The Solar Storm: The VeGAINator – Metamorphosis, Maidens & Muscular Men (5-14-17)

Kyle speaks to Andrew, aka The VeGAINator (your greatest ally) on Youtube about his own rapid realization of what’s happening in our world concerning the jewish problem, poison pushers, MGTOW madness, White Sharia, weight lifting, and much more.

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Excellent guest, very informative. Andrew seems very sincere about his motivations. I too, like Andrew, once believed that we humans were all the same. I also dated outside my race before my true awakening. For the sake of my ancestors I will never do it again.

Interesting discussion. He mentioned the KKK. The KKK may have been founded/funded by jews and crypto jews and has had members who were known jews. KKK=11+11+11=33 which may be Cabalistic. There are 33 degrees of Freemasonry as well and important jews have admitted Freemasonry is Jewish. The KKK is known for wearing masks to conceal their true identities. The KKK was founded in 1915, which is considered year one of the Armemian, Greek, and Assyrian Holocaust (Armenian Genocide) perpetrated by the ‘Young Turks’, who were neither young nor Turkish, they were Freemasonic Donme crypto jews who pretended to be Muslims. Jews desperately do not want this to be widely known even though it is well documented and makes perfect sense and also led to… Read more »

Edit: I meant to say ‘The (second) KKK was founded in 1915’.

The horrible holocaust against Eastern Europeans was created, funded, and carried out by Jews, the communist Bolshevik Revolution, which numbers of dead dwarfs the fake 6 million. It is interesting that the subversively named TV news program, “The Young Turks” hosted by “Turkish-American” and obviously Donmeh, Cenk Uygur, insists on denying the Armenian holocaust ever took place. Yet there are no political repercussions for his big, fat ass. The fact that the Jews can lie with absolutely NO conscience, is why an increasing number of people are now thinking Jews are controlled by off-planet aliens. Yet these same people spend no time at all researching scientific articles on genetic psychopathy. Judaism is a religion based on psychopathy. Yaweh just loved him some mass murder. And… Read more »

Yes, TYT is offensively named after the same Young Turks who did the Armenian Holocaust/Armenian Genocide and it would not be surprising if Cenk was a crypto jew. He also has a history of denying it.

There’s an old painting by the jewish painter Moritz Oppenheim called ‘Rothschild Family at Prayer’ which is reminiscent of a KKK meeting and in late 1915 jew Max von Oppenheim had been making speeches in mosque approving of the Armenian Holocaust.

They are both probably related to the extremely wealthy jewish Oppenheim bankers.

Yes and what did the plagiarist Einstein give to the world?
Physics which currently holds back the expansion of the knowledge of physics. Oh yes, and he and his fellow Jew, Robert Oppenheimer gave us the atomic bomb and thus nuclear energy! And nuclear energy was sold to the people as a method for eliminating their electric bill, lies of course. Oppenheimer, actually stated after dropping the two horrific atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, which was totally unecessary, as the war was over, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”
This is the level of mind in which all non-Jews are up against. Whether they know it or not.

Guys, this VeGAINator is just another psychopathic fraud sewer pump. hahahaha I can smell a sociopath a mile away. Show him pictures of dead things and his graph will spike with glee. This guy is the real psycho-deal if I ever heard it, and I have heard it. hahahha I’m old enough to be your pappy and then some. You can’t put 60 years of knowledge into a 30 year old mind. Take my word for this.

I’m kinda hearing you. I listened and wanted to embrace this new voice but I rode in at about 92%, I mean regarding trust. There were a few red flags and I felt in places he had a script (or at least notes) that was delivered with a determinism that did not feel like it was just his own but like it had some other backing. And those blurred areas of joke/no joke: the conviction of clearing those up was not very strong. Also wished he would have given a nod to the animals within the vegan discussion but he just seemed to dismiss that. This is a tricky one because he delivers much that is relevant and important, and so my approach is to… Read more »
92% is a friendly start. Psychological it’s an awkward situation not to trust but with all those fake personalities populating the resistance it should become a habit to be open and cautious at the same time. When I brought the thing up I felt extremely bad, kind of ungrateful and mean. But if you think about it, it’s like the situation Davis illustrated in his show about how to persuade people. If someone offers something, you want to give back. If someone shows his face and talks about the Jews it’s a gift, a psychological mechanism takes effect. It’s like the bottle of water from the car salesman. To give something back one wants to trust. In addition we need people who can talk on… Read more »

Thank you, too, and he also took on white Sharia at this crucial time when demonry is pushin’ it. Well, maybe he’ll read the comments here and will feel an inner prompting to return and bare more of his soul. In my eyes, he’s maturing and that’s a start. One is hard-pressed to prove authenticity but at least some try.

