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7 days ago

Kyle, love your program and often syndicate it on my network as well. But Odysee is not allowing DLs. Currently says, "downloads are currently disabled". However, programs like Nordic Frontier have a low res version of their video version availble on TG to be DL'd. If you cannot do that, please allow an mp3 version to be available. Also, many of us cannot listen to it at work in video format due to video format cannot be "closed out" for audio only abilities and not have the phone on nor in contact while pocketed; simply for internet connections inside buildings, or censoring via guest networks as well as it may be easier to DL and listen on an mp3 player or phone to listen via… Read more »

Reply to  Sonny Thomas
3 days ago

It’s been explained on here numerous times in the past that all you have to do is download the video (Bitchute version if that’s all you can get) & extract the audio file. A quick & simple conversion to mp3 using freely available software is then all you do to get your mp3 file. This method allows you to control the quality of the resulting mp3 although that depends on the software you use – the best imo is dBpoweramp Music Converter. If you want a simpler method just use an online downloader to get an mp3 file directly from any Bitchute video OR use JDownloader which allows you to download just the audio as an mp3 from most videos. Any reasonably intelligent & confidently… Read more »

Reply to  Mary
3 days ago

I have that ability to convert. Just making sure i have a source to download.

Reply to  Mary
3 days ago

I found that comment is a bit condescending and patronizing. I was stating the obvious facts that some additional formats would be more helpful not necessarily to me, but in general for the aforementioned reasons.

RB featured mp3s you could download before they started using Odysee.

I do have that ability to convert. Just making sure I have a source to download to begin with.

Reply to  Sonny Thomas
2 days ago

Sonny Thomas said – “I found that comment is a bit condescending and patronizing.

I just stated facts in a straightforward manner & simply reiterated information that’s been posted in the comments numerous times in the last year or so. If you were “offended” by that then maybe you need to (re)consider your priorities for the looming battle. If your head isn’t in the right place for this very real war we’ve been engaged in then you’ll last 5 seconds when crunch-time comes.

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