The Solar Storm: Year in Review & Future in Focus (12-31-17)

Kyle talks goes through the shows he did in 2017, plays some audio from the past, and then reads a few of the articles he has written, with a focus on how we can decide our destiny.

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Happy New Year Kyle and extended Renegade family. I appreciate having the opportunity to have a voice in our struggle on this platform. Renegade Broadcasting has had a great year, and you should be proud of your creation. Thank you for all you do for your (our) folk, and I have confidence in you in continuing to fight for us in the future. I feel honored to share in it with you.

Anthony Roberts

Happy new year to all hosts, contributors and supporters. Renegade is my sanctuary; a still, natural grove, in all this jew-spin filth.

Thank you Kyle and Sinead. You are a inspirational young couple. Your body of work is amazing. Gods blessing on your little one too.

PS please donate your skill, time or spare money to Kyle. Regain your health and support Sinead at:


Kyle, Sinead, and majority of the host’s, commentators,and guests provide a beacon of rational and decency hard pressed to find anywhere else in today’s world, and for this, I am so thankful to have discovered not only the broadcast’s, but Renegade Tribune, Renegadevids, and Heathen Herbs too! i would have become a very bitter woman had it not been for Sinead’s unwavering stance on sticking to what is right and true – while all the world around pushes a LGTBQ swirly death. ”Modernized” mainstream men and women drive the opposite sex into meltdown MGTOW or crazy cat ladies. I feel really lucky to have avoided so many shill operatives due to the investigative skills of everyone at Renegade. Thanks again Kyle & Co. To all… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

General Spiridovich was a HUGE speaker against white genocide per his book, one of many, The Hidden Hand the Secret World Government. He would be so proud of Sinny. I think he’d hold her in very high regard. By the way, Spiridovich was murdered with a gas pipe shoved down his throat. No investigation in the media, oh everyone dies by gas pipes hammered down their throats in their beds in a hotel in NYC while visiting. Just sayin. FED is the root to chop out. They fund ALLLL this media, Hollywood and bowel “movements” with teeny bopper J’s all over youtube fresh out of Hebe summer camp. I think that’s where they row through fecies to the foot of mount Zion. Kikes Peak! ahaahaah… Read more »


The Pun of Genocide with Genesis STRUCK-ME as a Great-Idea-For-a-T-Shirt! 🙂
I’d REALLY-Like to SEE Others’ BETTER-Wordings,
Or: T-Shirt-Ready-Images — Along-Similar-Lines! 🙂

(White)-Genocide is the First-Chapter in the Mafia-(J-W-O)-Crime-Book

6 Murder: Especially the Best of Goyim Should be Killed
7 Adultery: Un-Natural-Sex with Goyim-Children is Kosher
8 Steal: Don’t Need to Return Goyim Property or Pay-Them
9 False-Witness: Judge Must Always Find-in-Favour of “Us”
10 Covet: All Goyim are Made-by-YHWH to-Be Our Slaves,
YHWH Gave Whole-World to-Belong-to “Us”-Chosen-Ones

1 Gods: No Other-Gods But: Murderous-YHWH-Satan
2 Images: Any-“One” Leaking-Torah-Truth is to be Killed
3 Swearing: Each-Year Promise to Never Tell the Truth
4 Saturday: Keep the Day-of-Satan & Sacrifice-to-Him
5 Parents: Honour Those Who at 8-Days Circumcised-
Initiated into Our Heartless-Merciless-Murderous-Cult

* Jew-World-Order


Maybe: 🙂
Genocide is the First-Chapter in the Mafia-(J-W-O)*-Bible
* Jew-World-Order


Maybe: 🙂
Genocide is the First-Chapter in the Mafia-(J-W-O)*-Bible
* New-World-Order

(Yes, “J-W-O” Above, But * “New-World-Order” “Spelled-Out” — You can SEE: How-Much I’d LIKE to SEE Others’: “Brainstorming”!!! 🙂 )


Maybe 🙂
Genocide is the First-Chapter of the (((Globalist))) Bible


Maybe 🙂
8 Steal: High-Interest-on-“Created”-$ & Con-fiscate-Property
— Again: YOU can Word-it BETTER 🙂


Great show as always Kyle. I would like to make an apology. A while back, you had a show calling out Duke, Anglin, and others, that I commented on here as being divisive. After taking in the knowledge and examining the situation over the past few months, I have came to the conclusion that I was wrong and Renegade was right once again. Though I still read DS occasionally, and post there (usually disagreeing with the direction of the article), there are too many “differing opinions” as I once called it that flow from Anglin. He’s still supporting Trump when almost 85% of the readership doesn’t for obvious reasons. He is still bashing women, which unfortunately the readership overwhelmingly supports, and he has a completely… Read more »


If your still posting at DS try and shake people loose from that kosher front. Be subtle.


Happy Yule Year, Y’all! 🐲


Have to go back and listen to a couple of them again. Please have some more Frank Raymond and David Dees.

Post. Your notice starting with WRG to meet others to form all and ONLY White race communities to separate from the causes of White race genocide. On your local store or public notice boards.

If people can handle the truth about the Jewish role in 911 and ww2 then chemtrails shouldn’t be a big deal. I think they’re probably real, but I don’t concern myself too much about it either way. Haven’t you noticed how hard it is for people to hear the alternative view of history? So if underground news outlets continue in the face of such backlash over basic truths, why would they gloss over the truth with smaller symptoms of the problem like chemtrails just to appease your knee-jerk reactions? Who cares, it’s not that unbelievable. The flat earth thing, even though it’s already been discussed on renegade and deserves consideration, does detract from the truth intentionally or not, and is used on purpose by Eric… Read more »

Hipster Ray

As usual, 98 percent of what you say is great, then you toss in chemtrails, for why? To discredit everything else you’re saying? At least you didn’t start ranting about flat earth and faked moon landings. Do you want to alienate people to the alt right or what?

Ghost Man O; War

Joke of the day, “Why do Jews hate dogshit?” Because dogshit eventually will turn white…….and stop stinking! Oh, they may have turned white but they can never stop stinking like the rotten ass from whence they came. RIGHT NOW, shape of earth, fantasy of “rocket ship” flying at max speed of 25000 mph per their own presentations where the earth is supposedly going 68,000 mph sidreal orbit around the sun, while going 550,000 around Alcion, which means the rocket ship would be left behind and by the time it got about 1000 miles out, it would be 2 million miles behind the earth and moon respectively, isn’t important, but CHEMTRAILS are CRITICAL. I saw film where a man from audience asked about damage to humans,… Read more »