The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 10-21-13

Rise of The White Rabbits pt. 2

Horus the Avenger returns to the show to discuss the past, present, and future of white rabbits around the world. If the anti-whites have their way, white rabbits will not have a future. But when we have our way, we will see a brighter, whiter world.

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Thanks to Kyle and Renegade Broadcasting for having Horus on again. I subscribe to his White Rabbit Radio Endgame Exotica mainly for the “far out” speculation on what`s happening in the world, “s**** and giggles” as H says, at the expense of the diseased pink rabbits.

Alexander (from Flanders)

Great to hear Horus again on Renagade.


Really enjoyed this interview! Stop White Genocide!

GREAT show! Both episodes with Horus the Avenger are excellent. I appreciated the parts that dealt with Gods, aliens, Mars etc..

Lumik (Sweden)

The “white rabbit radio” concept is absolutely BRILLIANT! It gives me hope in a world of despair. Horus is a brilliant and courageous man and I find it very difficult to be critical of certain things he has said. So understand that I am not being critical of the “white rabbit radio” concept. But I have a problem with a few things and perhaps if Horus comes on again he could elaborate. Which is the point of my post. Requesting various topics be revisited. The idea that the Berlin Wall came down “Naturally” I think is a mistake. To think that the wall fell ‘outside’ of Jew control I think is naïve and shortsighted. Perhaps Horus is just looking for hope and finding it here.… Read more »