The Solar Storm: Vegannance – The Ways of Witches and Water (1-14-18)

Kyle talks to Vegannance about her reawakening and thoughts on witchcraft, the light and darkness and how integration is needed, then they talk about the many magical qualities of water, along with the gods and goddesses associated with this incredibly important element.

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I don’t pretend to know or understand all of our hidden gods and sacred ceremonies, but i can feel my spirit lift when i hear and see a small flowing stream in the woods.

The jews have to destroy the innate magic and wonder of our Aryan childhood, so we will consume and be good, obedient goyim slaves. Shield your child, as much as you can, from anything jew-made!

PS Thank you Kyle and Nance for this wisdom-packed show. You are another strong Renegade lady, who has overcome much, and shown true courage.

“The jews have to destroy the innate magic and wonder of our Aryan childhood, so we will consume and be good, obedient goyim slaves. Shield your child, as much as you can, from anything jew-made!”

Here’s one idea of shielding one’s children:

In Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Truly sickening stuff Esther, & thankyou for share.

May I ask why you chose the name “Esther”, Esther Bunny Brown?
I am asking because Esther, Judith, Sarah, Rebecca etc. are names which make my hair stand on end 😉

My Mormon parents gave me that first name; also, I don’t want to have anything to do with the LDS church anymore.

Besides, I would rather watch traditional dances of German people, classical Chinese dance of Shen Yun, and the Native American, Latin American and Polynesian dances seen at the performance “Living Legends” presented by Brigham Young University; instead of watching anything indecent on TV.

Thanks for the explanation. Not many people are using their real name online. Mormonism most probably also derived from Judaism and to me seems to be just another of those distractions for the “dumb goyim.”

And thanks for the link!

Thankyou Anthony. And dont worry I dont know all the hidden either, but as I embark the rest of my journey in this path, I will share. Including any errors, even from me if I make them unknowingly along the way. These paths are cultivated through exploration & comparrisons to what has been done before, and with so many misinforming sources out there especiallly on the net – we’re bound to get misdirected. I’m looking forward to being better at relaying what I discover or experience about everything on this path (which has a ridiculous amount of components along with the laws of nature – real & holistic non semetic science) I would even say shield each other as much as we can from anything… Read more »
I have a lot of water sign planets in my chart, my sun, moon, and venus are water. I get most of my intuitive abilities from having a pisces moon and a life path number 11. My mars is in leo so I get my masculine aspects from having a fire sign in a warrior planet. The leo mars balances out the gentler more passive aspects of being very watery. I tried to explain how being imbalanced with the masculine/feminine or water/fire will lead to a more imbalanced chaotic lifestyle as a whole to the vegainator on his channel. I am bringing this up because he mentioned you in a vid veganneance. As a practitioner of tarot, astrology and numerology I see a different side… Read more »
Well said nyx. They kick of it is in my situation is I had to be a scientist for my chosen fields in performance, but… One of my coaches was a doctor, a psychologist & an 11 times power lifting champion. His influence over pst (pshycological skills training) bodered on almost supernatural tapping into the things non seen. This fite with me perfectly. But overall Im a Aries fire sign, extremely masculine with my energies despite the feminine aspects. So if someone like me can have the courage to practice, look into & practice these things, someone like the mormon he is should be able to. Overall people will attack what they dont know out of fear & also because they lack/or dont have the… Read more »

*We dont believe in believe in satan* sorry some errors in there, but you get the jst (Im having issues with google chrome at the moment) my anti virus software is registering chrome as a virus, auto checking is going on without me to at the moment , frustrating.. should just switch to another platform for good.

I want to know more about the Celtic chakras

I still have more research todo but will share when Im happy with it. Thus far comparrisons to the Indian system are being made, cross reference to the beliefs/story’s & energys of – ellen of the ways, freyas web, the horned god, the old crone goddess caileach & hekate are being used in the celtic chakra findings along with my modern practical application have had been teaching chakra therapy of the indian type due yoga instruction (which I only teach once a week now) I really also want to connect this work with our seasonal waves – the earth has her own chakras/energy points. It makes sense to combine both micro & macro cosims. Just give me some time, it will come (I just have… Read more »

I’M haunted by my past, If only I knew now what I knew then.

