The Solar Storm: White-Hot Heresy (11-9-14)


White-Hot Heresy

Kyle does a solo show discussing what it means to be White, the nature of power, belief in our blood, harnessing the energy of the Black Sun, and achieving victory. Calls welcome.


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Chris Taylor
6 years ago

If using Europeans hair and Eye colors to represent Nature. You state for Red and Blonde hair and Blue, Green eyes.. One could also say Europeans with Browner shades in hair or eye could be said to represent the Earths soil for which on Earth all things grow with the help of the Sun and Water.
Would make for a nice graphic if ones has the ability to make that happen

5 years ago

Great episode. Markus is completely delusional in thinking that zionism is okay. He needs to read on it more. Zionism is completely against the white race, the Israel part of zionism is a small part of it.

5 years ago

Could you add the song information to the songs you play on the shows? Thanks.

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