Solar Storm: Who Trained These Marxists? (6-28-20)

Kyle and Sinead go over the radical agenda rapidly transforming the White world and how obvious it all should be.

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Robert Heimdal

These are the kinds of “people” who are forcing us to wear facemasks. Say you love “Clair” please.

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Clair should wear a face mask……or better yet a bag over “her” fat head.


You’ve got to be kidding me? I caught a headline somewhere referring to this but didn’t get around to reading it cause there’s just too much to keep up with. How can a mandate be based on race?

Fred Brown

Holy crap


So glad they brought up Trump being a pedo I try so hard to get thru to people on that subject. The things he said about his own daughter the nice things he said about epstien his good friend. It all makes me sick . And he stands down and let’s this commie crap go on because the tribe owns his creepy old ass. Senane cracks me up she is funny. I love this pod cast ❤️


Manhattan Beach is mostly white kids, not really Jewish area like the more northern rich areas of Los Angeles ( Beverly hills, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica etc ). Although plenty of the multicult types with beachfront property there.


This was such a great dialogue between Kyle & Sinead. It was totally genuine and I found myself shaking my head in agreement with ALL of it, as well as feeling the frustration I could hear in their voices. Frustration is building in many truth communities and I’m glad that most aren’t getting ugly about it because it isn’t worth it.
I keep telling myself it’s just a matter of days before there is mass awareness because it is well past obvious at this point….is it really stupidity and unawareness, or is it indifference? Indifference is much worse and I hope it’s not that.


At just shy of 27 minutes in Kyle & Sinead are discussing the ginger girl who Biden was being ridiculously inappropriate with, at a 2009 swearing-in ceremony for Delaware Senator Chris Coons (I know, his last name is too absurd for words, especially considering how he spends all of his time sucking up to and working within any and everything black in DE, most notably in Dover, the state capital.) In that same footage you can see Coons is totally red-faced and nervously smiling as his wife just stands there frozen in the same dumb smile. Coons was groomed for this since the late 80s & once Obongo won 2008 election he knew he’d be on deck…I am no fan of Coons (I live in… Read more »