Solar Storm: Year in Review & 2020 Vision (12-29-19)

Kyle reviews the broadcasting work he has done this year and then talks about what we have to look forward to.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s so easy to forget all the amazing topics you and Sinead have covered during this past year. Great content that no genuine White person can ignore, so thank you both, and let’s all act on this valuable information, before it is too late.

PS Create an Aryan 20:20 vision, and let’s all escape this jewish prison! Hail our gods, hail Kyle & Sinead, and HAIL VICTORY!!!


Great show! Looking forward to more in 2020!


2019 was definitely an eventful year, especially for Renegade. I always try to remain optimistic that each year will be better than the last but being realistic is always the best remedy.