Solar Storm: Yahweh is Moloch, the Semitic God of Sacrifice (1-12-20)

Ever wonder why the “elite” are so into sacrificing children? Well, their cult has been doing so for thousands of years and have gained immense power, and now Abrahamic religions control the world and have their followers unknowingly worshiping the god of human sacrifice, Moloch.

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Anthony Roberts

Sorry Kyle, this is bull! Only the jewish supremacists and isra-el have the brains necessary to carry out this intricate molech-cular study. “Nothing is black and White….unless it’s a European nation” (said in puffy jew york accent). Yahweh off base, mate! Look, if it’s as horrific and disgusting as you make out, why does my home city, Burning man, er Birmingham, have a lovely bronze bull statue at its largest shopping centre entrance? Mall-lock, as he is affectionately known, is only there to welcome families and keep them in the permanent consumer/debt slave cycle. Pfff, child sacrifice, indeed…. PS Valuable information Kyle, good job. I jest, of course. Humour is the only way, i personally, can deal with certain images and descriptions; such as the… Read more »


Curious, is this what all the fires, particularly in Australia, were about? 500 million animals died in this holocaust!


There is a reason why jews like to use fire as means of destruction. Killing someone by throwing them into the fire, sacrifice or not is not considered murder by jewish law. Jewish law states that in order for anything to be deemed a murder then the person who commited the murder has to have killed their victim instantaneous but burning someone does not cause an instantaneous death thus making the fire the cause of death and not the person who throw their victim into their fire. If a jew starts a forest fire which causes the death of many animals and even humans, this jew would not be tried for murder and would be set free in the eys of jewish law. Same twisted… Read more »


Lot’s of interesting points brought up here, Kyle. Can’t help but think that they are just making “space” for more cattle with all of these wildfires…Amazon, Australia, California, etc. In keeping with the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” mindset, they are actually trying to push increased cattle and livestock grazing as a means to “prevent” further wildfires. According to this “” article: “Livestock grazing can be used as a tool to lower wildfire risk, as well as reduce the ultimate impact of the fire…In the wake of the California wildfires that burned nearly 7,000 acres of land, researchers are looking at ways to use grazing as a tool to reduce future fire risk.” Interestingly enough, livestock farmers are actually taking taxpayer money to rent out their… Read more »


Strong’s concordance gives the translation of “hovah” as “ruin, disaster”. The name of yahovah says it all, and of course he is also moloch the god of the holocaust, holocaust is a sacred rite to Jews! Thank you for this most enlightening show!

Wasn’t there a statue of a girl standing before the Wall street bull at some time? That could only have been an inside jew-joke about children being offered before their bull god.

I wonder, since it follows that they cannibalised the victims, that that is where they got their taste for adrenochrome? That the adrenochrome drinking was and is the true motive for the ” blood libel” murders of gentile children.

The Bull

First off I would like to state I do not approve of any worshipping of and sacrifice of any animals that we share this world with. These crazy Jews soil everything they come into contact with. Just let us bovine be and quit attaching all your demented ideas to innocent creatures!
Great show Kyle. It would be really interesting to hear you and Charles tag teaming this subject.


What Kyle said about moloch being the god of this world, in many disguises, really made me think. The mlk/mlch root in the Italian malocchio ( evil eye)… An evil eye, a single eye – like Odin, the deceiver/ king/ receiver of sacrifice. It is still my firm belief that asatru is a Jewish religion from Azerbaijan ( Thor Heyerdahl had good research about that) that was forced on our nature-loving vanir-respecting ancestors. Blood sacrifice is not inherent to Europe, its roots always point to Jewish infiltration.


Kyle, have you ever done or are you planning on doing an episode in which you expose the madness that is Christian Identity?
If so, when did you do one so I may be able to find it?
These people, I debate them all the time and it makes my head spin with the copes they use. They say things like “the word ‘Jew’ isn’t mentioned in the Old Testament therefore the Israelites cannot be Jews and that makes us Israelites”. This madness has seriously infected the minds of our people like the virus that it is.


Gnostics view the Old Testament god of creation “the Demiurge” or “the false God”


See the Thunderbolts Project on YT. It explains just about all religions very nicely. There’s also genuine astrophysics that makes the black hole stuff look ridiculous. It seems possible to me that powerful electrical discharges effect DNA and psychology; these crazies are a product of the fire-breathing–plasma–dragon that loomed large in the skies of the past.


Another image of Moloch is seen in the Tarot in card 15 as “The Devil”. I found this description that I thought was relevant to this discussion: ” The Devil’s open fingers can symbolize the narrow illusion of thinking that what you see is all that exists…The specific gesture made by the Devil, with a gap between the two double fingers, is the gesture made by the High Priest in Jerusalem to bring down the spirit force. It survives today in the Jewish New Year’s celebrations as part of the ‘priestly blessing’.” …Pretty creepy… The card 6 is “The Lovers”, basically Yahweh. The two cards are clearly mirror images of each other, again supporting the idea that Moloch and Yahweh are the sides of the… Read more »


good show


Go back to TCTA where you belong.