Feel free to share, I have past life memory’s hence why I didnt really have a childhood as such. If you feel uncertain sharing here, you are free to pm me through the link in the live stream chat. I can & dont mind giving my first impression of your experience. You have it for a reason, not something to disregard, if your refering to actually ‘seeing pasts’
& we are always constantly/learning expanding or should be its okay to see our own past limitations as reminders of our smaller perceptions/shells of the self. What matters is who you are now & your courage to keep growing…

A strange recurring theme I’ve noticed is people awakening or reawakening after a severe illness or injury. For me it was a head injury followed by a diagnosis of a seizure disorder. However horrible the experience was and still is sometimes, I have to be grateful for it. I just don’t know if I would have woke up without it.

True, I had two awakenings, one in my late 20s, a mental breakdown, where I was opened up psychically, started to see things and my handwriting changed. I had to rebuild my psyche in a sense, but it put me in touch with deeper realities. The second awakening i had was breaking my leg, and then off my feet, ‘discovering’ the internet and all the revelatory truths that can be found. I think these things are initiatory, like the trauma of 9/11 was for so many, including myself.

well spotted scarlett – very much a common theme.. could also be much like the brain/computer having to rebooted & software installed, removing some of the previous programming…

Working with a dumb smart phone. Can I PM you?

Me scarlet? 🙂 anytime. If yo go to the live chat feed. Click on my avi there to go to a pm message window. I will give you my email there. Its a business email & personal in one so I don’t give it out to everybody. O/

*you (dam typos) :-

Yes, I’d like to. Trouble is; it’s very embarrassing being a grown woman without a computer and a phone that won’t even allow me to participate in the chat. Perhaps Kyle won’t mind too much if I bug him for your email?

Yes, Kyle can give you my email Scarlet (you scarlet as an exception 🙂 You could PM me at my jewtube channel also? I can give you my email there etc.
I’m at
PS: I refuse to have a mobile phone if that makes you feel any better re PC :o)

Thanks Nance

“A strange recurring theme I’ve noticed is people awakening or reawakening after a severe illness or injury.” Exactly.

I believe it is because the veil is actually thinner than many of us think it is. We are just so programmed into this norm, but if the norm gets broken for us we get to see something else if we are open enough. You start to question your reality and maybe are even able to see more. Or perhaps we never truly became a part of this “norm” in the firstplace.

The best proof to me is the growing number of “co_incidences” and “syn_chron_icities” once I “woke up” after I had deliberately flipped the switch at the age of 13, because I wanted to be “normal” and part of the “normies” community. Serious illness helped me to regain health and sanity and free myself from the trance-like collective mental enfeeblement and get rid of the indoctrination, that goes along with being part of the ignorant masses.

Yes, exactly, it was like my (false) foundation had been shaken…and then, wam! I was always open enough, just needed a door.

I related to what you shared Vegannance and am very ‘watery.’ I also had an accident 10 years ago that stopped me, and that’s when I was awakened to many things, from doing deep research. I love waterfalls and misty places, but have strayed from the path of elemental ritual a bit, since I became jew-aware, so a good reminder. I’ve been in a dark place since I woke up to that, and it’s time for some balance. I work with birds and have a closeness to them, and the Druids watched them for signs, so I’ll try that this bird season. I saw an article on (((GaiaTV))) today — “Will AI help us communicate with animals?” It’s that thing of mimicking our natural abilities,… Read more »

yes I liked that insight kyle shared, & yes gaia tv very shonky, I tried to watch it a bit back but it just made me angry…. its amazing how things we come across that are meant to stop’ us actually turn out to be an opportunity to be more than what we were before…

How is being half “seal” (Selkie) pure? Is it a mark of Aryans that we were the ones to breed with them, or have Selkies also bred with other races? Perhaps it speaks of our peoples connection in the past to more magical realms. I don’t like the ideas of “seductive powers” and also the fact that people stole the skins of these creatures, it does not seem like this mixing came about with the highest of intent. To me it seems more symbolic of something else, perhaps invaders. If these Selkie are real the key maybe is the magical blood mixing with magical blood, thus it is “pure”. I do think there is more going on in this world than we are told is… Read more »

The Selkie is European story.
Blonde dosn’t mean pure.
Not all whites are blonde.
To be white is Aryan.
Seductive powers? Don’t worry you will never experience them.
Seals of the seas being invaders? seriously you purity spiral too much & this is why you & I don’t get on. I find it tiring & as irritating as hearing jews whine.
Attacking fellow whites & fixating on their purity based on the color of hair/eyes etc is a mark of insecurity in your own self belief or ‘Self Reliant’ standing.

