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15 days ago

Christians have totally infested the pro-White sphere, drowning out pagans and anyone with a nuanced view on abortion.
I’ve never been anti-abortion myself.

14 days ago

I lost a christian client once simply because I told her “I’m basically a practicing pagan”! Like most cowardly christians, she didn’t tell me exactly to my face but instead said she “didn’t need my services anymore” the day after I said that. So loving, tolerant & forgiving! Maybe like many christarded idiots she believed that by “practicing” I meant that I sacrifice goats on a stone alter in my living room! This was all after she’d told me that she takes collagen capsules & rubs collagen cream on her skin. These people are VERY sick in the mind, body & soul!

Reply to  Mary
11 days ago

PS. I know a lot of collagen is now shellfish-derived in many supplements but back then for “beauty” products I’m pretty sure it was all from cows.

Jeremy Turner
14 days ago

Thank you so much for that show I do try and advertise your stuff as much as possible so I really hope I can help make some kind of difference but hay I truly do love and admire and respect both of you guys you really do great work Always remember “Never slacken. Never tier.Never lose courage.Never lose faith. Fourteen 88

Norvin Hobbs
12 days ago

she says both her parents are half jewish

10 days ago

Love your opinions on abortion. You two get it. And by the way, abandoning babies was known as exposure and linked to the Italian name Esposito and Infante (little exposed and infant), and stories of adopted exposed foundlings occur with Moses and Cyrus the Great.

10 days ago

More abhorrent than their views on abortion, Clarence Thomas and Candace Owens both married and bred with white spouses.

Last edited 10 days ago by Paul
8 days ago

Whites should seriously consider, if they want to have any babies at all. Rampant pedophilia, anti-white agenda, vaccination mandates, etc. This is not the right to time to reproduce. Responsibility first!

Reply to  Fred
7 days ago

So just give up & stop reproducing then? Not even a good try schlomo LOL!!! The Second Article of the ONLY ratified-by-the-people true Law (beside Nature), the Bill of Rights, begs to differ & soon you may find out why…

Reply to  Fred
4 days ago

It would be far more beneficial to all to get the jew to stop reproducing. Then we wouldn’t have this mess we are in.

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