The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 1-10-14

Golden Dawn of The Black Sun

Kyle flies solo to explore the Occult. The show will center around superhuman abilities, Vril energy, Third Reich explorations, and the hidden fortress.

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6 years ago

Great podcast, Kyle. I think that we here at Renegade should start a new religion/philosophy based on the occult teachings of National Socialism adapted to the realities of the New Age.

6 years ago

And God said: “Let there be light!”

6 years ago


6 years ago

On the subject of energy, I reccommend looking into a fellow Austrian by the name of Viktor Schauberger, who was a forester back at the turn of the century who dicovered natural energies based on observataions on nature.

He almost got his technology accepted by Hitler but was taken by the US, I can’t remember how it actually transpired but his work is amazing.

Heres a video Us Austrians are quite unkown but we have some serious projects going that change the world from obscurity.

6 years ago

This is a song from Don (Henley) from Texas called Shangri-La

Here is an article about the belief effect with examples of it found in athletics

6 years ago

Sorry 2ble post, but another recommendation for your attention would be Karl Hans Welz on radionics and chi-energy. This is the life force energy that was also called Vril, that Franz Mesmer also worked with in healing people, things lit Tesla purple plates for healing and food energising. There are devices that can easily be made to get this energy by combining organic and metal. Karl Hans Welz called it orgonite, and you can make this stuff for yourself to protect from EMF rad and converting stagnant energies. There are moebius coils that apparently resonate the ether energies. This energy is also the energy used in magick and radionics to manifest things in your life. Energy what is needed but we are trained to sever… Read more »

6 years ago

Dear Kyle, First, dear previous commenter, great comments and info/advice! Much appreciated! Thanks! Second, Kyle reading Serrano, reading ad listening to John de Nugent on his site and John Friend’s show, and recalling the anti-Nazi’s book “Occult Roots of Nazism” Goodrick-Clarke, I want to believe but I still find myself having trouble believing Hitler himself could have been a Vril Society member. He, never belonged to the Thule Society, and he seemed to always be the Leader looked to rather than a formal society member. Even with Haushofer being an influence he still seemed to have been more a mentor of Hess rather than Hitler. Perhaps it is my own Hitlerism, being a “Hitler Freak” but I automatically am skeptical whenever I listen to anything… Read more »

Kevin Sommers
6 years ago

You really need to read ‘Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia’ Kyle. It helps explain the ancient view on the ‘underworld’ which would go a long way to understanding the whole Vril thing. Basically the Earth was considered to be a giant womb, bodies were put into the Earth, like seeds, and their souls transferred to the children being born. So the coming race from ‘under the ground’ is in fact the next generation. Each generation, in an ideal society, is building off of the last and able to do things that would make them seem like supermen/magicians in the eyes of their ancestors. Computers for example, if you could go back in time and explain them to people, you can imagine they’d have the… Read more »

Nazi Hebrew
6 years ago

My sophisticated Nazi superman powers enable me to transform into Adam Sandler.

Reply to  Nazi Hebrew
6 years ago

So sorry for your loss.

6 years ago

Dear Kyle and all, I know this is rather late to the comments but I forgot. You both talked a short time about Miguel Serrano. The coming Kurtagic translations, which I really have strong, strong doubts about how good or faithful they will be are not something anyone wanting to read Serrano needs to wait for! First: The second book of the Esoteric Hitler trilogy by Serrano is found here and it is very well translated along with his earlier much more occult works such as Nos:Book of Resurrection which I really really recommed to Jim who has been swallowed into the muddied modern Hinduism which, frankly is like a cake laced through and through with shit! It is not really Aryan anymore and… Read more »

6 years ago

Listened to this little ditty after getting back from abroad. Glad to see you’re still hanging on with the esoterica, Mr. Kyle. For what it’s worth, your older stuff regarding relations between Norse and miscellaneous spiritualties is what got me into Renegade. Not that I have to tell you twice, but don’t let the haters get you down! Keep up the mysticism when you feel it pertinent to do so!

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