Excuse me for asking. And I never said “Blonde = Pure” in fact I have said the opposite, that many blondes are not pure. What are you on about? I wasn’t suggesting the seals were invaders from the sea, I was suggesting the story may have been symbolic. If people in general mixed with a foreign species does that make them pure was the question, and if so in what manner would they be pure. Would that be magical.

Ps: I said the Selkie story was an Aryan one for it was European. European is Aryan, pre Christ tard fixation. Just setting that straight & my intolerance of you has more to do with collective interactions outside of here in conversations & messages outside of chat (which others haven’t seen). Keep away from me/out of my path & I will not have to notice you. Plus take your boy band with you, I have no empathy for you Narcissist types. I did didn’t take it from mother, I’m sure as hell not taking it from you!!!! I don’t give two rats who you are!

Kyle has talked about blue-skinned people often before & as this discussion was on water, selkies, etc I thought I’d share this very thought-provoking movie trailer which appears to combine these things altogether. I find this theme very interesting as in my own country, New Zealand, there is Maori mythology of the Patupaiarehe or light-skinned, blonde-haired “fairy people”. In this mainstream article you will see clearly the picture they use shows the Patupaiarehe as having blue skin & blonde hair – Anyway here’s the plot of the movie which is called “Cold Skin” – In 1914, a young Irishman named Friend travels to a remote island in the South Atlantic to work as a meteorologist as the previous one passed away. The only other… Read more »
I had heard of the original’ white Fae folk in New Zealand, who tattooed their skins with blue. Apparently they shared the secret of the fishing net as the story goes or was it the canoe? with the Maori’s? & they were tiny white people with light hair ‘Fae folk’ sorry it’s been a while since I have recalled that one. The Selkies have had the nickname of the dark ones funny enough, due to dark eyes like the seals & usually dark hair. Any who’s I have saved & looked at the links, Thank you New Zealand from Oz. Couple of good reference books on the Folklore is The Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore & The Lore of Scotland A guide to Scottish… Read more »

Oh boy ‘demons from Atlantis’ in the trailer, jews jewing much..

Yep I heard that & sighed also. And yes, the myth goes that Maori got the secret of net fishing from the Patupaiarehe. Apparently one of them heard Patupaiarehe singing & dancing on the beach in the dark while bringing in their nets so he slipped in amongst them & joined in. When the sun started to come up they suddenly saw who he was & fled leaving one of their nets behind which he picked up & took back to his people. Same old, same old – white people creating technology & non-whites claiming it for themselves. However, at least Maori acknowledge where it came from. I’ve actually been quite interested how much of Maori culture shares similarities with ancient Western culture & how… Read more »

A few other movies/trailers related
Song of the Sea (animated film)
Ondine (A veriation of the Scotts’ Undine) trailer &
a part from The Secret of Roan Inish,” part 1 of 2

Regarding the water that we drink, there is a web site where springs all over the world are being mapped. You’ll get a map, GPS coordinates, pictures and a lot of times description of the spring. I am a big fan of wild water and I am of the opinion that this is the best type of water we can drink. The fact that you harvest the water yourself so you know it is fresh, and no payment to jew, is elevating.

yes, I saw this, beautiful 🙂

Hey just listening to this one and I thought I’d drop in.
I’m pretty picky about what my kids watch but I found a pretty cool children’s Irish movie called ‘song of the sea ‘ .
It may be scary for the little ones but the message is nice .
Typical parent dying Disney bull but still quite a cool story .
Thought you might like it Kyle / Sinead if you let the little one watch movies .