There is NOTHING “sociopathic” about this guy! You’re either a paranoid nutter or a sociopathic troll yourself!

The guest seems sincere and honest. I think we all have had “a past” as well. I used to be one of those “we are all the same” types as well. Also, I like how you guys did actually mention the double standard of how white men having race mixed is somewhat ok and how it would be hell for a white woman to or to even say she has.

Thank you for clearing up a lot of concerns I had about the Vegainator. I originally enjoyed his current content but got discouraged by his misogynistic past. He just made a video about mgtow so I will check it out. That is what I needed to hear was how he disavows mgtow. Hopefully he will expel any of their ridiculous double standards and talking points from his content from now on. He is an ally right now, hopefully there will be more positive helpful viewpoints to come in the future.

He wears a star of david around his neck and gives the fash-hole satanic salutation in the beginning of his videos. WTF is he doing here?

Great show Kyle and Andrew! It’s so important to attack the controlled opposition and their toxic memes and you deconstruct those false narratives with logic and passion, Andrew. As I was one of the scepticts I ‘d like to explain my mistrust a bit further. With all the fake opposition and fake personalities around and the growing need to fight them (((they))) sure are able to give us another layer of fake personalities who are tailored to fit our segment of resistance. The more one wishes more people to say the right things the more easy one can be fooled. What works on the higher level also works at the lower. Desperation and hope however can so easily be weaponized as mistrust. I do see… Read more »

Methionine is needed, but any exess of it supresses thyroid, T4 and T3.

Did the guest say Methionine? I could only find @1h:46m’31s something similar but it sounded like it had an additional syllable. But frankly I wouldn’t know… Guest says @1h:46m’40s meat is a sulphur amino acid ‘which is not good’; plant-based doesn’t have sulphur in it. But there are sulphur supplements (reputed good for oxygenising: easing joint pain etc) sold on the premise that foods today lack sufficient sulphur; see e.g. OptiMSM Methylsulfonylmethan. High abstraction summarising leads to distortion through over-simplification? There’s also mention of sulphur being acidic and this idea that cancer, maybe other diseases grow in an acidic environment (@1h:48m’08s); but is this another example of varying consensus medical opinion, butter-bad, margarine-good that we were fed one time then basically reversed at another? I… Read more »

Eating a vegan diet made me completely WEAK and depressed in a matter of days!! I had to stop just after one week! I was really relieced to eat a normal, balanced diet again! Try to practice SERIOUS weight lifting with a vegan diet!… Ha ha ha!

I did, and I put on 4 stone in 4 years. When I went back to vegetarian I lost the muscle and couldn’t put it back on as easily.

Part of the agenda of monkey peasants eat grass the elite have wine women and song with a heaping helping of banned meat

It’s why the UN just labelled meat in the same class as smokes….. I had to laugh at the cooperation aspect of the human hunter gatherer being “to hard”. Hate to say it but the Zionist would love nothing more then to slaughter the “nuts in a whole foods bag” corporate “gatherers”.

Why limit your survival to the only creature that can’t run away or fight back self domestication?

I will add the Japanese lived off a basic vegan diet and were 4 to 5 foot nothing and the Vikings ate mostly meat to be strong and over 6 feet

Now that the Japanese eat meat they are reaching American physical proportions. Don’t be fooled yet again into learned helplessness

Please provide documented results of reputable long term independent scientific studies that prove/backup what you’re saying. Of course I know you won’t because they don’t really exist. Your comments sound exactly like basic entry level beginner’s pack anti-vegan dogma & don’t take any REAL science into consideration but don’t get me started on that lest I slay the absolute fuck out of you! If you’re REALLY on a quest for truth rather than just obvious trolling go researching online “great vegan athletes” as just a simple starting point – many of them have been vegans all their lives & have achieved great levels of physical brilliance including breaking world records while others have improved their performance once switching to a vegan diet. These FACTS are… Read more »

It’s commen knowledge man is an omnivore for a reason. Eat your berries and nuts while patting yourself on the back for doing as told/programmed by Jews.

As far as Japanese again common knowledges of diat changes corosponding to height changes in a homogeneous group with diet being the main factor. You want bow legged scrawny offspring cut out meat lol

haha meathead, my sides

How very liberal of you and yet still no cogent argument to refute facts I have given

Same as “pagan good

What kind of pagan the 20,000 Hindu kind the horse is a god kind or the kill my neighbor in a peat bog kind?

