The Solar Storm: Year in Review (12-28-14)


Year in Review and Prophecies for 2015

Kyle discusses some of the most important stories of 2014, lets the audience know what will happen in the new year, and fields some calls.

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5 years ago

Hi, wanted to call in tonight, but I could not find the call in number anywhere on the website.

5 years ago

I think Kyle, your interview with that guy that was played on your show was a good example of the Rich controlled medias selected puppet parrots & their agenda of promoting Anti-White race thoughts. They have no interest in knowing or presenting the true issue & facts to the listeners . It was clear from the beginning he already made up his mind that you were a bad White race person & inferred that other White race people that wanted to preserve our White race from being genocided to the point of extinction are also bad people. It was a classic case of ATTACK THE MESSENGER & NOT talk about the issue. It was clear he wanted you to talk about you so he could… Read more »

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