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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

All the top U.K. soccer teams are owned by jewish supremacists or the Chinese. Their ‘888’ betting sponsorship logos are everywhere. Plus they are using the trafficked black ‘stars’ (3yr contract @ $50k per wk) to flout shy-lock-down rules. More race baiting for Whitey. I think they are going to play the ‘combined disasters’ card, this year. I read somewhere that the jewish supremacists don’t consider zero to be a number, so one always starts. Remember, the false flag missile atta ck on their rigged twin pillars in NYC, started in 2001 not 2000. P. S. Great show and info, both. Apparently, the Armenians were the first nation to succumb to (((christianity))). They celebrate Hey-sus day on Jan 6th. So, will a Kardashian plough into… Read more »

1 year ago

About Stefan, I don’t blame people for wondering about him, as I have. But he never said to hide away and wait for the Imperial Germans or something like that. If anyone ever thought that it’s on them. He always talked about the need for us to fight the external battles, against the Holocaust lie and White Genocide. Just my opinion

1 year ago

I just wanted to ask what is your opinion on Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe.

Reply to  CamReply
1 year ago

Always trust a guy w face tats. They’ll never steal your donations to buy drugs and hookers.

1 year ago

I enjoyed this discussion very much.

Norman Rockwell
1 year ago

I was reading a star theory blog , and back in 2009 there was an article about rainbows and gays , this eventually went on to say that nazis were gay and they still ran the world along with our pals Ashkenazi JUDEN . You guys should do an episode where u talk about how you realized Hitler was a good guy and that they were NOT HOMOSEXUALS and NOT WORKING WITH JEWS TO TRICK US . Maybe about your journey how u thought that before and what happened to make you realize the truth .

Reply to  Norman Rockwell
1 year ago

Just look through the archives here. We’ve told our story many times.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sinead
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