“Shut up pagan strong army strong”

K now you know why no one risks anything for entertainment verses real grounded ideology

“…facts I have given”

Did you forget to type those in or something because I still haven’t seen them yet?

Wow! This guy just buried himself & his whole “argument” like I knew he would! I regret wasting 5-10 minutes on this pathetic loser… Turning away from this dick now & speaking in general, isn’t it always a dead giveaway how simple-minded these fools are when they equate a well-researched, well-thought out HEALTHY vegetarian/vegan lifestyle choice with somehow being a “hippy” thing LOL! I’ve personally always hated hippies from Day 1 & pretty much everything they stood for. I also hated the typical urban emaciated “greeny” who I saw trundling down to the local organic shop where I buy my produce, etc AND all their stupid greeny & hippy causes. You know the type – fake environmentalists who signal to each by wearing muslin shirts… Read more »

Japan is called the meat import marked of the future. They are still far behind the USA. The day they catch up and reach the size of elephants they probably will not be able to have children at all.
The meat “culture” was forced upon the Japanese people because they lost the war. Children at school were fed meat and trained to drink Milk. Japan had a rich culture of mostly vegan and vegetarian diet which seems to be lost . We can call the whole thing meat imperialism.

To think that an occupier changes the diet of the occupied to make them strong and healthy fighters is a bit odd.

Americans were known to tower over most of the world thinks to a healthy diet. If you see what is going on now in the U.S. Is gutting of family farm and ranch stock in favor of offshoring. Again you just prove my point about pauper commie diet sold to us via Hippy drones. Chesterton wrote about this garbage a century ago and why followers can only chase “outrages” against a belief structure they reject “A man who refuses to have his own philosophy will only have the used-up scraps of somebody else’s philosophy. [“The Revival of Philosophy,” The Common Man (1930)] “It’s drowning all your old rationalism and scepticism, it’s coming in like a sea; and the name of it is superstition.” The first… Read more »

That’s Jewish American occupational govenment and yet still they have kept there identity and shunned interbreeding and invasion. You can not say anything like that about the “free” degenerate West

You have zero interaction with the culture and people so are excused for believing the Jew media. By the way Chinese are like Americans but with zero and below zero morals of the Christan West. Think Jew but a hundred times more cruel.

It’s why the Jews will have them be the global superpower slash global enforcers

NPR & New York Times? Facts? “commen knowledge” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀 This is so sad I almost feel sorry for you! Give it up dude. You’ve been repeatedly smashed to the ground here by people who are VERY OBVIOUSLY your intellectual superiors & I would say undoubtedly your physical superiors as well. Adding more comments just exposes this further. It’s becoming very embarrassing for you to continue with such weak unsubstantiated bullshit. We all know this crap is just another red team vs blue team waste of time – how come you can’t figure that out? Too much animal flesh in your diet or something? If you weren’t such a complete douchebag I’d be more diplomatic with you but you’ve proven over & over you’re just… Read more »

The Japanese have a centuries old tradition of eating raw and cooked fish. That is hardly vegan.

Just telling you what sparse diet produces as the English were 5 foot nothing as well. We live in a time of plenty and I promise you it won’t last.

You will be forced to eat gruel like the good ol communist times. The vegan hippy dippy do movement was always cia Jew run.

You can eat well past the pollution level toxic food if you shop smart. Most Japanese Indians Chinese and the like had almost zero meat fish diets and payed a genetic health price. The western versions are chocked full of meat and fish a luxury unknown at home for the masses. What is going on is regression to peasant by people with plenty and the back of the mind attitude of always being able to go back if things don’t work out playing “heathy cool peasant”. It’s like the rich Jews that write books on working and living like poor people for a month. You can’t hunt or fight on a gruel diet for long. You can sit on your arse in an office on… Read more »

With all the information that has come out in the last few decades regarding healthy diet, your perspective seems to still be of the 1950’s variety, like you’re buyin’ what the meat industry is sellin’. You send out warnings that we not be fooled; I send those right back to ya.

“…the English were 5 foot nothing…” “were”? How far back you going there? Way back before feudalism? Bronze Age? Stone Age? The various & numerous times that area was invaded/visited by various other European ethnic groups over hundreds, possibly thousands of years? All the way back to the first humans & all the thousands of years of meat-eating before the relatively miniscule time period where feudal overlords during the middle ages controlled food production over a few parts of the Isles? As far as I’m aware (being of English stock and all) the English have ALWAYS had A LOT of meat in their diet going all the way back as far as you can go! In fact probably more than many other ethnic groups on… Read more »