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9 years ago

Greetings comrades,I am here on behalf of blogger Mindweapons in Ragnarok who has recently been “outed” under his real name and whose family is being threatened by a bunch of scumbags on the following site: They are RELENTLESSLY censoring his defenders over there but I am interested in getting only ONE piece of our propaganda to “stick” in their comments section, namely “Mary Frances Berry is the former Democrat chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights. She once stated “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” If you can spare the time to support a White Nationalist who has NOT backed down even with the cowardly onslaught against his wife and young… Read more »

9 years ago

I’m a big fan of Mindweapons blog ” once Aryan skynet becomes self aware” What can I do to help?

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