Solar Storm: You’re a Terrorist if You Don’t Hate White People (9-22-19)

Kyle talks about the current state of affairs in ZOG.

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11 months ago

Just when I was feeling down over everything else on this podcast, I started cracking up when you read the news story headline “Why is classical music so white?” then laughed even more so with what you added in! Apparently anti-Whites, even if they’re white people themselves but especially Jews of course, are trying to get us at every little thing now. But I’ve noticed that even in the Dallas, TX area where it seems like 1/3 are Hispanic and almost another 1/3 are black, at almost every concert or local show I go to over 90% of everyone there are also non-Hispanic white. Of course, unfortunately a lot of modern music aimed at white people especially aren’t good for us and what I’ve been… Read more »

11 months ago

Renegade Tribune’s Daily Forecast:
“jews will be jewing even harder tomorrow, and jews jewing is very good for our jewish economy.”


Anthony Roberts
11 months ago

Kyle: Your life story show is playing instead of tonight’s show. Those (((gremlins))).

11 months ago

Only time I can really listen to you guys is sitting in traffic or sometimes when I get a few minutes in the morning.

Not going to judge for some crappy hosts, realistically no one whining is running a network and dedicating so much time to the ’cause'(for lack of a better term). I imagine it’s hard to sit down for like 10 hours screening everyone you’ve had over the years. Been listening off and on since I found you guys after hellstorm, way too much BS to deal with as is, I imagine how crappy it is to deal with hosts who come and turn on you so many times over.

Bud K Abbott
11 months ago
11 months ago

Great show Kyle thanks, spot on! That Allgemeiner article… oy vey!!! Muh… ((()))

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