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Ken Horst
10 years ago

Here is a list of brief sayings (6 Words) that I came up with for bumper stickers or banners the other month. Affirmative action for sports not doctors. Race is more than skin color. Its called the Human Species Dummy. Culture is a Racial Construct Dummy. All Mammals bleed red, so what? Are Black, Brown, White bears racist? Why commit Genocide through race mixing? Why is racial genocide being promoted? Why are Indians allowed racist towns? Indians protect their culture through racism. Blackbirds cannot create an Eagle’s nest. Love your Ancestors White People. Whites are unique, special and beautiful. Negro run Cities have High Crime. Anti Racism is code for Anti White. Anti Racists hate the White Race. Anti Racists support Racial Genocide. Stop Anti… Read more »

10 years ago

Awesome Ken! Let me give it a try, I won’t try to do a six word thing, but nevertheless… If you prefer your family to other families…You are a Familyist If you are for illegal immigration…Move a homeless guy into your house now…They just want a better life Does your family lack diversity? Tell your kids to be homos and demand they ‘marry’ a different race… Freedom of speech or Political Correctness…If somebody says freedom of speech BUT…tell them to swallow a bottle of pills right away If you see some people talking about their favorite TV show, pretend like they don’t exist…Because they don’t Say Jew three times and one will appear… What is the difference between the Jew and the Devil? Nothing, no… Read more »

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