The Songs of the Sea soundtrack i nice too. Here’s the link – enjoy O/



Hey Kyle, I thought’d you’d be interested in seeing this Dicky was defending showing CP to child molesters. Freaky stuff

I a pretty sure of that our ancestors weren’t vegans. Living in a place were it’s summer maybe 4 months a year, and they probably have to stay active all their awake hours for their, hunting, working on their little farm…we had to follow our seasons..we have 4 of them, growing things when we could, collecting things when that time came and winters were long and hard..if you aren’t willing to kill to stay alive, to fight, are you, by laws of nature, deserving to live? I also believe the way we have always been eating is a part of our genetic structure and trying to change it might cause us great harm mentally and psysically… I see it as a weak hippie culture/… Read more »
So people who chose not to torture or eat the flesh of another being arn’t deserving to live? Weak hippy culture? First of all I had druid ancestors who did not participate in the consumption of anothers flesh. Secondly weak? lol you do not know me. If I dare say you may confusing the vegan pc bs train for what being a vgan actually is. We arnt all pc, cucked, spineless or lacking testosterone ‘including women like I’ You would not have survived or beat being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life like I had ‘twice’ As for changing genetic structure, what is your scientific background, do you have any background in dietetics, biomechanics, kinesiology, actual high level sports, medicine etc?… Read more »

pc areas above should have read *errors* lol excuse typos’ thank you (dosnt help to talk typ send habit that I have)

Gees, almost thought I got an answer from a liberal left winger antifa lol…you automatically have to torture an animal when you kill it? shouldn’t be the white mans way and I sure never have…you want proof of genetics…you want proof cause of lack of understanding? I find it very worrying that this page has turen out to be a pro vegan and you only use information pro your ideas and sensitive want us all, humans and animals to die an straw death, eating veggies to gain higher spiritual knowledge? well our gods and ancestors are sure screwed then lol… our jewish global system of today isn’t anything I am promoting but I can see their finger in this vegan business, always turning people… Read more »

This person Alis is so very ignorant, ill-informed & argumentative I can only speculate that he/she/it is a troll.

Could everyone quit bitching about food. I personally have been a semi-vegetarian for most of my life. I eat mainly eggs, poultry and fish at times, and very little dairy. My total animal products intake is probably about 5 to 10 percent maximum of my diet. More in the winter and less in the summer. Am I right??? Am I wrong??? I have no idea…… nor do I want to argue with anyone about it. Peace, over and out….

Laughable, if I believed in politics I would be very far from liberal. If anything I’d be first to toast & degenerate in a big bonfire before putting my feet up & having a cup of tea!
The only thing that stops me is jew owned legalies & law enforcement.
Sure your name isn’t Paula?
She was an annoying christ tard who would push ma’ meat on every show comments she could even though just like this one ‘most arnt even about ‘health via food choices’
Again, this show was about ‘Water & it’s magick’ not an opportunity to let off wind through your mouth about ma’ meat.
Happy cancer trials ahead of you, for that is what the meater lifestyle has in stall for you in the future.

*toast a’ not & lol

Alis. firstly, of course many of our ancestors ate meat, but no where near the level we do today. In fact in England, many archaeologists agree that during the middle ages, the peasant classes ate little to no meat, because of its high value. this though is not really the point. You say “do we deserve to live if we cannot kill to stay alive”. Well this has not been put to the test for the majority of meat eaters. Most the people I know eat meat, And well above 90 percent of them have never killed anything “to live”. Killing to survive and killing because you wish too are different things and killing to eat is something alien to most of the general public.… Read more »

“I also believe the way we have always been eating is a part of our genetic structure and trying to change it might cause us great harm mentally and psysically”

Where is your proof?

So it’s all black or white? you have to go get your meat at the supermarket? lol you seem to be missing my point…and I am starting to wonder about your views on reincarnation..are we saving Lifes by not eating them? Are they not gonna die in time? I thought we awake people going by the laws of nature were thinking a bit different than the normal population…and actually had knowledge about nature

Its not black and white no, I clearly said most, which is accurate.

As for the rest of your comment, wonder away, it is good to think. Laws of nature do entail we must kill only that we can. You are the one seeing in black and white.

