The Solar Storm w/ Kyle 7-27-14


The Nordic World Order

Kyle speaks with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations about his experiences growing up in Sweden, the “Nordic model” of socialism, multiculturalism and the war against White people, a history of lies, disinformation and misinformation in the alternative media, the power of paganism, and much more!

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Henrick sounds real. I hope this isnt a gimmick on Red Ice’s part to fit another topic into others they discuss and promote. Many of the other topics they cover might lump our cause into conspiracy realm and not be taken serious. Him and Lana should drop the other nonsense on Red Ice and fight with the right to be White-Europeans. They are taking good steps so far….


Can anyone recommend a good book on Germanic mythology?



I want to agree with you, because Ethnonationalism is the only cause I really want to worry about. But by interspersing their body politick with a variety of things, they can put out (and do) exceptionally good light White Nationalist material which can soften people to the Cause that might have otherwise been cold. Never underestimate the power of killing them softly. Renegade sucked me in with promises of Paganism and won me over with White candy.

I made this comment in response to you, Chris, earlier yesterday but it was from my cell phone and it did not work. I essentially said that by addressing an array of different subjects over the years Red Ice has amassed a broad and diverse listenership (diverse in many more ways than simply racial) and is able to expose a wider audience to our message when they do discuss issues relevant to our cause, rather than merely preaching to choir all of the time. If they stopped addressing other topics I am afraid then that even a number of pro-White people will not listen as often as many of us, including myself, enjoy listening to discussion pertaining to other issues. I agree, though, that they… Read more »

Besides, to anyone who’s been paying attention they have been doing plenty for our side with the content that they have been putting out recently. Not just since Kyle was on their program but more and more so for a number of months now.

Henrik, I suggest you invite Dr. David Duke onto your program considering what it taking place in Gaza right now. Forget Duff and Icke, he is your man for this issue. Kyle, I suggest yet again that you try to get Henrik (I realize the time difference, maybe he could do it sometime when he’s traveling and in a different timezone) to host a Roundtable or perhaps even Lana could do one. Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?!! By the way, I was inebriated when I called in so sorry for that. I imagine it was pretty entertaining and/or annoying to hear me spend 2 minutes trying to determine how much jew-bashing I could get away with over on the Red Ice Faceberg page, lol! However,… Read more »


I agree with both of you in regards to Henrik. Yes it will get these talking points out to many more. The downside among a few are with this approach, most of his guests side-step and or never name the jew. Which will not help at all. Blaming left/right or whatever else except the jew does not help at all. The ones behind this agenda need to be named and named often. Softening the message to be PC is what has helped get us in the situation we are facing right now. The time of being nice and polite is OVER. We must be firm and uncompromising in our efforts and propaganda. People, especially the youth of today need a strong message from strong confident… Read more »

Great show, TRUE points, reasonable conclusions. Until DNA samples are taken from the rich people that run things on the planet we really can’t be sure what % of races & cultures/religions, really run things. If I were to venture a guess / theory , They might be a higher % of “mixed race” Med. race & Middle eastern & Asian races as well as Hispanic. My reasoning for this is those races control a lot of gold & oil-(Wealth). The things that our White race currency-(PAPER) is based on. They control us and are promoting through their rich world controlled media that we Whites & hybrid whites must race mix or we are not good humans & must go extinct for the good of… Read more »

Nick Dean

Sorry, bit of a rant …


@Chris “Softening the message to be PC is what has helped get us in the situation we are facing right now. The time of being nice and polite is OVER.” It’s no where near being over. Where have you got your analysis and conclusions from that ditching their successful model will bring them better results? Red Ice has gained it’s popularity and very importantly it’s revenue stream based on it’s current model. Less money=less quality. Giving a platform to some PC presenter is not harmful because it demonstrates that Red Ice is an open network. On the face of it it appears to . Just like our enemies influence people gradually so must we if we are to make them aware of the threat they… Read more »

electric menace

I have been out of the loop for a while, some legal difficulties have kept me away from my computer, upon my return I have found there is many changes at renegade including the departure of Mike sledge, apparently I missed some kind of soap opera, all of this seems so counterproductive, it seems like renegade was really making some momentum in the right direction and it’s unfortunate that small things can break up a good ice creations in that awesome lana woman are doing excellent work, I really do enjoy the more intellectual conversations and I think it’s helpful to bring people in when its not hateful rantings and incoherent drunk rambling and bickering.Kyle I’m a big fan of yours and I’ve watched… Read more »

Aurora Borealis

Kyle is right on the mark about Sweden being a “pilot test country” for developing Jew World Order brainwashing programming.

Roland Huntford’s 1971 book The New Totalitarians (a.k.a. Brave New Sweden) is an excellent starting-point in order to understand how far gone Sweden was already at that time.

Over the past half century or so, Sweden has been an excellent predictor of where other Western countries were headed some 10-20 years later (20-30 years for the USA). The linked file is the second (1980) edition.

Alan Cannon

I have been around a while so I’ve noticed that if you want to recognize your heritage you must be a bigot.I’m Irish,Nordic- Germanic and I want to know more of my people and if the rest of the world can’t live with that to bad.I have noticed that in the movies all our heros have gone from Caucasians to black actors.

Gods and Myths of the Viking Age by H. R. Ellis Davidson is an introductory book, as good as any for starting.

toni thatcher

To the idea that social welfare worked as long as it was for one’s own community and everyone respected that it was for emergencies. It has literally been taken over as a power base and has been used against any good intentions. The extent that they are overwhelming the system with immigrants who here just to take welfare and are no respecters of the work ethic and the community ethics that produced the idea and manifested the money to supply it, proves that those who now run the system, will do anything to keep their positions. Government unions should be outlawed.


Mr. Lash is wise to make book recommendations. Also good is Henning Klovekorn, but as with all things, vet your sources and balance it with reason.

Also respectable for historical usage is Osred Jameson, but be weary of his anti-Christian and anti-nationalist (quiet on the Semitic) bent.

Historical works are always enlightening.

“The Lost Gods of England” and “The Teutonic Priesthood” are valuable. Most anything on the subject before 1930 is refreshingly… us.

There is a British outfit called “Anglo-Saxon Books,” whence comes a trove of excellent material from the scholarly to the folkish. One would do well to give them a look-see.

Cape Rebel

Thanks for these interesting ideas. One can justifiably ask whether those so-called liberalist Zionists the world over favour the melting pot artificial nation states, yet when it comes to a state like Israel, they actively keep other Arabs at bay, if not at gun- or missile point! Similarly, the different European nations don’t simply mix up en masse with each other, e.g. French with Germans with Anglo-Saxons. Yet the one-worlders propose that all European nations need to accept blindly being overrun with aliens from Asia, the Mid-East and Africa.

Nick Dean

blutundboden said …. “Henrik, I suggest you invite Dr. David Duke onto your program considering what it taking place in Gaza right now. Forget Duff and Icke, he is your man for this issue.” Well, yeah, except the major issue is what’s happening in White countries right now. But sure … Forget Duff and Icke altogether; get Duke and Kevin MacDonald on. Forget Christ was a mushroom / an alien / a Freemason / the Buddha; discuss how to get the non-English out of England, the non-Swedes out of Sweden, the Mexicans out of America, the Jews out of everywhere but Israel. There’s fuck all evidence for Christ, much less evidence he was a mushroom. Fuck all evidence for aliens, much less evidence they control… Read more »