St. Patrick’s Day Special w/ Drew 3-17-14

Tonight we will be discussing the recent developments of the White Man March amongst many topics, and taking your calls.

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6 years ago

“I think to talk this way publicly is to play the ADL game, to behave exactly the way a “white racist” is expected to behave…” I do get your point. However, do you think for one micro-nanosecond us “racists” will gain one iota of respect and favorable press from this den of cutthroat professional liars and defamers? Having lived my entire life around blacks, hispanics of every shade, and jews here in central New Jersey, I have had my fill of “diversity” and its very bitter taste. It has exhausted my level of “tolerance”, a word that is constantly used by Jews, especially that pious, fat turd who heads the Arrogant Defamation League. That being the case, more times than not, I am forced to… Read more »

6 years ago

Very superb show Andrew. I’m not Irish myself but Happy St. Patties Day!

6 years ago

Great show Andrew! You’ve been doing a superb job.

6 years ago

I thought this show was very productive to the ongoing discussion of how to portray our cause on a larger public scale. I think the “i am just a normal white guy” argument made is a great way to move forward. I often feel this way when confronted by accusations of sinister intent in my motives to preserve the well-being of our people. Displaying ourselves in a manner that provokes the true ideal of hard working and concerned whites will go far in combatting the radical and aggressive antifa propoganda. Harboring a more moderate image will not affect the soundness of our ideological aims. Great show andrew, your views are essential to a successful movement moving forward, in my opinion.

6 years ago

Excellent show Andrew. I happen to agree with every point you made.
I’ll never be in the habit of referring to non-whites as “muds” niggers, spics, etc. I think to talk this way publicly is to play the ADL game, to behave exactly the way a “white racist” is expected to behave and is counterproductive, at least among my social circles.

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