Figured I wasn’t talking to an adult..oh my…he got offended…guess you know everything there is to know about VeganISM? who has been promoting it for more than 70 years? what it does to our planet and to the poor animals? Knowledge is the key and you are promoting a “spiritual” lifestyle that has nothing to do with our race…you think everything just springs out of the earth and lands on your plate? same with clothes I guess cause I bet you don’t wear animal product..just linnen maybe…well maybe you are just for this globalisation of the world using cheap labour in poor countries and import everything, very anti global-warming lol not to mention all the chemical fertilizer you will have to use for all your… Read more »

Offended? Please, you value your words far to highly.

I am more amazed at your insistence, you appear to be trying convince someone of something, but your words are so poorly constructed, I can only think you are your target.

You presume so so much, which a clear sign of self analysis. You create straw-men, so you can feel superior.

Now about what you have done? what risks you have taken?

I am sure amazed of a pro european, pagan and man(I presume anyway ) being such a prick…but it seems to be common now English is to poor for you? sorry about that but it’s my second language…what do you want this 45 year old woman to tell you? that I have been out on the streets fighting (actually have) talking and trying to make people aware? guess we all should do that…Kyle said something in a show I thought was very good…it’s time to Man up..but this was about veganism…you show me a link written by you? ( I will look at it) a history from an ancient time, there are closer history though what you do is your thing but since… Read more »
It wasnt your “English” so much as your incoherent rambling. You used straw man after straw man to assume my position and promote yours. I am though right now working on a work, detailing our ancient connections to water. I will be happy to share it with you when I am done. It is interesting to note that these societies ate mainly Plant matter. Even their clothes which were always presumed to be mostly animal, from modern research appear to of been again mostly plant based fibers. In fact looking at Bog burials, like one in Ireland, the man deposited there was obviously of high status as he ate a lot of meat for his time( still nothing compared to what we eat today) and… Read more »

From same guy: “The Jews Are Not In Control”
Promotes disinformation regarding National Socialism and the Third Reich

I made about 4 and half minutes of this video before I had to turn it off, while laughing and shaking my head. He insinuates that the reason that there are “so many serial killers now” because we aren’t actively killing animals as much, as if we all have a natural need to just kill on impulse. He then says that vegans are prone to video games because of “depression” and supposed lack of killing in their lives.

Of course, nothing is really cited here.

So yeah, needless to say, I’m not buying this guys horseshit.

newdawnrise – I checked him out as well. He likes to eat raw fermented meats and drinks raw eggs every morning. He’s a Flat Earther too. He says that when you look at the moon with a telescope all your seeing is a 2D image. As if you can’t see from a 2D image if something is 3 dimensional or not. Like I can’t see if something has depth and curvature from a 2D picture. I’m sorry, but I have to side with Guiliani on that one, though it’s a side topic anyway. Whether the Earth is round or flat, the Jews are still running it and we are still a shrinking minority on it.

Alis you are deluded and misinformed. In order to sustain 1 lb. of beef you need 100 lbs of gmo corn and soy. This gmo feed is heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. The majority of soy and corn grown in the united states is grown to feed animals. A vegetarian does not consume the majority of the of the pesticides it is the meat eaters who are consuming higher amounts of pesticides due to bio magnification. When a human eats a cow you are eating what the cow has ate and the cow needs 100 lbs of gmo soy and corn per 1 lb of beef.

Cows need grass…Gmo corn? lol yeah..I am highly misinformed..

Grass fed organic meat is very expensive. The majority of the feed for animals is gmo corn and soy. You are very misinformed as to what people are eating and the facts.

Not only are you stupid but have absolutely NO knowledge.. Not only have I spent my whole life with animals and nature but I also choose NOT to buy poison..Living naturally is eating naturally and that goes for animals as well…guess you would be very surpriced seeing animals (cute goats, rabbits, hens and so on) eat since even they eat meat

Goats rabbits and hens are not natural meat eaters, they will eat grubs and I believe chickens can gobble up a mouse or two,but ye.

Anyway Alis, because of a mess up tonight I will be doing my show solo and have little prepared. So you will be glad to hear that I will be covering some of these topics in the first half. How our ancestors ate and realistic projections of meat eating if we were to remove industrial farming.

You wont enjoy what I have to say, but I will be interesting in how you would “solve” the problems I present.