Solar Storm: Wrathful Aggression Rising (4-12-20)

Kyle talks about some unfolding events in the first segment and then brings on Sinead to discuss how we must resist this tyranny.

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Anthony Roberts

The main symptom of this seasonal flu hoax seems to be the vast majority of people now believe our caring politicians, the lying scum media and “experts” in White coats. Wake up to this slow-boil bolshevik takeover!

P.S. I agree with both of your thoughts. Act now, while they are in stage one and are vulnerable, or we wait until they have queues of starving folk begging for the vacchip. My thoughts lead to a coming possible false flag attack on both of your coasts, as well as Tower bridge here; or some “unfortunate” (((natural))) event at a fault line or volcano. We still have time to warn people. Think positive and let’s help each other. Cheers for the show.


Thank you Kyle and Sinead for your courage and dedication over the years.


commieflix. Hilarious! Whoever wrote that advert is a genius. Great show as well. I really do hope our enemie has overplayed his hand, as Kyle says.

Robert Heimdal

Talking about agents like David Icke check the “HighImpactFlix” guy. Another “it’s the nazisss” fucker. Yeah! America is not becoming communist (((China))) right now, it’s not the Jews pal. Sick of these Alex Jones styled gatekeepers.

‘It Just Got a WHOLE LOT WORSE! Will We Do Something NOW?!?!?’ – BitChute


Yep there’s definitely those gatekeepers out there & they are either enemy agents or traitors. However, there’s also hardcore patriot Bill of Rights people who lump the “nazis” in WITH the commies & jews & freemasons, etc who are otherwise saying all the right things & ARE prepared to die defending freedom. The majority of them are also christians. If it comes to physically dealing with the real immediate enemy (and especially the above said traitors) many of THESE people will not f**k around & do what many others just “talking” won’t or can’t do! Can we educate them later? Probably not but in the meantime I’d rather have someone who I 95% agree with physically taking out the greater enemy than let all these… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

This is how agents like Project Scamelot get the attention away from jews: “This is called the ‘Anglo-Saxon Mission’, this is a white racist agenda for the inheriting of the new earth. It’s a plan Hitler would be proud of” [26:33] If you want to know what it is all about watch the video. Link below: ‘The Anglo Saxon Mission by Bill Ryan’ (Mar 13, 2020) I’m really worried about people who should know better falling for this obvious shit-propaganda, I don’t care if they are using a kernel of truth to sell it. To me it is sparkling clear this is all a smoke-and-mirrors campaign of fear-mongering to divert the attention from the real (((enemy))). These jews want to destroy all the progress… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Marina Abramovic stars in new Bill Gates Microsoft Ad. If this is not in-your-face enough I don’t know what it is:

“Marina Abramović presents “The Life” in mixed reality” (April 10, 2020) by Microsoft


We need to get the information out to as many people as possible. It needs to be taken out of the echo chamber and spread to the masses. We need to approach people in a patient and respectful manner. Don’t just assume that people can’t be reached. Saturn’s Day is the 6th day of the week. The seventh day is the Sun’s Day. That represents illumination. The light is going to shine on EVERYTHING. Happy Sun’s Day.


We’re actually going to win.

Borg 7of 9

Mr. aplanetruth 4u … this asshole use to work on the street ( wall st ) so he said .


From Germany. If anyone can please give a short translation on what is going on .


There isn’t much to take away from it. They gathered to protest against the restrictions (though they’re not as strict as in some US states). The police guy said something like there is a world wide pandemic going on, someone shouted it’s a lie and the people started shouting “we are the folk”, the same sentence before the fall of the Berlin wall. They seem to think that the dumb sentence has some magic capabilities not realizing the victors looked at them as properly defeated and that is why the wall fell – not because they were gathering peacefully in the streets. The channel is from a shill who worked for the worst of anti German MSM, the one we Germans are forced to pay… Read more »


What is more interesting is who called for this demonstration:

Look at the commie fist squeezing the “virus”:comment image

It reads: “Our democracy is infected” “Antibodies now”.

They shill for the Grundgesetz, calling it a constitution, shill for “democracy” and so on. They even handed out these alleged constitutions during the demonstration… on that page you find that picture:comment image

Then you have one of the biggest anti German but not forcibly financed media call it a “brown infection chain”:!5677960/
They claim extreme far right and conspiracy theorists(!) took part in this demonstration.

Shamus G

Think of the sailors aboard those “Infected” aircraft carriers right now. Fertile recruiting ground for a resistance movement.


We’d love to think so but I don’t have faith in any currently serving member of any armed forces for many reasons. Many of them simply aren’t old enough to have enough life experience. Despite extensive travelling & seeing some shit that changes a man they still live VERY controlled, confined & narrow path lives while serving especially those living on bases & on-board ships for long periods. The older guys, some with a more traditional upbringing, who start to get it are probably more likely to get the hell out rather than be singled out & worse for having non-conformist views. Those guys might then be more liable to rebel once they’re out but we all know how governments & their corporate overlords view… Read more »

Foster XL

Should probably just delete these Jon Minadeo troll comments straight away as they’re just a complete waste of bandwidth.

Borg 7of 9