Solar Storm: Weakness is Worshiped in a Culture of Cowardice (11-11-18)

Kyle speaks a bit about Thousand Hoax, the nationalist celebration in Poland, the rising tide of dissent and disbelief, indoctrination in schools, the pushing of stupidity and weakness as virtues, the need to live with honor, and HV’s voice is heard speaking about the consequence of cowardice.

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Stormfront is heavy pushing Trump and the election b/s “Choose this guy and that guy and this girl and that man!” It’s all lame, no matter who you vote for we all get a Jewish Occupied Anti-White Governmemt. Trump literally hates white people just as much as any Democuck. Seriously, he does. Trump identifies with Jews ,and we all know how much Jews hate white people. So does Trump ‘love’ or ‘hate’ whites? Of course Trump hates White folk. But dont take my word for it, if you want a good laugh / to be mentally-disgusted, go ahead and take a listen here, try listening to just the first 10 minutes you will hear “trump trump trump, trump trump trump trump trump trump trump” and… Read more »


A lot of people left SF after Trump got elected. The heavy shilling on there for a guy who said he has a deep reverence for Judaism and the Jewish people was the last straw for many. This despite every second thread on there being about Jews and how they attack Whites.


Don black is controlled opposition. That’s why they push the bullshit left right dialectic. Google operation red dog. I’m pretty sure black was a part of the with David duke who is also controlled op.

I also have noticed that many jews use the first name Don, and also, Black is a common jewish name.


Great show Kyle, Really liked the reading of “I believe and profess” and the subject in general. As I have said before, the value of anything can only ever be judged by what you are willing to sacrifice for it. If we claim to love our folk, then as Von Clausewitz says we must profess, “that I would be happy to find a glorious end in the splendid battle for the freedom and excellence of my country.” Thanks also for linking the video, and as you did I will share a little story on the power of words. As we have often stated, and even presented in a show, the power of words has the ability to change the world around. Through them and inspiring… Read more »


Dr. Hunt diagnosed America’s problems very well around 25-28 minutes into this show. Great show Kyle, keep up the great work!

Glad to see you guys don’t shill for the Two Party Jew Party Anti-White System like Stormfront and Red Ice Radio (FedIce) do.

Anthony Roberts

Your impersonation of Cody’s dad, Jason, was brilliant Kyle. So funny. I’m still laughing over last night’s picture menu – ” I’ll have dat, dat and dat” LOL!

You only have to see the names and you know they’re duping us big time: Ron Helus ( Ra Helios), Noel (Sparks), Telemachus Orfanos (Tele Mock Us – Orphan us). The dew fires are a continuation of this particular hoax psy-op too.

PS Great show Kyle and another timely reminder not to give up, but do more. On that note, i’m setting up a goy-fund-me for the superstars of Butt county so they can all get botox for their melted plastic faces. I’ve already got $33 from Jessica Alba.


Jeff c said he cant even talk about the shootings with out a strike or channel getting taken down .


Excellent show.


China’s AI news anchor. This explains all the emotionless bimboids you’ve been seeing on your local news for years.


Well, where do we go from here?
The possibilities are endless.

Great show, Kyle! I would so much love for our people to behave as our ancestors did – Heathen Vegan’s video on Cowardly behavior, should serve as a huge wake-up call to our people, especially the younger folks who realize that something is severely wrong in their respective countries. On another note, I will never be a righteous “gentile” – I will die before that would ever happen – I am a Germanic woman who values the natural environment, kindness, humility, truth, honor, and the will to fight for our true freedoms! We must demonstrate to the world, that we are a proud people who will not be pushed around, abused, preyed upon, and physically and psychologically abused lest we be reduced to powder, and… Read more »

In the eddas it says the einherjar fights along side Odin at ragnarok an then they are reborn on Ida Vale a shining plane. I think if everyone was ready to die in battle an become einherjar we would have the shining plane then in midgard.


Brendan “Bernadette” Kelly, “hero” of the Thousand Hoax “shooting”. This creature is a 100% tranny. It is so painfully obvious to see. If you can’t see it, you really need to get your tranny glasses on. (Think glasses from “They Live”.)
Everything about this creature screams femininity except the voice. Of course, today it’s easy for a voice to be altered through surgery.


Made it halfway through the Roundtable and started this show a little while ago; and just have to say thank you for doing this work! I learn plenty every time I listen, also a caller like Sean (who called in to the Roundtable) really adds to things..


Please list music used in this broadcast, loved it!


I am no fan of Hans WormHat because he is a 100% Buy-Bull-tard and puts out some nonsense videos. However, he does have a few brilliant ones. Have a cracker.


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You mentioned the so-called shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. Saw a video (maybe it was here) that showed I-phone “coverage” of the shootings, but NO PEOPLE! DUH! Just a lot of noise and camera jerking.