wiser fought till there last breath. I think you are a few steps from realizing you are a Christan as no other belief structure can withstand scrutiny on all levels and I don’t mean the bastardized cultural gov run versions but straight up from kjv one on one understanding….… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
7 years ago

Excellent show with Urban Jungle Girl. Great insights.

7 years ago

Enjoyed this discussion, very important topic. I am retired but in the high school classroom part time. Some things that disturbs the most are: falling ratios (we are at the tipping point) of White to minority and immigrant kids, growing chaos and disrespect, shortening attention spans, growing numbers of plump, pudgy dull witted White kids, White girls fawning over surly Black misfit males, defiant in your face Black and Latina girls, administrators who’ve thrown teachers to the wolves of undisciplined kids and teachers groveling before undisciplined kids. Though most of the UJG interview rang true, there were some glitches. I don’t find kids suffering under oppressive “desk work” unable to “run free”; rather they are constantly roaming and ignoring tasks at hand. Their creativity is… Read more »

7 years ago

Great show. Fantastic to acknowledge the gross cruelty shown towards animals. The Old Testament sanctions dominion over animals. Jewish/Muslim law requires animals have their throat cut whilst still alive; then hung up to drain. It is savage; violent; cruel. Halal/Kosher The business of factory farming surely has Jews at the helm of the Slaughtering Ship. Veganism is the most radical way to disengage from the dumb down whitey Programme. Yes, compromising our critical thinking abilities!! Muslims and Jews are big meat eaters and this fuels their insane propensity for violence and dominion over others. i.e.. US….Jewish leaders most likely have natural remedies to mitigate the toxins in our world. They are educated in natural remedies which is our given birthright. You will have a cleaner… Read more »

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