The Solar Storm: Urban – Too Stupid to Live? (7-9-17)

Kyle speaks to Urban Jungle Girl about her own experiences healing herself and a loved one by changing the food she eats, then they get into the history of homeopathy and how Rockefeller medicine took over, the big business of food and how people are misled, why a plant based diet makes the most sense, thoughts on raw food, and much more. Note: please do not take offense to the presentation here, as it is not meant to be an attack on anyone. The lifestyle solution given is just what Urban and Kyle have found to work for them and others.

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Thank you UJG & Kyle for a wonderful show. When our people grumble about this subject, they should remember that you both, and Sinead, only want the best for us all. Why would you run a network, and do all this hard work, only to guide our folk down a path of ill health? I’ve been on the starch solution for 5 weeks now, and feel great. It has helped my energy levels and also coping with the ups and downs of this movement. Sunlight, fresh air and plenty of walking (at pace) will also help, whatever your age. PS One quick question: Is it harmful to have your teeth whitened? Apart from a few fillings, i still have all my own teeth. They are… Read more »
Thanks for a great show. I read two people post on facebook. They reckon that people that don’t eat animal products are mostly marxists and flat earthers. You just coudn’t make it up!. How dumb some people are!. For myself I have been eating plant based no oil food for three years and I’m so much healthier. I have also started doing hot yoga bikram style which is very healing IMO. When I’m on my way to hot yoga there are many morbidly obese people on the bus. When I was a child to see a really fat person was very unusual. Today it’s more like an epidemic. Maybe these people think it’s OK not to exercise and eat any rubbish food. They think they… Read more »

many of these sickly obese people are victims of jewish vaccines and poisoned “food”. They are damaged goods. Some can be reclaimed as far as health goes. All can be converted to new haters. “Did you know what jews are doing to our food….?” Leave that with them. Their love of food or shame from health problems will drive them to investigate.

always great to hear from Urban 🙂

A dear friend of mine’s father was diagnosed with a ”golf ball sized” brain tumor when we were in middle school. He was a principle at another school, and when he was diagnosed, doctors told him to quit his job immediately and go on vacation with his children – he ”had six months to live”. ((((They))) operated, removed as much as they could, but it was guaranteed to grow back, faster and worse than before. When he was in the hospital recovering, someone brought him some literature on fasting, juicing, and a book of testimonies of other terminally ill patients who had over turned their doctor prescribed death sentences. He decided he wanted to live. He had two teenage sons. While still at the hospital,… Read more »

I wonder where the thumbs down came from? “Dumb story” Hrm.

I just enjoy not eating my friends, after burning their dead bodies.

Thanks for sharing your story, I have a friend, an old irishman (79 yr), tough as nails but he has a tumor on his lung, he is going for chemo, I will pass your info on. As for me I won’t go vegan don’t want to stay on this plane any longer than i need to.

Yea… I innerstand the angst in regards to our current world affairs, but like Kyle and Sinead, I need to be strong and vibrant so that my grandchildren will have a future worth living, and a grandmother worth remembering. I’ve never been a quitter, and my family line won’t go down without a fight. I also don’t intend to put my children through the misery of wiping my own, or my husband’s ass and providing ”twilight” care.. I will do it myself. There are SO MANY testimonies to reversing doctor prescribed ‘imminent death’ sentences with just simply changing your diet, which really all comes down to Will and sacrificing temporary mental comfort for a long term, tremendous life affirming gain…. it is truly shocking. I… Read more »

You’re useless if you’re dead.

Your ghost could still be around guiding us, but you know what I mean.

Oral health is important for the health of the entire body. Colloidal silver is one of the keys to good oral health. The very best colloidal silver is Argentyn 23. Another key to oral health is a good toothpaste, which is almost impossible to find. We all know fluoride is bad, but another awful ingredient in the overwhelming majority of toothpastes is glycerin. Glycerin prevents the teeth from being able to remineralize. The best toothpaste I’ve ever found is Uncle Harry’s remineralizing toothpaste. It is the only toothpaste I’ve ever used that comes in a glass jar. It has no fluoride or glycerin. I am convinced that a combination of Argentyn 23 and Uncle Harry’s remineralizing toothpaste not only remineralizes the enamel but… Read more »

Silver is the most electroconductive metal there is. I would only use it internally for life and death situations, topical for all others. It will mess with internal bioelectric fields just like mercury or other metals can. Be very cautious about taking this orally. It can not easily be chelate of it does cause problems. I haven’t seen any longitudinal studies on it so…..caveat emptor.

Tooth “Paste” Empty your 1lb Pack of Baking-Soda in a Glass-Jar. Put some in a smaller easy-to-Open Container (I use the Old-35mmCamera-film-Plastic-Containers). When you Brush-your-teeth: a) Rinse-and-then-Dry-Off your Right-hand-Palm, b) Rinse and Shake-Off your Toothbrush, c) Tap-Out a 1″-Circle of Baking-Soda (it isn’t very high) into your Palm, d) Pick-Up the Baking-Soda into your Damp-Toothbrush by vertically Spiking-Up Most, and-then by sidewards scraping-Up the-rest, e) Brush for one-minute Dry (it will taste a-bit-salty [that’s good, not bad] and your saliva will make-it more-and-more watery, f) Then turn-your-Tap-on-to-a-Tiny-Flow and then Brush for one-minute more successively jabbing-your-Toothbrush in-the-water about-5-Times within this minutes-brushing (this successively rinses-out the Baking-Soda, and you will get the Full-Range of: Cleaning with the mildly-abrasive-Grittiness, to just Liquidy-Alkaline) g) Optionally use a “U” shaped… Read more »

I love the picture of the Diabetes Derby in the supermarket. Where I live it’s rare to see a White person using one. 99.99% of the time it’s a disgustingly obese,30 something, Americanized African on her cell phone clogging up the aisle while her kids run all over the store.

“Doctor Mary’s Monkey” was a great book and Urban Jungle Girl touched on its subject matter. It goes into amazing detail on the Ochsner Medical School’s polio vaccine-related “black” project(s) at Tulane University in the 50s and 60s.
Basically, the “vaccine” that they pumped into a cowed public was laced with monkey viruses ON PURPOSE.
If you love delving into the vaccine conspiracies as well as JFK-related plots, I can think of few other books as edifying as this one.

Slightly off topic – will UJG ever do shows again? I hope to hear more from her……Rodulf

If Jungle Girl makes iodine, does she sell it? I know they don’t put Iodine in breads anymore. What processed foods have it??

Iodine – try Lugol’s Iodine Solution.
Dental: how about the salt/sodium bicarbonate mix for a dentifrice instead of glycerine-laden remineralisation-blocking pastes?
Toothache etc
and the other 2 parts. But oil of oregano 10/90 applied to gums is imo more immediately effective for an infected nerve or, for that matter, any tooth giving signs of ‘something’s up inside’.

Couple of good reads:

Folk Medicine by Dr. D.C. Jarvis.
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by Dr F. Batmanghelidj.

Hey Kyle and Renegade, I’m a newer listener and have really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. I was just wondering if you have a searchable archive where for example I could find the episode of yours that UJG talks about as an influence in the beginning of the show.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

‘A Race For The Future’ on youtube might be it. Blitzkrieg Broadcast with UrbanJungleGirl. It’s from 2013; it could be her first appearance.