The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 11-18-13

Advocacy in The Burgeoning Pro-White Movement

Robert Ransdell is Kyle’s guest tonight. Tune in for a discussion of the past, present, and future of our movement. Robert is a pro-white activist, who was formerly a National Alliance coordinator, but left the organization due to poor leadership. He is still doing everything possible to advocate for the interests of European people and was recently featured in Renegades In America part 2.

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10 years ago

It doesn’t need to be the Swastika.

The Italians have the Fascia, the Greeks have their symbol, the Nationalistic French have the traditional royal French symbol.

You could use a black and white Ying & Yang symbol. Then you could point out if the colors would mix, the symbol would disappear. Plus people like it and it is globally recognized as a positive symbol, just as the Swastika used to be before the Jews owned it to abuse its message which they then project on National Socialism, of course.

10 years ago

Happy Birthday…Kyle

10 years ago

Happy Birthday, Kyle. I guess because you are past thirty, we can’t trust you anymore. Hey, I’m past seventy, and nobody has trusted me for over forty years. lol.

10 years ago

Why…… old boot……… just remember……… from now on……… never again will you be ………………….as smart today as you were the day before.

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Happy birthday Kyle!
May many more years follow!!

The guest of the show was talking about reviving the National Alliance. Now that is a wonderfull idea. I truly hope that such a thing can be done.

10 years ago

Happy Birthday Kyle! Great presentation with Robert!
Hail the Hofbrauhaus & Hail the Renegade Heathens!

10 years ago

This guy needs his own podcast.

10 years ago

Nice age, from now on it’s reverse year counting – no worries!

10 years ago

kyle was reading through your old blog. I think it’s yours. What books would you recommend in regards to mythology and ancient teaching?

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