The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 1-3-14

The legendary hero Siegfried joins Kyle for a discussion of the history of our pro-white crusade and where it should go in the future.

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7 years ago

The soldier depicted in the woodcut above even looks like Sieg. Is that his pet dog in the image? (: Great show Kyle and Sieg.

7 years ago

Great show Kyle and Sieg… I just donated $100 for the banner. Can’t wait to get one!

7 years ago

I believe its important not to change the minimantra “Antiracist is a Codeword for Antiwhite” to “Antiracist = Antiwhite”. There is a reason why the “Codeword” is included. If you leave that out it changes the meaning. Only white people are suspect of being “Racist” and only white people need “Diversity”. If you say “Antiracism = Antiwhite” that sounds like Racism is a valid concept that happens to be found amongs white people often. But thats not how things are, its not a valid concept but a codeword for white people. As an analogy: If in Italy someone would say “Anti-Corruption is Anti-Sicilian” that could be interpreted as “The Mafia is largely sicilian, thats why sicilians are affected by anti-corruption, but its their own fault”.… Read more »

Reply to  hartkern
7 years ago

As you probably know, racism is a term that was introduced to meet the needs of the communists and other such groups that promote egalitarianism. Before that point it was common knowledge among the populace that races existed, were different, and had certain abilities that were superior to others.

If more White people were ‘racist’ or at least felt free to be open about it, we wouldn’t be in the dire circumstances we find ourselves in today. I hope in general that White people are ‘racist’. It’s time we stopped being so nice and considerate of everyone else, and start thinking about our own interests.

Reply to  Gwyn
7 years ago

I agree we should be racially aware. I just wanted to make the point that the point of the mantra is to point out that “racism” is just a codeword for white people. Its a term that is constantly redefined so that it targets white people. When whites were at 90% of the population it was defined as an attitude or a behaviour. But thats outdated. Heres how they define it now (Michael Privot of the “European Network Against Racism”): He says its a majority-minority relationship. Of course he is referring to statistics on the national level. Because globally whites are a minority and they are also minoritis in certain cities, regions, districts and schools in white countries. So thats not how its defined.… Read more »

Reply to  hartkern
7 years ago

What !

White Folks should NEVER let go of their ‘racism’ !!


7 years ago

Heres a german 1942 Encyclopedia entry about “Racism” 😉 Rassismus, urspr. Schlagwort des demokr.-jüd. Weltkampfes gegen die völkischen Erneuerungsbewegungen und deren Ideen u. Maßnahmen, ihre Völker durch Rassenpflege zu sichern und das rassisch wie völkisch und politisch-wirtschaftlich zerstörende Judentum sowie anderweitiges Eindringen fremden Blutes abzuwehren und auszuschlagen, als inhuman und ihre Träger als «Rassisten» zu verleumden. – Meyers Lexikon, Band 9, Leipzig, 1942, S. 76. free Translation: Racism, originally buzzword of the democratic-jewish World struggle against the nationalist revival movements and their ideas and measures to secure their peoples by racecare and fending of and refusing the racially as well as ethnically and politically and economically destructive Judaism and other ingress of foreign blood. It intends to slander the movement as inhumane and its adherents… Read more »

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